Safely store your data and save 94% with 2TB of Genius Rescue cloud backup

If you’ve been blessed enough to avoid them yourself, you’ve definitely heard the horror stories. Late night, crushing out a ton of work, writing, coding, anything, then boom - your computer crashes. The battery blows, you spill water or coffee all over the place, or it just shuts down with no explanation, and you’re screwed. That’s why you need the Genius Rescue and you can get it now, pre-disaster and freak out, for 94% off. Don’t wait 'til you’re crying into your keyboard, get some protection in advance.

It’s a breeze to install Genius Rescue on your computer and once it’s there, it works so quietly in the background, you won’t even know it’s there. While you’re hammering away at your masterpiece, it’s backing up every single one of your files to the cloud. It’s that simple. Your files are then synced so that you can view and work on them from anywhere, whether you want to hang onto your documents, pictures, videos or anything. With 2 TB of backup space, there’s nothing you can’t store.

Making changes? You can access up to thirty versions of any file so you can go back and keep it the same, even if it’s way old. Even if you’ve discarded it, you can restore deleted files with Genius Rescue too and while that peace of mind should be priceless, you can get it now for 94% off. Check out the link below for more details on this incredible service.

Save 94% on a lifetime of 2TB of Genius Rescue in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Write code whenever and wherever: save 76% on a 3 year subscription to Codeanywhere

You travel around a lot. It might be that jet set life from New York to LA to London to Tokyo, or it might be back and forth from the coffee shop to the office, or from the kitchen to the couch. Any which way, you’re mobile and that’s the way to live. When you code, you like to keep it stable though and that’s why you need this three year subscription to the amazing powers of Codeanywhere that’s now 76% off. Anywhere you are, there are all your coding powers, live on the cloud and ready to be dominated by your very impressive, very mobile skills.

With this cloud-based development environment, you can code anywhere in the world, any time from a browser, Apple, or Android device, even a phone or tablet. If you’re working with a team you’ll be able to collaborate in real time using the pair program. Simply connect to your existing code with FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Using your container or remote servers you can run any command. To view and pinpoint disparities, you can view different versions of your code and also choose from predefined dev stacks.

Never worry again about getting your coding done while traveling or working remotely. It’s all here and it’s all super easy to access and share. For three years, unlock this superpower now for 76% off. Check out the link below for more compatibility details.

Save 76% on a 3 year subscription to Codeanywhere in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Get the world's smallest first person view drone for over 20% off in the Boing Boing Store

It’s 2016 and we like our technology really small. Our phones fit in our pockets, our remotes are lighter than ever, and even our cars seem to be shrinking. So your new drone shouldn’t be an exception. This Axis VIDIUS Drone is 21% off right now and it’s so little, your biggest problem won’t be flying it like a pro, it might just be losing it in your tote bag. Don’t waste your time and space with a bulky, FAA-approved drone to lug around town every time you want to fly, this small version has a live video stream with a first person view. And the view is epic up there.

This flier can flip, turn, roll and race through narrow spaces, all controlled by a lightweight 2.4gHz remote. It streams and records live video and still images that shows up right on your smartphone or tablet. It takes just twenty minutes to fully charge up its battery and flies for up to seven minutes at a pop. It’s got three speed pre-programmed functionality so you can throttle up or down your flight sensitivity, keeping it stable and centered all the while with its 6-axis gyro stabilization. It rotates 360 degrees and can even fly at night with its bright LED lights.

Once you enter into the pre-programmed trick mode, you can do incredible flips and rolls to capture bananas pictures and videos from up high. It’s so small, you don’t even need to sweat FAA regulation and you can grab it for 21% off today. Read the rest

Save 94% on the highly-rated Zenmate VPN in the Boing Boing Store

You’ve heard the news: cyber security is the new and very scary frontier. Hackers are out there just waiting for you to relax for a second and let them in. But that’s not going to happen to you. With a lifetime premium subscription to ZenMate VPN, you’re completely protected from anyone out there who wants your data, and you can cover yourself with this now for 94% off. Rest assured that no matter where you are, what you’re doing on the web, or when you’re working, your data and security are in the best hands.

