Gentleman leaps onto Broadway stage to charge his iPhone


If you thought you've seen it all when it comes to iPhone rudeness and stupidity, think again. A fellow in the audience at the Booth Theater in New York had a sudden urge to charge his phone, and spotted an outlet on stage. So he jumped onto the set of Hand to God and tried to plug in his phone. But alas, the phone outlet was just a prop. Thanks for the good laugh, Mashable. Read the rest

The voice of Siri explains the art of the voiceover


Voice actor Susan Bennett was the original voice of the iPhone assistant Siri. It's fun to hear her use different voices in this video, made by Vox. Here's the full article.

Siri needs to be able to say just about everything in the English language, and that took a lot of hard work.

"I recorded four hours a day, five days a week for the month of July," Bennett says. For a voice actor, that workload causes a lot of strain. "That's a long time to be talking constantly. Consequently, you get tired."

The original Siri "was to sound otherworldly and have a dry sense of humor," Bennett says. She added that to her take on the character, even as she focused on staying consistent and clear.

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And the winners of the international iPhone Photography Awards are...


Out of thousands of photographs entered from all over the world,  this year's top Photographer of the Year of the iPhone Photography Awards went to Michal Koralewski of Poland. His black and white winning shot (above), Sounds of the Old Town, captures the emotion-filled face of a bearded man playing the accordion in a Warsaw market place.

Second place went to David Craik of Surrey, England for a photo of birds, Cafe Birds, he took with his iPad mini (below).

Third place went to Yvonne Lu of New York for her iPhone snap, Before Sunset (below), which gives us a voyeuristic glimpse of a sleeping couple on a train.

Speaking to Time magazine, Koralewski gives us a pointer:

“If you want to take a good photograph, first you need to cut out distractions in the background and focus on the essential parts of the frame. It’s especially important if you take photos with a smartphone,” says Koralewski who also encourages attention to light and experimenting with different angles for varying perspectives.

The top three winners mentioned above will each receive an Apple Sport Watch. There were also three winners each for 19 other categories, including food, travel and portrait. The first place winner of each of these categories will receive a Gold Bar from a gold mint. In its eighth year, the IPPA began awarding phone photographers when iPhones first launched. They are currently taking entries for 2016. To see specifics, click here.

Click here for more winning photographs. Read the rest

The inside story of how the iPhone crippled BlackBerry


The Wall Street Journal has a juicy excerpt from Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff's new book, Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry.

The next day Mr. Lazaridis grabbed his co-CEO Jim Balsillie at the office and pulled him in front of a computer.

"Jim, I want you to watch this," he said, pointing to a webcast of the iPhone unveiling. "They put a full Web browser on that thing. The carriers aren't letting us put a full browser on our products."

Mr. Balsillie's first thought was RIM was losing AT&T as a customer. "Apple's got a better deal," Mr. Balsillie said. "We were never allowed that. The U.S. market is going to be tougher."

"These guys are really, really good," Mr. Lazaridis replied. "This is different."

"It's OK -- we'll be fine," Mr. Balsillie responded.

RIM's chiefs didn't give much additional thought to Apple's iPhone for months. "It wasn't a threat to RIM's core business," says Mr. Lazaridis's top lieutenant, Larry Conlee. "It wasn't secure. It had rapid battery drain and a lousy [digital] keyboard."

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Finally, Apple Watch available in stores this month

The Apple Watch, Sport Edition.

The Apple Watch, Sport Edition.

After over a month of pre-sales and online-only availability, the Apple Watch will finally be on the shelves in Apple stores later this month. Consumers will be able to touch and try on the watch and then actually take it home the same day. Not that selling exclusively online has hurt the product: Apple has had an estimated  7-million Apple Watch orders since its launch and expects to deliver 5-million watches by the end of the first quarter, which is double what analysts had expected.  And Apple has by far outsold what the iPod, iPhone and iPad took in during their first quarter. Yet another win for Apple! Read the rest

A $7 Lightning cable that's Apple MFi Certified

I buy a lot of Lightning-to-USB cables because my kids lose theirs and then steal mine. At first, I bought the cheapest replacement cables I could find (Amazon sells them for as little as $2 each, with free shipping), but I've learned that this is a bad tactic. Sometimes the cables don't work, and the ones that do work eventually fail. It's almost as if there is a self-destruct switch with a timer in these cheap cables. I've stopped buying them.

Apple's own Lightning cables are much more expensive. A 3-foot Lightning-to-USB costs $19. I can't afford them, not at the rate my kids lose or destroy theirs. The alternative is to buy a cable that has been certified through Apple's MFi licensing program. (Reportedly, Apple charges equipment manufacturers a $4 licensing fee per cable, which is actually less than it used to charge.)

