"Marmite neglect" ad generates deliciously slimy complaints

Marmite is tasty or disgusting, depending on who you ask, and marketing campaigns have long acknowledged the 'acquired' quality of its unique appeal. The latest ad, however, is ruffling feathers for its fakeumentary format, in which jars are rescued, animal-welfare style, from the homes of neglectful owners.

The best Marmite is the rare Marmite Extra Old special edition; the Gold Edition was just a stunt and can be safely ignored.

Previously: Denmark bans Marmite.

Notable Replies

  1. I couldn't even imagine who would be upset until I clicked through to BBC. Here I thought Americans were the only people who find outrage to be erotic. The complaints were concern trolling of the finest order.

  2. "Previously: Denmark bans Marmite." is a new high point for the "Previously:" section, I think.

    Oh, and I'd really like to try Marmite but am not really interested in spending $5-6 on something I may not like (and which I will then neglect in the pantry, as the ad suggests). My lineage is half British, but from so long ago Marmite may not have been invented yet (wikipedia suggests late 19th century). And nobody else I've known ever had it. I may have to just bite the bullet some time (and sources suggest it may be about as pleasant as actually biting a bullet...)

  3. Great ad.
    In our house we never take it straight but mix a spoonful in soup or stew to add a little flavor.

  4. Countdown to a Sarah McLachlan Marmite parody begins... NOW.

  5. Jesus Christ, I'm a vegetarian, animal-lover; and I thought these ads were funny. Some people seriously need to lighten the f up.

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