Video: dog plays piano, sings

Sergei Barkmaninoff. (thanks, Joe Sabia)


  1. With some lessons, and a little more accessible material, I see the potential . . .

    1.  Must disagree… I found this dogs material much more compelling and listenable than 99 percent of the mind-numbing repetitious commercial junk on radio and TV.

      But as with all who choose the high road… Don’t quit your day job.

      1.  HAHA!!! I came here to say something about Seamus, also! Glad to see he’s not forgotten!

    1.  Looks like you got it first, but, yeah – Seamus – that’s my dog outside!
      Seamus, and Pink Floyd FTW!

  2. “Can’t get to the lower end of the keyboard Blues”.  Take out the media center and I’ll blow your mind.

  3. The improvisational music scene is pretty big here in Baltimore, and I’ll be frank — this is actually quite a bit better than some of what I’ve heard out.

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