Anker sells a MFi Certified 3-foot Lightning-to-USB cable for $7. I've bought a bunch over the months and not one has failed yet. Until Apple does another because-fuck-you-that's-why connector change on its iPhone, I will buy only Anker Lightning-to-USB cables. Read the rest

Bro Orange: the best stolen iPhone story you'll read all April Fool's Day


Buzzfeed staffer Matt Stopera's fantastical story about how his stolen iPhone made it from Manhattan to China and turned him into a social media celebrity there is one of the wildest and coolest stolen phone stories of all time, even if it's making the rounds on April Fool's Day. Read the rest

Easy file transfer to and from iPhone

I use the Leef iBridge 16GB for one thing - to watch magic trick instructional videos on my iPhone. Read the rest

Stop the Belieber Invasion!

Justin Beiber, one-time YouTube star, then chart-topping heart throb, then TMZ regular. Justin Beiber, recently roasted by the cool kids of Comedy Central. And now Justin Beiber, blasted out of space, over and over and over. Read the rest

iMagnet phone mount - hassle free mount for driving

You don’t want to mess with your phone much while driving, period. Read the rest

A great leather case for the iPhone 6 plus

My friend Allen (co-founder of the delicious cashew cheese company Nary Dairy) got this Verus leather case ($22) for his iPhone 6 Plus, and I liked it so much I bought one for my 6 Plus. Read the rest

An "anti-drop" device for Phablets

As an iPhone 6 Plus owner, I'm interested in the Bunker Ring, a $16 device that attaches to the back of a phone or tablet, basically turning your phone into a giant finger ring. Read the rest

It's pretty easy to bend an iPhone 6 Plus with your hands

The aluminum case of the iPhone 6+ was already a little bent when he started. When he repeats the bend test with a Galaxy Note 3, it bends but flexes back. He tries again, using as much force as possible, and the Note 3 gets a slight warp but doesn't break. Read the rest

iPhone 6 Plus is the iPad Mini Minus.

...and that's exactly what I wanted, because I'm not a big caller. But maybe it's time to switch to Android, because they already have stuff just like it, and with some meatier hardware to boot.

The above graphic, published by OSXdaily, illustrates Apple's new selection of phone sizes--and also includes the iPad Mini, which lacks cellular calling but now seems part of a consistent spectrum. As one of those people who often finds the iPad Mini a little too big, but the current iPhone too small, I figure that the 6 Plus will be what I'm after. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 4--slightly less wide than the 6 Plus, but significantly thicker--didn't quite sell itself to me, though that might be because Android is just not the language my thumbs speak.

Here's the specs for reference.

Tell me what to buy. (Yes, a Moto F3, I know.) Read the rest

Cloak - iPhone app to avoid enemies, bores, and jerks

I don't like using apps like Foursquare that let acquaintances know where I am. Cloak is an anti-Foursquare, and I'm eager to try it.

Cloak bills itself as the "antisocial network." Just sync it with Instagram and Foursquare so Cloak knows where your "friends" are, all the time.

Finally, let Cloak know which relatives/coworkers/"psycho hose beasts" you don't want to see. It'll then alert you when you're entering their vicinity. Or, if you're feeling reclusive, have it notify you when anybody you know is around. It's a fantastic way to dodge the dreaded "stop and chat."

Avoid Enemies, Bores, Jerks, and Exes with Cloak Read the rest

This is the system Apple used to test iPhone software in 2006

The Wall Street Journal has a story about the birth of the iPhone (which I am still a little startled to realize is only seven years old ... I think my memory is merging iPhones and iPods into a sense of the presence of a single iThing). In an accompanying blog post, they shared this photo taken by Apple engineers, showing the system that was used to test out prototypes of iPhone software before its release. According to the blog post, the system "tethered a plastic touch-screen device – code-named “Wallaby” – to an outdated Mac to simulate the slower speeds of a phone hardware." Read the rest

NY Times: "Why Apple Wants to Bust Your iPhone"

"At first, I thought it was my imagination. Around the time the iPhone 5S and 5C were released, in September, I noticed that my sad old iPhone 4 was becoming a lot more sluggish," writes Catherine Rampell in The New York Times. She noticed her batteries were being drained more quickly than before, too. She called some tech analysts who blamed it on iOS 7.

I have an iPhone 4s. The battery life is terrible. But it was bad before I upgraded to iOS 7. Is it worse now? Maybe -- I have a bunch of battery cases that I am constantly snapping on to my energy-gorging phone, so I'm not really sure.

Rampell goes on to explore the idea that Apple is intentionally obsoleting older iPhones by releasing operating systems designed to slow down earlier models and drain their batteries. But I think the battery life of iPhones, old and new, just suck. I'd prefer a thick phone that runs all day without needing a recharge, than a thin, lightweight phone that you have to put in a thick case to protect anyway.

Why Apple Wants to Bust Your iPhone Read the rest

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