All your browser traffic will be encrypted here so that no one can see or access a thing. To switch locations on the go when you’re out and about or travelling abroad, simply download the browser extension and use any public WiFi available. Every restricted site is now at your fingertips, including news publications, streaming services and and social media. By changing your location, ZenMate obscures your IP so no one even knows your identity. It’s the web, unleashed and anonymous as it should be.

The connections with this are lightning fast so you can browse everything you want to check out online at top speed. It functions in eleven countries so all you jet-setters are good to go too. It even blocks malicious sites so you don’t have to worry about stumbling into the wrong hands accidentally. Get covered now for 94% off, take a deep breath, and check out the link below for more details. Read the rest

Save 86% on this Java Developer Course Bundle in the Boing Boing Store

Remember back to the time when people thought java was just a hip way to talk about coffee? Or you vaguely remembered from geography class that it’s an island in the South Pacific? We’ve come a long way since then and now that we’ve rocket blasted into the tech future, you’re going to need to know the real deal about Java, and how you can use it to launch your career into outer space. For 86% off now you can take this developer course bundle and go from Java junior to total expert, no matter how much you know now about coding. Get ready to take a big sip.

There are over sixty hours here of courses at every level, from beginner to pro. You’ll learn the essential tools for developing Android apps in the course that covers data types, control structures, arrays and more. The Java spring framework course offers over 170 lectures with an introduction to Maven for database applications. The Java data structures and algorithms course offers graphics and animations to make understanding these concepts easier. And the all-level Java swing course teaches you how to write GUI applications.

The automated tutor in the classes has been proven to increase students’ learning. You’ll get a certificate of completion for each level to officially show potential or existing employers about your new major skill set. You have lifetime access to this now for 86% off and can stream it from anywhere. Check out the link below for more details on each lesson. Read the rest

Windproof & TSA-Approved: Get the Plazmatic X Lighter for 28% off

Plastic is so 2013. You don’t want to buy something only to throw it away or lose it and barely care. You like nice things and want to hang onto them. The Plazmatic lighter here is a high quality, high tech alternative to the typical cheap, plastic lighter you get at the old gas station. This has staying power and you can get one now and take 28% off. It’s the real deal, and you’ll feel like a total boss when you light up, which is now more foolproof than ever.

It charges up super fast via USB and for every full battery gives you over a hundred sparks. That’s a lot of gas, so to speak. And it lights at a whopping nine hundred degrees with its iconic X lighting mechanism so you’ll catch a flame every single time. Going camping or just got stuck outside in crappy weather? Don’t sweat it. It’s windproof and water resistant, so you’re good to go under any weather conditions. It’s even TSA approved so you don’t have to throw it away or leave it at home when you travel, no matter where you go. And that staying power is pretty environmentally friendly since you’re not tossing in the trash that plastic and lighter fluid every time.

It’s engineered to light anything and everything that requires a flame, including cigarettes, cigars, hemp wick, candles of all shapes and sizes, incense and more. For 28% off right now, you’re about to look like a grown up when you light up. Read the rest

Get this Step-by-Step Arduino Training Guide for 92% off in the Boing Boing Store

Real engineers build things. Super cool engineers build things with their hands and fingers, like our engineering forefathers did. No idea where to even begin to do that? This step by step Arduino course is now 92% off and is going to get you up and running, from zero to hero, in no time. So don’t be intimidated. This open source electronics platform is user friendly once you know the basics and after these guided hours of training, you’ll pretty much be a master builder.

With inputs from sensors, using Arduino you can control lights, motors and dozens of other accessories. The principles of programming micro-controllers can be easy to understand once you start working on your very own projects here, using interactive lessons to build electronic devices. Connecting your Arduino to the internet will allow you to report and control and you’ll be studying a wide variety of sensors and components. The instructor in an electrical engineer himself with a PhD and over thirteen years of experience in the field. His teaching style is hands-on so you’ll have a good feel for exactly what you’re building.

