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Technically, the US has been using the metric system since 1893

Since 1893, all the units of measurement that we use in the United States — from miles to pounds — have been officially defined in terms of metric units. What is a mile? That's easy. It's 1.6 kilometers. I can only conclude that Americans either really like irony, or we really enjoy converting everything from one unit of measurement to another.

The shape of your beer mug might help explain why you get drunk so fast

In a recent study at the University of Bristol, young people drank beer faster when it was served to them in a curved, fluted glass. It's a small study, but the researchers think it could be a first clue toward understanding why we sometimes get more drunk than we meant to do. Researchers found it was difficult for people to judge volume of liquid in a curved glass, which might mean it's also harder to pace drinking. (Via Noah Gray)

An LCD pixel and a grain of sand are roughly the same size

Cary Huang's amazing Scale of the Universe animation has been updated—now with a better format, extra background information about the objects whose sizes are being compared, and more opportunities to blow your mind. "Holy sh$#! The Grand Canyon is bigger than Rhode Island?"