Pinterest Bingo

[Large size] Thanks to everyone who contributed "square" ideas. I'm no hater, by the way; you can follow me and Boing Boing there.

* 'shooped by yours truly.


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    If Regretsy were an historically inaccurate Viking horde that ransacked Pinterest and then snidely described the war trophies the result would be pinterestyouaredrunk.

  2. I know nobody cares, but please call them typefaces not fonts. Unless, of course, you mean the actual technological means of production of the image of the glyphs, then say fonts to your hearts content.

    or more simply  

    font : typeface :: dvd of Star Wars : Star Wars.

    1. A font is the new typeface you don’t like. Sorry if you need to change the professional glyphs on your business card, or its font.

    2. Liked because I know how lonely it is to be pedantic. I don’t know if I’ll ever remember the difference between typeface and font, but I sure as hell know when to use an apostrophe and the difference between lie and lay. *Sob.*

    1. From what I have been able to gather, it is something that mid-western housewives and Mormon brides to be are fanatical about.

      P.S. if you happen to be both or either of those things, please email me. I have some pinterest questions!! Thanks.

      1. It should still say “Free space” as well though, to complete the joke. :)

        Maybe the picture could be “FREE SPACE” in big letters with the faded small EULA text behind it.

          1.  Fair enough. If you ever make a board for another site, make sure to note that the free space is actually ad-supported.

  3. I don’t suppose it’s fair to point out that you can get a good head start with this bingo board by looking at your pinterest boards, xeni :)

    There is some plaid on mine (as there is yours – that great plaid madras bow tie which, actually, I’ve been thinking of buying), but nothing else to help with this bingo board. I’ve barely added anything to mine so far, though.

    I agree that it got boring rather quickly… I like that they’ve taken the idea behind Tumblr and made it better, but I still like Tumblr more despite its issues.

      1. I don’t mean it in a bad way; actually I selfishly wish you pinned new things more actively as your boards are the most interesting that I follow. I enjoy most of the things on your bingo board, but I prefer not to have to slog through all the dreck and you’re always a good curator :)

    1. I linked to the madras bow tie! That’s on the Boing Boing board that Xeni and I share. :3

      Also, my ties came in and I can attest to their quality. They’re excellent, and test driving mine last night went very well.

  4. You’re missing the cleverly painted nails and braided hair (I’m just jealous I haven’t the time or talent for either).

  5. If someone posts an inspirational cat info graphic, do I get to mark four spaces at once?

    If someone posted a link to a “Helvetica temporary tattoo for babies” on etsy, do I get a bingo for the whole first row in a single move?

  6. Absolutely love a Pinterest invite if you don’t know what to do with yours please?! Thank you to any who can help in advance :) eru.brown (at)

  7. Only mildly related, anyone know of a good site/application that can take 200 some properly formatted images and generate random picture bingo cards?  Yes we’ve Googled it, and not a lot of luck – a lot of hits that are a few key features off, but not close to what we’re aiming for.

  8. I 100% second the nail polish posing pics and wonder where the random or bizarre household tips square is?  Also feeling a fashion square is being missed. The “thinspiration” thing made me laugh out loud. I really hate those.

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