There are twenty two hours of training in this course and even if you’ve never programmed before, you’ll get up to snuff. Already familiar with the platform? You’ll sharpen your skills to master level, now for 92% off. You will need an Arduino controller and a few other materials to get started, but once you’re ready to build, the world is your oyster. Read the rest

Save 96% on the Python Programming Bootcamp bundle

How do Google and YouTube really work? It turns out, Python kind of runs things around those parts. And with this bootcamp, you’ll get whipped into shape and ready to start programming yourself. Whether you’re a Python pro and just want to sharpen your skills, or a total tech newbie with little or no coding experience, this pack of courses that’s now 96% off will walk you through the Python maze from the basics to expert level. Hope you’re not afraid of snakes.

There are six courses here that together offer over fifty hours of instruction. There’s a network programming class that will teach you to build seven apps like a subnet calculator, even use a SSH or Telnet, or a DHCP client stimulator. The step by step Python coding guide will show you how to install the software on any operating system and how to work with data types including strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans and more. The Python for Offensive PenTest course will show you how to create your own tools using unlimited third party libraries to get the job done with just a few lines. There’s even a course on analytics, machine learning and NLP in Python.

You’ll learn at your own pace, on your own time, giving you a flexible schedule to absorb the content specifically tuned to your learning style. For 96% off today you’ll get access to dozens of hours of content that you can watch and revisit as many times as you need, with hands on, interactive learning and quizzes so you’ll get a true feel for Python. Read the rest

Get the highly-rated FEZ Vaporizer for over 25% off

Take a deep breath. Now exhale. Wouldn’t that whole breathing thing be a lot better with an amazing vape in your hands? How about a vape that’s specifically engineered and designed for dry leaf and crazy easy to both use and clean? You can save 28% right now when you nab this new FEZ Vaporizer that’s all that and way more. It’s about to be your new best friend and never leave your hands. Keep it on the down low, but make it high tech, that’s their motto and it might be yours soon too.

You can plug this baby into your laptop or any USB outlet to fully charge up fast. With one full battery you’ll get over two thousand puffs. That’s quite the lifespan after one plug-in. And speaking of speed, it heats right up in under sixty seconds. All those flavors you love are captured here plus that incredible aroma. The temperature controlled design is made for dry flower consumption with its wide range of heat options to match your preferences.

It’s super easy to clean so you can keep everything ship shape and looking good. Just spray with the alcohol provided and wipe it down with the cute little brush. The alloy polycarbonate is strong but super lightweight so you can tote it anywhere you go, totally discreetly in your pocket or bag. With the long lasting battery life, you’re good to go for a while. Right now you can take 28% off and even get free shipping within the continental US. Read the rest

Save 85% on 50+ Hours of Training with the Cyber Security Bundle in the Boing Boing Store

Whether you want to take your career up a notch or simply secure your computer against hackers, this course bundle is for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about programming or coding, this set of lessons will drop major knowledge on you even if you’re a beginner, ramping up your skills from zero to cyber-hero. The bundle is 85% off right now and considering how many more threats there are every day against our computer security, you’re going to need to arm yourself against hackers by learning their ways.

There are five courses total, all with dozens of hours of content including lectures and interactive content. You’ll get certified as an IT security beginner, learn the fundamentals of virtual private networks, see website hacking techniques in practice, learn to write secure PHP code and finally, become a certified hacker yourself. There’s live video training with plenty of instruction at your own pace so you can learn it all as fast or slow as you want. The lessons come with downloadable working files so you can get hands-on instruction in real-life scenarios.

There are infinite kinds of security attacks out there and with this bundle under your belt, you’ll know exactly how to fight back against any of them. You’ll get a certificate of completion which you can add to your resume for a raise or to get a whole new gig. The bundle is 85% off right now and check out the link below for more details on exactly what you’ll learn. Read the rest

Save 85% on this Adobe Stylus and Ruler in the Boing Boing Store

Fingerpainting is for kids. If you’re a serious artist today, or even just someone who wants to be, you’re going to need a set of real tools. Adobe takes you most of the way there with its unparalleled software to create bomb images, but your hands can mess you up. Now for 85% off, you can rock these two tools, a stylus for drawing and slide for making straight lines, and feel the power of a digital paintbrush in your hands.

