He's Watching You: WWII poster meets Darth Vader in Star Wars mash-up

Boing Boing reader Brock Davis (FB, Twitter, Tumblr) shares this wonderful illustration in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool: "He's Watching You," a mash-up of Star Wars and World War II propaganda art.

"I've been wanting to draw this for a while," says Brock. "I love Glen Grothe's original 'He's Watching You' poster from 1942. The helmet of the soldier in that design is so visually prominent, it always made me think of Vader."


  1. Putting aside the fact that it’s taken from a WWII propaganda image, which most people (including myself) wouldn’t recognize as such, it’s a damned cool poster.

  2. “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos .” Funny, PrtSc seemed to work just fine for me.

    Perish the thought that someone might want to set this talented fellow’s art as their wallpaper…

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