Scarf-wearing pig chased by cops on Pittsburgh highway


25 Responses to “Scarf-wearing pig chased by cops on Pittsburgh highway”

  1. Pliny_the_Elder says:

    As if traffic on the Parkway West Inbound needed to be any worse

  2. Shibi_SF says:

    Aw that’s cute.  Sharp-dressed pig is tweeting while on the lamb. 

    • pjcamp says:


      Pigs on lambs makes Rick Santorum cry.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        He doesn’t like gyros?

        • absimiliard says:

          I somehow suspect Rick Santorum would assert that Gyros aren’t “American enough”.

          -abs is pretty sure that he’d probably also add that “Greek food will make us go bankrupt, and start giving out pensions at 25.  Then everyone will have to answer to Angela Merkel.  And this is why Gyros should be renamed, by Congressional action, and called ‘Tasty pressed Liberty-Meat!’”, but maybe I’m wrong {don’t bet on it, this IS Man-on-dog Rick we’re talking about.}

    • TheKaz1969 says:

      isn’t that illegal..?

      • CLamb says:

         If it isn’t some legislator will introduce a bill, probably named “Piggy’s Law”, to make it so.

  3. pupdog says:

    Cue ZZ Top…

  4. MonkeyBoy says:

    The picture is kinda hard to see. I hope it wasn’t Rooty the mini pig who I believe lives in Wilkinsburg (parkway East not West)

  5. franko says:

    this just restored my faith in the internets for another day.

  6. redesigned says:

     So hard to choose…do i go with:
    “I’m coming Charlotte!!!….”  or  “Pigs chase pigs!”

    naw…too easy, think i’ll go with:
    “A well dressed pig gets no respect!  Next time I’m taking the subway.”

  7. Baanrit says:

    I hate to be a buzzkill , but hopefully they round up this dapper porker before he gets hurt or run over! 

  8. Ms. Anne Thrope says:

    Little different perspective in the South. Uniforms are standard issue for our porcine friends.  This little Pennsylvania porker seems a might underdressed.

  9. koko szanel says:

    pigs chasing pigs?

  10. Ted Bautista says:

    hey! it’s p-chan!

  11. RJ says:

    Jeremy and Nils are probably looking for that pig.

  12. MadRat says:

    Someone mentions P-chan/Ryoga but not Porco Rosso?

  13. gstott says:

    I heard they were filming “Babe III” nearby.

  14. cdh1971 says:


  15. Two Wolves says:

    Little dude just wanted to go to Carnegie for an IC Lite.

  16. chris jimson says:

    Apparently he’s heard of Pittsburgher’s fondness for “chipped ham sandwiches” (from Isaly’s Dairy, of course.)

    Run fast, little buddy.

  17. dmax says:

    It was heard squealing “I’ll get you Weasley lads if it’s the last thing I do!”

  18. Ant says:

    Which pig? [grin]

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