For drawing and creating on your iPad, there’s simply nothing better. The stylus allows you to draw seamlessly and beautifully any shape you can imagine with the power of the pen in differing sizes and styles. Its sensitive pressurized tip allows for total control and precision. There’s even an LED light to let you know when the stylus is on and ready to use. The slide lets you create circles and straight lines perfectly and flawlessly on the iPad surface. The aluminum encased design on both of these is sleek and easy to carry anywhere you want to set up you digital easel. You can use these with any of Adobe’s many design apps, depending on your latest masterpiece.

With this lightweight pair in your artist’s pack, you’ll upgrade your Adobe power to a whole new level of professionalism. Take your images to another plane, making your work easier and more fluid so you can unleash your creativity without sweating the logistics anymore. You can get both of these tools for 85% off right now and even enjoy free shipping within the US. Read the rest

Frame, snap, edit: take your camera skills from basic to pro with this bundle from Adobe KnowHow

We can all snap a photo these days. We can even adjust some red eyes and slap on a filter, post it up and call it a masterpiece. But if you really want to take your pics to the professional level, you need Adobe. You can learn everything you need to know about it now for 93% off of this all-inclusive course pack. There’s a reason why Photoshop is the leading industry standard for incredible images: it’s the best. And guess what? You can master it too.

The 14 courses here offer over 65 hours of visual, interactive instruction from some of the best minds in the photography businesses. Many of these courses offer the basics of Photoshop, including picture editing, color adjustments, layers, filters and in-depth tools to fundamentally alter and enhance any picture. But this course pack goes beyond the screen and starts with the camera itself. It offers lessons on how to snap the best pictures anywhere, from studio portraits to nighttime shooting to wedding photography. It even gives you a certificate once you’ve completed it all.

These are not your friends’ filters. With these image skills, you could land yourself a new job and at the very least, a whole new world of creative hobbies. This is professional level artistry and you’ll never look at a photograph the same way again. Get on this level at 93% off this course pack and look at your career through a whole new lens. Read the rest

Learn how to build over 60 games with the Complete Game Developer Bundle now 87% off

No big deal, but you’re kind of a champion. You’ve used your fingertips to dominate the online competition. And now it’s time to take the hammer to the next level. With this development pack that’s now 87% off you can actually design the very kinds of games that you’re used to playing and crushing like a boss. But you could be the one in charge. You don’t have to have a single minute of coding experience to get going, that’s how easy this is. You’ll be a master in no time, winning the design game.

Construct 2 is a super user friendly development engine that lets its users build games with zero programming experience. This pack offers over 423 lectures and 34 hours of content. That’s a lot of learning on your hands. From total scratch you’ll start from the basics and work your way up with this visual, interactive content to create 60 games that you can add to your portfolio. Using Photoshop you’ll tackle artwork and design and be learning all the while from an actual professional builder who’s released dozens of successful games.

Being a game designer totally sounds like the dream job, and now it could be yours. After plowing through this pack of classes you’ll have a rad portfolio to show new employers, or impress the one you already have. For 87% off, that’s a pretty solid investment in the future of your awesome career. Check out the link below for details on all this amazing content. Read the rest

Get this Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone for 50% off in the Boing Boing Store

You throw this drone up into the air, and it’s gone. OK, not really, but it really might look that way. It’s sky blue and will indeed appear to disappear. That’s what makes it awesome. This sunny-day stealth is going for 50% off right now and if you’re going to get a drone, which you totally should because they’re awesome, make it this tiny blue and white beast. Is that a cloud? Or is that the awesome, picture-taking flying machine that you can control with your hands? Only you can say.

