This innovative pan makes for great food and minimal clean up


If you’re like us, you occasionally get ambitious with your dinner and try to cook multiple sides plus a main dish. These efforts usually end as a cold meal plus a pile of dishes to wash.

MasterPan Multi-Sectional Meal Skillet makes it super easy to make multiple dishes at once without the hassle. This heavy gauge bottom pan is divided into five sections and is specifically designed to distribute heat flow so you can cook multiple dishes at once, all on the same burner.

Now you can spend less time cooking, less time cleaning, and way more time eating. Plus, there are no heavy metals, lead, cadmium, or PFOA in the pan, meaning your food won't be full of toxins. For a limited time, you can get free US shipping and 50% off the MasterPan in the Boing Boing store. Read the rest

Today only: get our best-selling camera (and battery pack) for an extra 10% off


The Lytro Illum is our all-time best-selling camera and here's our best deal yet. Apply the code "Lytro10" to save an extra 10% off on this camera's mind-blowing functionality in this exclusive one day only sale.

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Learn how to build 14 websites with this Complete Web Developer course


If you're looking to earn a top salary in the tech industry, there's no better career than coding. However, sometimes the hardest part of entering this career path is knowing where to begin.

We took the Complete Web Developer Course because it took that decision out of our hands. This course teaches beginner-friendly coding languages that will also help land an immediate position. We didn't want to spend hours studying a language only to realize it isn't even used anymore, and this course avoids that common mistake completely.

Packed with over 28 hours of course content, this course is awesome because it has you building sites yourself the entire time. By the end, you'll have a portfolio of work that will turn heads at companies like Twitter and Facebook. Course material includes:

Getting Started & HTML -  You'll learn to code with HTML, often thought of as the "build blocks" of the Internet.

CSS - You'll use CSS to control the layout and style of sites and apps.

JavaScript - You'll become fluent in JavaScript, the language that is responsible for the front-end of practically every site on the Internet.

You'll need to know all three of these languages to land any major coding position, and we think this course does a great job of laying them out in a digestible manner. For a limited time, you can grab lifetime access to The Complete Web Developer Course for just $14.99. Read the rest

If you play Pokémon Go, you need this PokeCharger

To be a Pokémon master, you'll need a phone that won’t constantly die on you. Because nothing is worse than seeing the screen go black right as you’ve finally found the Charizard of your dreams.

That’s why we’re so excited about the LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery ($39.99). With its 3.0 Amp HyperCharging technology, this slim battery will not only supercharge your phone, it’ll do it 2x faster than a typical wall charger. And since the LED battery gauge always lets you know just how much juice you’ve got left, you’ll never wonder whether you should risk trying to catch that last Pokemon or not. 

Take it from us, nothing you find in a PokeStop will beat the value of this quality battery pack. Plus, even though the LinearFlux comes complete with a Lightning connector for your iPhone, you can charge much more than that: including your Apple Watch or your Android (using the extra USB-A port). Don’t wait too long to get yours: this 50% off deal can now be found in our store. Read the rest

These programming skills will give you a competitive edge

The tech industry is constantly innovating, and in order to stay competitive, you'll need to keep up. The Programming Into the Future Bundle was created to teach you the skills employers are looking for at this very moment, including in-demand coding languages like Google Go.

The bundle of courses includes instruction on a range of innovative tools that advanced coders use daily, including:

Node.js - This server-side JavaScript environment creates real time web apps, builds APIs, and streams applications.

Angular 2 - This JavaScript library gives you a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, and scaling apps and programs across platforms.

Google Go Programming - This open-source language developed by Google is used in many Google (and non-Google) apps.

With 42 lessons in many forward-thinking programming languages and tools, this bundle will help you catch the eye of any startup or top-name enterprise company you’ve got your eye on.

Plus, this is a Pay What You Want based deal. Meaning, if you beat the average price, you'll get the entire bundle. If you pay less than the average price, you still get something awesome. But don’t wait too long: this deal ends in just a short 5 days. Read the rest

Boost your MacBook's internal storage without the bulk


If you're running low on MacBook storage, your options are pretty limited. External hard drives mean toting around another piece of bulky equipment, and you probably don't want a USB stick constantly protruding from your laptop.

That's why the Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks is such a desirable alternative, and one of our top tech finds this year. You can add up to 200GB of extra internal storage and slip it directly into your MacBook's SD card slot. It won't stick out of your computer so you can leave it there permanently for a constant source of extra storage.

MiniDrive even integrates with Time Machine and can be set to store daily automatic backups of your important files. Whether you own a Pro, Air or Retina (13 or 15-inch),  MiniDrive’s got a version made just for your system.

Get your Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks with free shipping for 15% off before this deal sells out. Read the rest

Bring someone joy with our no-fail last minute gift idea


Next time you forget a birthday or anniversary, take our advise and try out The Bouqs Company. We discovered this rapidly growing flower company last year, and its quick delivery and beautiful bouquets have come through every time.

