Lytro Illum Camera: The First High-End Camera to Capture the Entire Light Field

The Lytro Illum dares to be different, boasting even more robust features than its first generation predecessor and a sleek design reminiscent of professional DSLRs. What's so cool about it? Most cameras capture the position of light rays, producing a statoc 2D image. Read the rest

Save 89% On 5,350+ Cutting-Edge Videos & eBooks on Coding, UX Design & More from SitePoint


SitePoint Premium is the ultimate e-learning library for web developers, designers, and digital professionals. Famous for their web development books written by industry leaders, they’ve expanded their content library to include in-depth video courses and short, handy screencasts partnering with A Book Apart and UX Mastery. Whatever you want to achieve in your web career, SitePoint Premium has the content to get you there.

Get unlimited online access to $20,000 worth of content: 80+ e-books, 130 hours of tutorials & dozens of screencastsIncrease employability by learning new skills and languages Key coding frameworks: Foundation, Zend Framework 2, Backbone.JS & many more New techniques, e.g. Google Maps API, HTML5 video w/ JavaScript Workplace essentials: Git, project management, WordPress, content strategy & moreLearn a new coding language: beginners’ resources for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, MySQL & more Enjoy new screencasts released every week, a new course every fortnight & a new e-book every month

Note: subscription is for 1 year of the monthly premium plan.

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Save 40% On The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery Pack

Power up your gadgets in the most unexpected places with the extremely compact SolarJuice battery pack. SolarJuice charges up at home like your average battery pack, but also lets you add extra juice on-the-go using its built-in solar panel—so you’ll never be left unplugged from the digital world.

4.5 Stars on Amazon!

Simultaneously charges 2 devices at onceRain-resistant, shockproof & environmentally friendlyAnti-explosion, lightweight, compact & reliableIncludes a top grade-A cell, built-in 10000mAh lithium polymer batteryComprised of 2 total outputs: 2A fast-charging for mobile devices + 1A charging for smartphonesAllows casual solar charging via a powerful 1.2W monocrystalline solar panelBoasts an ultra-long battery life; recharge the SolarJuice 1000+ times Use in the dark w/ built-in LED flashlight

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Use This Wireless LED Flash to Give Your Everyday Photos a Professional Edge


Hold your camera to higher standards with the brand-new iBlazr 2, the most advanced LED flash to date. Simply attach to your smartphone, tablet, or DSLR camera.

Conveniently sized and wireless, this premium flash will let you easily take amazing photos in low light situations. It’s a literal snap to use: simply attach to your smartphone, tablet, or DSLR to capture your memories in the quality they deserve.

Use to illuminate portraits, selfies, videos & moreEasily adjust the brightness to your likingConfidently take pictures without red-eye effectsIlluminate a large surface area w/ 75-degree beam angleUtilize w/ free companion app (iOS, Android, WinPhone)Take advantage of built-in rechargeable batteryUse w/ a flexible charger: doubles as a portable table or keyboard lamp

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Pay what you want for 12 courses to help you become a Microsoft Office master


Moment of truth: Is "Microsoft Office Expert" on your resume, but not totally accurate? This pay what you want bundle will not only help you brush up on old skills, but teach you advanced techniques that will impress your current and future boss. From intricate Excel formulas to Outlook organization hacks, you'll not only boost your career, but your personal life once you dive into these 12 courses

Here is a breakdown of everything included in this bundle: 

1Microsoft Word 2013 - Basic & Advanced$99 Value2Excel 2013 - Financial Functions Using Excel$99 Value3Excel 2013 - Excel Dashboard$99 Value4Excel 2013 - Excel Graphs and Charts$99 Value5Microsoft Excel 2013$99 Value6Learn Microsoft Outlook 2013$99 Value7Learn Microsoft Powerpoint 2013$99 Value8MS Access 2013 - Advanced$99 Value9Excel 2013 Basic Training Course$99 Value10Excel 2013 - Pivot Table$99 Value11Microsoft OneNote 2013$99 Value12Comprehensive MS Access 2013$99 ValuePay what you want for the Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle today! Read the rest

Get This Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit For 85% Off


Whether you're already a Pi addict or tempted by what you've heard, this bundle has everything you need to get going with the next generation of Raspberry Pi exploration. Get a Pi 2 Model B board plus all the hardware to get started, and hours of online courses that will guarantee you start coding and creating right out of the box.

Here's a breakdown of everything included in the kit

1Raspberry Pi 2 Model B$39.50 Value2Quick Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B$39 Value3Intro to Raspberry Pi$199 Value4Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi$199 Value5Python Programming for Beginners$99 Value6PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot$29 Value7Introduction to Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi 2$199 Value


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Save over 25% on the SKEYE Pico Drone - the world's tiniest drone


Take flight in fresh air or zip the mini SKEYE Pico Drone through your office in between meetings—we guarantee it’s more fun than a coffee-break. This nimble quadcopter is stealth enough to rest on the tip of your finger, and nimble enough to flip, zip, and dive through tight spaces. Just throw it in the air—literally—and hover your heart out.

Control the flight easily w/ 3 levels of sensitivityFlip, hover & dive w/ the 6-axis flight control systemFly at night w/ built-in LED lightsStore the drone inside its own controllerReplace a broken rotor blade w/ one of 4 extras

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Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle - 97% Off


The modern business creates mountains of raw data—the challenge being the ability to effectively analyze it. Big data analytics is the ticket to uncovering hidden patterns, correlations, trends, and more, all of which can be the difference maker in your business’s success and competitive advantage. This bundle of more than 130 data and analytics courses will show you how to master data science techniques, and in turn become an invaluable (and highly paid) member of your team.

