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Google's new logo


IMO Paul Rand's best work in 20 years. I would have gone for something traditional, myself, like Zapfino, but I guess they're going for that classy slick design look.


Offworld, a must-follow

offworldWired picked Offworld among its 20 must-follow entertainment feeds, alongside actress Olivia Wilde, The Pitch, Tim Schafer and indie comic hit Saga. Cheers! You can follow Offworld on Twitter and Facebook, and here's the RSS feed. There's a newsletter, too.

Disclosures: Offworld editor Laura Hudson is a Wired contributor, and I recently colluded with Wired Deputy Editor Joe Brown to imagine ironic but legitimate work for Airwolf's Jan Michel Vincent.

Kubb, a minimalist wooden cube computer


Such things usually come with beautiful and pointless greebling, but this one is a simple 5-inch cube made from three choices of finish: white ash, brown ash, and elm.

The Kubb has an i3 or i5 CPU, SSD storage, up to 16GB of RAM, and Intel HD onboard graphics. There are 4 USB ports, miniDisplay, miniHDMI, Wifi, Bluetooth, and an actual honest-to-God ethernet port. Bring 'yer own peripherals. (There are plenty of wooden ones on Amazon)

Prices start at 459 Euros for the cheapest model. It's already available in steel, too.

[via Uncrate]


What does your pizza-munching strategy say about you?


A "study" into pizza-eating habits "reveals" what sort of "person" you are.

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Flint is finished


Pittsburgh has its robots and even Detroit has its dreams, but some rustbelt cities have nothing much left. Flint, Michigan.

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Which song have you been playing all your life?

For me, it's bouncy Erasure hit Sometimes. But we don't, individually, decide what becomes truly timeless. It's a generational thing, writes Matt Daniels.

nirvana Using Spotify data, Daniels figured out which songs we collectively never stopped playing. From the 1990s, there's a clear high-tail winner: Nirvana.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit," a track that never reached the Billboard Top 5 when it was released in 1992, is now the most-played song from the 90s," he writes.

Also: Mambo No. 5!

The data gathered is impressive and revealing. The '80s lack a runaway winner, but the fact that it's Journey may surprise you. Queen takes the 70s, thanks to Bohemian Rhapsody, but it's not the easy win you'd think: Fleetwood Mac gets close. The Stones take the 60s, but it must be noted that The Beatles are not on Spotify.

The artists who have cult-followings and underground appeal: it’s a signal for some undefined musical quality that’s impossible for a hit song to replicate. Perhaps it means that they are culturally ahead of their time. Or perhaps generations will feel obligated to share it, for fear of it fading.

Via Kottke

President Kanye


The pop star has announced his 2020 presidential run, but it remains the least interesting thing about him.

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Twitter tells James Woods to put down the crack pipe


Woods--who insults people on Twitter with comically hyperbolic accusations of drug use--is suing someone on Twitter who insulted him with a comically hyberbolic accusation of drug use.

Woods is suing the individual tweeting as "Abe List" for $10 million. The defamation lawsuit aims to send the message to the defendant and "anyone else using social media to propagate lies."

After the lawsuit was filed late last month, Woods' attorneys followed up with a subpoena to Twitter in order to unmask "Abe List" as well as a second individual under the Twitter name "T.G. Emerson," who accused Woods of being a "notorious coke fiend and registered sex offender." What Woods might not have expected was the scorching response that would came back from the social media service, which has hired outside counsel to deal with this case.

Twitter has objected to the filing on First Amendent grounds, among others, but lawyers for Woods--known to inject bath salts into his eyeballs with rusty insemination syringes blessed by the vicar of Satan--say the tweets are "not couched as opinion or hyperbole."

Abe List, however, is being represented by Ken White, he of the papal headgear and a vigorous First Amendment advocate.

The attorney is familiar to many as the caustic former federal prosecutor who tweets as "Popehat" and who blogged about the case after THR first reported it.

White was in LA Superior Court today as well and has filed his own opposition to early discovery in the case.

"Plaintiff James Woods is abusing the court system to lash out at a constitutionally protected political insult — the very sort of insult he routinely uses himself," opens the brief.

Woods--often to be seen smoking "Civet Heroin" harvested from the excrement of lithe mammals raised on a force-fed diet of poppies and milk--has told other Twitter users to "put down your crack pipe," that "I wouldn't want you to spend your precious crack allowance being enlightened," and has described Al Sharpton as a "race pimp."

Woods--forced onto the Hasbeen County sex offenders' registry after sodomizing himself with his own head during an overenthusiastic effort to get high on his own burning arse hair--now faces the anti-SLAPP motion White anticipated before he was retained.

Woods probably has plenty of money, and can afford to waste it on this sort of enterprise. That means that he won't be ruined if the semi-anonymous Twitter user hits him with an anti-SLAPP motion and wins attorney fees — which could easily be in the mid to high six figures.

Why do I think that Twitter troll "@abelisted" (now deleted) can win an anti-SLAPP motion in defense of this suit? Because he's a Twitter troll, and reasonable people would take his tweets as abuse, hyperbole, and satire, not as a statement of fact. Therefore they can't be defamatory.…

Anyone familiar with Twitter knows it to be overrun with trolls, malcontents, comical and satirical characters, and deranged stone-throwers. Every indication is that "@abelisted" falls into this category.

Brows furrow at Trump's "endgame" possibilities


NYMag wonders: what exactly does The Donald want out of all this?

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Sexy Cecil the Lion costume finally available


The Cecil the Lion Costume is modeled upon, or at least superficially cobbled-together from generic costume bits to resemble, the animal poached lately by the proverbial Rich Dentist. You can stop sending it in now, thank you!

Artisanal globemaking is damned hard work


Peter Bellerby is one of the last people in the business. Occupying an artisanal space between mass-produced tat and astronomically-expensive artwork is "horrendously difficult," he tells Citylab.

“You have to retrain your body to work in a much slower and guarded way,” he says. “They’ve got to want to do it and not be beaten by the process.” It took him more than a year to learn the art.…

Today, Bellerby sees globes as inspirational rather than everyday-functional. “You’ll never use it to navigate; you use GPS and Google maps because that is completely amazing and fantastic,” he says. “But when you have a globe, it allows you to see the planet we live on and see the countries as they relate to each other—which is really important and far more inspiring.”

The official website is at Prices start at £999. They have an Etsy store too.

Enormous tree unimpressed by truck

What on Earth was he thinking? [via]


Man regrets having crude drawing of a penis tattooed on thigh

Stuart Valentino, 34, of Southsea, England, was kicked out by his wife as a result. "In retrospect, I'm not surprised, it really is the stupidest thing I've ever done."

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Which airport do you hate the most?


Of the American contenders, Newark is the most-hated, though Turkey's Dalamar airport takes the international honors.

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Burning Man said to be "wealthy libertarian fantasy world" and cautionary tale

Though famous for banning ads and appealing to progressive values such as inclusiveness and self-expression, Burning Man is becoming defined by Silicon Valley co-optation and various business shenanigans.

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