For $35, you can get $50 worth of flowers, which The Bouqs Company cuts from sustainable farms. This allows them to deliver flowers that are actually up to 10 days fresher than the ones at your local florist. 

Plus, if anything's wrong with your flowers, they’re covered by a Happiness Guarantee. Their awesome customer service goes above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your purchase. This deal is only available for a limited time, so get your 30% off before it’s gone.

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Get our top-selling HD drone of all time with this 2-for-1 deal

If you’ve ever seen a drone video, you know the footage blows traditional pictures and GoPro footage out of the water. And if you’re like us, you’ve been itching to get your hands on a drone of your own ever since. We fly the Code Black Drone with HD Camera because it's both a quality camera drone, and super fun to fly.

This palm-sized quadcopter comes ready to fly out of the box, and maneuvers like a much larger, professional aircraft. With a 6-axis flight control system and 4-way flip capabilities, you’ll be able to turn and and roll it in the sky with just a little practice.

While you’re flying, you can capture aerial video or snap still photos with the high-quality built in HD camera. Today, you can get two Code Blacks for the price of one at just $79.99.

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Two smartphone accessories for snapping pro-quality photos


When carrying around a bulky DSLR camera isn't ideal, we use these impressive add-ons to help turn our smartphones into quality cameras. 

Flexible Tripod for Smartphones and Cameras

The Flexible Tripod for Smartphones and Cameras ($8.99) is perfect for capturing a group shot or leveling out your phone on an uneven surface. Its flexible legs can wrap around anything, even a tree branch, so it's great for taking photos while on a hike or while sightseeing. We were impressed with its sturdy construction that can even support a digital camera or oversized phone.

Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets

If you really want to start taking next level pictures with your phone, we suggest you invest in the Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets ($11.99). These three lenses—fisheye, wide-angle, or macro—clip right onto your smartphone’s lens and help you take pictures that’ll look like they were taken with a much pricier device. The lenses clip on and off to keep from damaging your phone, and they come in a convenient carrying bag for easy transport.

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Here's how Big Data could change your career


With all of the digital information out there—from credit card numbers to Instagram posts to consumer behavior—there’s so much data that businesses struggle with the task of storing, managing, and analyzing the information.

That’s why Big Data is one of the fastest growing career paths in the world. Big Data is a giant, intimidating subject, which is why we’re so excited about The Big Data Bundle.

With over 64.5 hours of content, this bundle of courses will teach you everything you need to know to become a hirable Big Data expert. Material includes:

Hive for Big Data Processing - Learn how to use Hive, one of today’s most popular big data tools, and become a contender for jobs at companies like Facebook.

Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems - From Fortune 500s to exciting new startups, absolutely everyone needs an employee who knows how to crunch big data using these foundational Big Data tools.

Spark for Data Science in Python - Get in on the ground floor and learn how to work with one of the most innovative new Big Data tools out there today.

With 6 additional courses, you’ll have all the information you need to get up to speed on managing and analyzing massive amounts of data. We recommend snagging The Big Data Bundle today for just $45. Read the rest

Stop borrowing your friend's phone charger and grab this 3-pack of Lightning cables


We're always searching for, borrowing, and losing Lightning cables, and that's why we are loading up with the Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack.

These Apple-certified USB cables let you charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via any USB port—whether you prefer your computer or the Apple USB Power Adapter. And since there’s three of them, you never have to run the risk of misplacing or forgetting your charger again—keep one in your car, one at home, and one in your laptop case.

It’s a simple solution to a problem that has plagued us since smartphones became a thing. For a limited time, you can get the Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack for just $21.99. Read the rest

These two Mophie gadgets will help keep you connected on the go


Mophie's gadgets are reliable, minimalist, and stacked with all the right features. We use these two gadgets to keep our phones, tablets, e-readers, and other electronics charged.

Recharge on-the-go with the Mophie Powerstation XL External Battery

The Mophie Powerstation XL ($39.95) packs enough power to re-charge your phone eight times over. It has three levels of charging, so you can control how fast of a charge you want. Plus, you can charge up to two devices simultaneously. The powerstation is compatible with any USB-outfitted cable and provides 12,000mAh for high output fast charging.

Protect your phone and charge it at the same time with the Mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Case

This case delivers legitimate iPhone protection and extra charge. The Mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Case ($49.95) provides an additional 28 hours of talk time and 20 hours of web browsing with a flip of a simple switch. It's saved us from a dead battery multiple times while at concerts, the beach, or just out and about with friends. Read the rest

Mastering AWS and Salesforce could make you extremely valuable


Earlier this spring, Salesforce announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) would be its preferred public cloud infrastructure provider. Salesforce developers and AWS developers are already in-demand and paid very well for their expertise, but this partnership opens up the opportunity to become an extremely valuable asset by mastering both. Below are two in-depth courses to help you start or progress your career in the tech industry.

