Pink Floyd moon landing space jam, 1969: "Moonhead"


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  1. The live jam would be cool but unless it’s someone like Scuba, Autechre or Radiohead it would probably suck and be Maroon 5 or Nikki Minaj.

    Unless it’s Tom Jones then it’s fucking rad.

  2. complicatedcrustation says:

    So Xeni, if you are hankering for your fix of  “early to mid-era Pink Floyd oddities” then I recommend the soundtrack to Adrian Maben’s short documentary on Rene Magritte which features tons of odd sounds Roger Waters would later use in major works by Pink Floyd. It sounds as if he is just mucking about, learning how to use his VC3 synth. It is wonderful!

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      awesome, thank you!

      • complicatedcrustation says:

        I also recommend this concert:
        Live October 17th, 1971 Sand Diego California.

        Out of the hundreds of concerts of Floyd that I have this one, for sure, hands down is the best. Sound is really good too as someone just found the original reel to reel of the show, if you can’t find it, give me a holler.

  3. Something about Xeni using cannabis and digging early-mid Pink Floyd makes me feel like *something* is right about the world, at least.

  4. damiro says:

    In the same vein, Hot Tuna did a live radio performance during the splashdown of an Apollo/Soyuz mission in the 1970s, which was released on vinyl in 1984. One song is cut with Mission Control communications from the event.

    No YouTube love that I can find, unfortunately. The record was released on clear vinyl; my copy got lost along the way. I wonder if there are any other cannabis-soaked space mission recordings out there? The tiniest of sub-genres, perhaps.

  5. Don Cunningham says:

    Laurie Anderson was the (only) person to be part of the (short-lived) Artist-in-Residence program at NASA.  A Republican (of course) Congress killed the funding for the program.  Here’s the 2004 report by Susan Stamberg on NPR:

    …the cost of the program that Congress had so much trouble with? $20,000.

  6. kingrat999 says:

    Are you familiar with The Man and The Journey?

    Some recordings exist.

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