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32 Responses to “NSFC: Cyriak's horrific Christmas animation”

  1. gwailo_joe says:

    Ew.  I hope it was something he actually wanted, and not socks or a tacky sweater.

  2. Boundegar says:

    How I love Cyriak <3

  3. nixiebunny says:

    This should be required viewing for all boys and girls who still think that Santa and his reindeer are safe. 

  4. Well THAT was gross. And clever. And gross.

  5. Alexandros says:

    Good old Cyriak.
    I hope he stays a weird as he is and keeps on making his creepytastic animations for many years to come.

  6. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Christmas – The Home Invasion Holiday(tm)!

  7. Ian Wood says:

    That happens to me EVERY FUCKING YEAR. And people are all, “Hey, it’s the holidays, man, cheer up!” Bastards. Spend Christmas Eve at my house and get a goddamn present in your cranial vault, then tell me to cheer up.

    I hate Christmas so much.

  8. Robert says:

    Oh God, he’s gone and made another.

  9. 10xor01 says:

    Yikes!  Makes Krampus look like a friendly Xmas Elf.

  10. Jason Thomas says:

     Unicorn chaser, stat!

  11. sethgodin says:

    Unicorn/reindeer chaser??? Hurry.

  12. paco says:

    Wow. Now that’s something you can’t unsee. Couldn’t stop at just one video. What does it mean that I enjoyed it? Or did I enjoy it? I’m confused.

  13. snagglepuss says:

    Needs more caroling.

  14. Preston Sturges says:

    FWIW I’ve used my nose as a sex toy

  15. Spinkter says:

    Simultaneously fascinated and creeped out, yet reluctant to share with friends … classic Cyriak.

  16. Holy. Shit. Well, *I* won’t be sleeping tonight.

    If I miss my presents ’cause I was awake all night and Santa skipped me over, first I’m gonna track him down and beat the shit out of him. Then I’m gonna beat the shit out of YOU, Cory, for posting this abomination. And then I’m gonna beat the shit out of Cyriak.

    J/k. I love X-mass nightmares! I get excellent story ideas from them. :)

  17. nixiebunny says:

    I hope Cyriak has animated a nice ‘n’ gory unicorn chaser, because we all could use one about now. 

  18. Florian Bösch says:

    What did I just watch? Can I have a unicorn chaser to that?

  19. Masquirina says:

    That was wonderful! I can’t wait to see what the easter bunny does.

  20. bingobangoboy says:

    Possibly the most realistic Christmas animation ever.

  21. Duncan Toms says:

    Drill shit into their brains and shove gifts down their throats. Not what anyone really wants at this, or any time of year.  

  22. gwyllion says:


  23. blueelm says:

    I love this guy! 

  24. Mobi Mktg says:

    You see what happens when you don’t get the pony you asked for when you were 10?

  25. pjcamp says:

    Well I’m glad somebody remembered the true meaning of Christmas.