Learn Salesforce from bottom to top with this Power User Course

Salesforce, the world's leading customer relationship management service, powers sales and business management for companies worldwide. As it's used more and more, the need for developers that specialize in Salesforce has also skyrocketed.

This Salesforce Power User Course ($24.99) takes you through everything from the basics to the advanced details of Salesforce—from marketing automation to sales collaboration. Learning theses skills will position you to succeed whether you become a Salesforce developer or user.

This bundle will prepare you to get certified in AWS 

A surefire way to maximize your potential in the technology sector is to specialize in cloud computing, and specifically, Amazon Web Services. The Developer's AWS Mastery Bundle ($29) takes you through four courses designed to get you certified in AWS, intro you to AWS Lambda, learn GitHub for DevOps, and master Amazon CloudFormation. By the time you’re done with each course, you’ll be fully prepared to get certified in AWS. Read the rest

WordPress Wizard Bundle: Maybe the first step toward being your own boss, just $49


Whether you’re trying to start a quirky news blog, open a local Irish pub, or sell handmade furniture out of your garage, one thing’s for sure: your business is not going to succeed if you don’t build it a professional-looking website. That’s why we’re excited to share the WordPress Wizard Bundle.

This is a bundle that includes 12 courses about everything from the basics of WordPress through how to make an app for your site. You can start out knowing nothing about WordPress and still create a website that scores you the customers you need by investing a little time each day.

If you’re ready to stop working for The Man and just be yourself, check out the WordPress Wizard Bundle: it's on sale today for just $49. Read the rest

Eliminate your ancient USB flash drive with drag and drop file sharing


If you’ve ever tried to quickly share a file with someone, you know there’s nothing actually quick about it. Between permissions, log-in credentials, size limitations, and download issues, it’s a miracle if you’re ever able to share the document at all. That’s why we think Droplr Pro is so essential.

Droplr Pro lets you quickly, easily, and safely share files with anyone. It’s as easy as dragging a file to the Droplr icon on your desktop—your file is then automatically loaded to a remote server, and you receive an easy link to share with whoever.

You can view and work on anything, from small files (Word documents) to larger files (videos and images) that are too big for simple email sends. This app saves us tons of time, not to mention it allows for unlimited storage unlike its competitors.

Droplr Pro even got 5 stars on CNET. You can get your license for just $21.99 today, rather than paying the normal $9.99 monthly fee. It's a small investment for a huge productivity boost to your day-to-day. Read the rest

Don’t be that friend at the music festival—be the festival mom with this survival kit instead

people-party-dancing-music (2)

You won't want to hit another music festival without these essentials. Read on to find out what we're packing for the final festivals of the year.

This Smart Charger Always Knows Where The Car Is Parked

In addition to charging your phone, the Zus Smart Car Charger and Locator ($29.99) helps you locate your car no matter where you’ve parked it. Just plug it into the socket, and whenever you’ve forgotten where you parked (say, when you’re at a music festival and need to get some extra toilet paper from the car) use the accompanying app on your smartphone to get step by step directions to your vehicle.

Need More Battery Power? Just Add Sunshine

There’s nothing worse than having your phone die on you when you’re at a music festival. And that goes double when you’ve lost all your friends somewhere in the crowd. That’s why we’re excited about the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery ($49.99): it uses solar power to charge your phone with a huge 20,000mAh of portable energy.

2-for-1 Cables: Fully Charged While You’re Sleeping In Your Tent 

When you’re trying to charge your phone when you’re away from home, it’s not always easy to find a place to charge that’s near where you’re sleeping. But when you combine the ZeroLemon SolarJuice Battery with a 2 pack of Extra Long MFi-Certified Lightning Cables ($19.99), you don’t have to worry. These cables will also let you charge your device from a distance with 10 feet of cable. For a short time, you can get two cables shipped either domestically or internationally. Read the rest

Even Cheech and Chong would be impressed with this “Happy Kit”

When the mood strikes you and you’re looking to light up, you shouldn’t have to hunt around for all the things you need: your pipe, your grinder, your favorite munchies, and so on. And with the Happy Kit, you won’t have to.

This compact black case houses everything you need, including a grinder, a glass pipe, a one-hitter, rolling paper, and tips. Believe us, we know how annoying it is when you just can’t find the one thing you need, or when you’re out and about without your pipe on hand.

Since the Happy Kit can go wherever you go, you’ll never have to worry about that again. The Happy Kit’s case is waterproof and smell-resistant so it keeps things discreet when you need them to be discreet.

We love our Happy Kit, and we know you’ll love yours too for $24Because as they say, "where there's smoke, there's a happy kit". Read the rest

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