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Baby goat doesn't want to play with pug

He didn't choose the pug life.

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The business of denim repair

PJ Vogt: "most jeans, if they fail, fail in the crotch."

A very brief history of pier fires in England

These monuments to Victorian decrepitude dot the shores of England. They go up in smoke with alarming regularity, writes Rob Beschizza.

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The beige-walled suburban life behind the videos

Read Paul Ford's amazing article about the bland semiotics of suburban American life--and of its dreams of microcelebrity--as seen behind the looming heads of youtube stars.

Dog exposed as watch eater

Terry Morgan searched his home from top to bottom for his lost $800 watch. Then the alarm went off inside his dog. [bbc]

Tree grows 40 types of fruit


Sam Van Aken created a tree that "grows over forty different types of stone fruit including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and almonds."

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Portraits of debt-buried, underemployed graduates living with their parents

3033726-inline-robertellisfinalhirez What was once shameful is now normality: the stories of those who must return to "the childhood delights of family dinners and curfews", photographed by Damon Cesarez.

Eye-tracking heatmaps


"Men focus on a baseball player's torso more than women, who look only at the face."

Dear Business Insider,

That is not a torso.

Best regards,

Ghost recorded in spooky theater CCTV footage

Unusually for these things, the footage captured is crisp, 4K-definition RAW shot with a coated, non-fisheye len--just kidding! It's about as good as the footage from a mid-90s Nokia communicator. [via]

Cat knows how to use water cooler

"We serve them." [Video Link] cat

Man sentenced after filming self driving car from passenger seat

Top of your list of things not to do: do not post video of yourself driving a car from the passenger seat. Meet "Spain's most stupid driver."

The Spanish-born student of French nationality was found guilty of reckless driving and handed a six-month suspended sentence. That sentence will be dismissed if the young man does not break the law in the next two years. He also saw his driver's licence suspended for a year.

The aggravated circumstance of his use of vertical video was not, apparently, addressed by the court.

Child porn thumbdrive "fell out" of man's bottom

A thumbdrive loaded with indecent images of children fell from between the cheeks of a man's bottom during a frisking in London. [via]

When she finished her pitch, the investor said he didn’t invest in women

"I don’t like the way women think. They haven’t mastered linear thinking."

Gamers enraged by $7 Portal mod

How dare they not give it away for free!

Reddit plans its crack at advertising

Reddit has billions of page views, but scant revenues to show for it. The New York Times' Mike Isaac explains why it is about to change.

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