Lifetime access to all 130+ coursesAccess to all future online data & analytics coursesAccess to experts via online academic supportCourses on essential software used for business analytics & business intelligenceCertificates of completion in SAS, R, Oracle & database coursesSAS courses, including SAS Dataset, SAS Format & SAS Functions training R courses, including R Business Analytics, R-Studio, R Programming & Anova trainingPinnacle data & analytics courses, including Hadoop, Cloud, Tableau, MongoDB & Informatica trainingOracle & other database courses, including Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle SQL, RMAN, Oracle Database and Toad training

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The Noun Project Unlimited Icons: 2-Yr Subscription - 83% Off


Inspired by the universality of symbols, the founders of Noun Project began to collect thousands of hand-drawn icons. The concept has since transformed into a massive digital collection of 150,000+ unique icons that fuel the work of designers every day. Spend less time crafting icons and more time putting amazing designs out into the world with two years of Noun Project.

Save time creating icons by handDiscover icons for even the most intricate of ideasAccess over 150,000 iconsDrag & drop the icons using the Mac App—no downloads required!Get unlimited use of the icons, royalty-freeReceive SVG & PNG filesSave & organize icons w/ kits

Read the rest

Ditch your annoying bulky key ring with the KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer


Say goodbye to your annoying, bulky key ring—KeySmart organizes your keys in one convenient, compact, and lightweight place. Easily attach up to 10 keys, and use the included loop to latch on your car fob as needed. The award-winning KeySmart is meticulously designed to allow for quick and easy key access, and will rid your life of key jingling and jabbing forever.

Frame crafted from quality titanium for lightweight bodyBottle opener includedHardware milled from stainless steel for durabilityUnique ‘S’ design made to fit 2x the keys in half the spaceSize accommodates most sizes of keyMade in Chicago

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Private Internet Access VPN: 2-Yr Subscription - 24% Off


Connect through a VPN tunnel of your choice and forget about hackers, digital eavesdroppers, and government spies. Whether you’re connected to public Wi-Fi at the airport or thumbing through your favorite social media site while in line for your morning coffee. High-level encryption ensures you’ll put an end to incessant digital advertising, while IP cloaking lets you stream your favorite movies and shows no matter where you are. With Private Internet Access, the only gateways to the outside Internet are the ones you open. Check out all of the fantastic reviews for PIA here

Prevents data mining so you can browse anonymously Connects instantly w/ one-click installersMasks your location w/ IP cloaking Provides access to Private Internet Access’s professional support staffBlocks unwanted connections w/ server-grade filtering softwareAllows the use of 5 devices simultaneously w/ unlimited bandwidthProtects your identity w/ several layers of privacy Bypasses censorship filters so you are free from geographic restrictionsStops traffic w/ a kill switch if the VPN connection is unexpectedly terminated

Read the rest

Get This Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle For Just $19


More and more companies look to Amazon Web Services for their cloud-computing needs, and the CDA exam is a surefire way to impress potential employers with your knowledge. AWS developers specialize in building and maintaining apps created specifically for the Amazon platform, and this course will dive into the concepts required to both be successful in the field and pass this highly-respected certification exam.

Excel in the World of Cloud Computing--Pass the AWS Solutions Architect & Developer Exams For Only $19.  Read the rest

The Ultimate Hard Tech Starter Kit: Use Conductive Ink to Draw & Tinker with Circuits!


This Circuit Scribe Basic Kit gives users a hands-on way to discover the world of electronics. At its core is a rollerball pen filled with conductive silver ink, allowing you to literally draw a circuit on paper. You can then augment your circuit using any of the six included modules: a power-supplying battery adapter, an SPSTswitch that turns your circuit on and off, and more. Consolidate your knowledge with the workbook’s lessons on electronics terms, and you’re sure to be a certified tech expert in no time.

Draw circuits using a pen filled w/ conductive silver inkTinker w/ your circuits using 6 modules: battery adapter, LED light, etc.Easily interact w/ circuits thanks to modules’ simple & easy-to-use designsLearn about basic electronics concepts: transistors, resistance, etc.Easily trace circuit designs using the circuit stencilUse the workbook’s lessons to expand your understanding of electronics

Circuit Scribe Basic Kit - 16% Off Read the rest

Step up your organization game with the Rolo travel bag


Lost socks and wrinkled clothing may be a rite of passage for you, but why not throw some organization into your travel plans? Rolo makes it easy for even the messiest of us to travel like a pro with its separated mesh pockets and 360-degree hanging hook. Just open your bag, swing the hook around, and hang for easy access to everything you need.

Read the rest

Plazmatic Flameless Lighter: Who needs a light, when you've got a beam


Sometimes it’s just not the time or place to play with fire—luckily the Plazmatic is here to make lighting up a breeze even when it’s literally breezy. This gorgeous little stainless steel magic-maker lights up via high-degree output beam, no fluids or gas involved. Conveniently recharge with a USB cable and save the equivalent of 50 disposable lighters throughout the life of one Plazmatic—plus with a lifetime warranty, you’ll be sure to milk it for every light.

Works w/ water pipes, pipes or any-size cigarShoots a water-resistant & windproof heat beam Features a stainless steel exteriorBuilt to be lightweight & ultra durableRecharges via USBLights 100+ times for each hour chargeButane & chemical free

Plazmatic Flameless Lighter Read the rest

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