Man paves road with unwashed clam shells, neighbors are sickened by stench

A fellow in Tiverton, Rhode Island paved his access road with tons of unwashed clam shells, which still had chunks of meat attached to them. His neighbors saw him doing it, and warned him that the meat would rot and lead to problems, but the man couldn't be dissuaded. Rain fell on the shells for three days. When the sun came out it brought maggots and the smell of death.

The town has issued a cease and desist order to no avail. Residents have erected signs that read “Honk if it Stinks,” and “Stop Unwashed Clam Shells.”

From Oddity Central:

“Everything is sort of taken over by this stench of decaying,” says Blair Moore, who lives close to the decaying clam road. “The smell. The smell is atrocious”

“It’s like bodies decaying,” Sharon Moore, another local, added.

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Nostril-wedged maggots of Portsmouth: Otorhinolaryngologist's expert opinion explained

More on yesterday's story about a nasal-wedged maggot scare in Portsmouth, RI's middle school (refresher: the Portsmouth Middle School sent parents a terrifying letter warning of a student Smartie-snorting epidemic and predicting that children would end up with maggots in their noses that feasted upon the sugar residue).

John McDaid, the investigative blogger who broke the story, tracked down Dr. Oren Friedman, Associate Professor, Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Pennsylvania, who was quoted in the letter the school sent home as warning that "frequent snorting could even rarely lead to maggots feeding on the sugary dust wedged inside the nose." Read the rest

Portsmouth Middle School warns parents about Smartie-snorting epidemic and the risk of nasal maggots

Parents in Portsmouth, Rhode Island got a letter from the Portsmouth Middle School warning them that students may be snorting and smoking ground-up Smarties candies. The letter warns of risks of cuts, lung infections, nasal passage scarring, nose-wedged maggots (!), and future cigarette and drug use. John McDaid, a writer and local investigative blogger, got a comment from Portsmouth School Committee chair Dave Croston, who stated "I can say only that this behavior raises troubling issue of modeling." Read the rest