Scarf-wearing pig chased by cops on Pittsburgh highway

Today, the best news story of the entire day was surely this unlikely report of a "sharp-dressed pig running loose on a highway" outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Police chased the little porker, believed to be a juvenile, but "failed to catch it before it scurried off into the woods."

Police say the pig appeared to be a baby and confirmed it was wearing a scarf. Police dont know why that is or who may own the animal.

Full story at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, WTAE Pittsburgh, and Associated Press.

(via Theremina)


        1. I somehow suspect Rick Santorum would assert that Gyros aren’t “American enough”.

          -abs is pretty sure that he’d probably also add that “Greek food will make us go bankrupt, and start giving out pensions at 25. ¬†Then everyone will have to answer to Angela Merkel. ¬†And this is why Gyros should be renamed, by Congressional action, and called ‘Tasty pressed Liberty-Meat!'”, but maybe I’m wrong {don’t bet on it, this IS Man-on-dog Rick we’re talking about.}

      1. ¬†If it isn’t some legislator will introduce a bill, probably named “Piggy’s Law”, to make it so.

  1. The picture is kinda hard to see. I hope it wasn’t Rooty the mini pig who I believe lives in Wilkinsburg (parkway East not West)

  2. ¬†So hard to choose…do i go with:
    “I’m coming Charlotte!!!….”¬† or¬† “Pigs chase pigs!”

    naw…too easy, think i’ll go with:
    “A well dressed pig gets no respect!¬† Next time I’m taking the subway.”

  3. Little different perspective in the South. Uniforms are standard issue for our porcine friends.  This little Pennsylvania porker seems a might underdressed.

  4. Apparently he’s heard of Pittsburgher’s fondness for “chipped ham sandwiches” (from Isaly’s Dairy, of course.)

    Run fast, little buddy.

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