Unlike other drones, this nano actually has eight frequency points which means it really knows boundaries. It won’t crash or bump into anything around it while in the air, even when it’s flying with other drones in a pack. It has 6-axis gyro technology and calibration for maximum stability and maneuverability. It can even do 360 degree flips like a boss. The LED lights indicate which channel it’s on and because of its super sensitive design it can cut tight corners and navigate crazy narrow spaces. It’s quick and easy to charge up and once the battery is locked and loaded, you’ve got nearly ten minutes of fly time.

Coolest of all? This drone’s a team player and doesn’t like to fly solo. It’s actually designed to fly in a pack of other drones so call up your friends and throw up a whole flock of flying cameras. It’s 50% off right now so you could even stock up yourself. Read the rest

Get The LithiumCard Wallet Battery for 66% off

One pocket to rule them all. Now, if you have a wallet, you have a battery. This slim, powerful charger is a paragon of efficiency and can make your mobile life a heckuva lot easier. For 66% off right now you can be the proud owner of this ultra thin battery that slides right into your wallet and can charge up any of your devices. Having a white cord hanging out of your back pocket isn’t exactly the greatest look, so switch to this charger and save the cords for when you’re on the couch. Today, you’re on the go.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice this thing’s fit and feel. It’s crazy thin, no larger than five credit cards together which would fit into any wallet. It’s housed in billet aluminum for maximum sleekness and durability, which is mandatory if it’s going to get sat on in your back pocket. With its tiny flip-out charging cables, you can juice up any device at a lightning speed of one percent every minute. Never worry about your battery dying at a restaurant, party or event again. It’s also available with a micro USB cord, if that’s more your speed.

This is charging perfection in an aluminum nutshell. Once you’ve got this resting comfortably and inconspicuously in your wallet, you’ll never need or want to use those cords again. The device itself charges up fast with a long lasting battery too so you’ll never go without. Your wallet can become a power hub for 66% off and your friends will be begging to use it when you’re out and about. Read the rest

Enter for a chance to win the Coolest Cooler ever made

What’s better than the greatest cooler on planet earth? Well, nothing. It’s truly the most tremendous party machine on wheels ever invented by mankind. The only thing that could possibly improve it would be winning it for free. And that could happen to you. We’re giving one away and you should probably enter if you like fun at all. Because this little baby is one big box of party. Think you can handle that?

Of course it chills your beverages, that goes without saying. Please, anything can do that. But this insulated dreamboat escalates the game from cold beer to frozen margaritas. Yup, it has a built in high-performance blender to mix up any and all delicious concoctions. BYO Fruit. But don’t worry, there’s a cutting board included for slice time. And when you’ve got this many goodies, the party rages all night. Luckily there’s a nice, bright LED light included and a set of show-stop rockin’ Bluetooth connected speakers to keep your cooler at the very center of the dance floor.

The whole thing charges up via USB so you’ll never run out of juice - of any kind. The durable handles and wheels make it super portable for the beach, boat, tailgate parking lot, picnic lawn, and even the ski slopes to keep you hydrated and happy wherever you wish to rage on. Enter to win for completely free and your social life could change in an instant. Cheers to that. Read the rest

Get the Linux Power User Bundle for 97% off in the Boing Boing Store

What would you call someone who is a total Linux ninja? Linja? Ninjux? You can go with either of those in a few weeks once you become just that. This course pack will take you from basic to baller and make you a true Linux power user. Nab the pack now for 97% off and start dreaming of that raise, or a new career altogether. Even if you’re brand new to the system and just starting down the path to Linux domination, these courses will get you on your feet and running in no time.

The beginner’s course has been completed by over 25,000 students so far, and familiarizes you with Linux pure basics. The intro class alone offer 6 hours of content including 67 lectures. That’s a lot of knowledge to drop. You don’t even need to know anything to start, and by the time you finish you’ll be able to install a web and database server. No big deal. Don’t have much time? The bundle also includes a 5-hour rapid course to get you quickly up to speed on new concepts and commands, fast. If you’re more familiar with Windows, there’s a transitional course here to help you navigate the switch between the two systems. Lastly, the Command Line delves into the essentials to have you navigating Linux like a true expert.

Manage files and directories, create aliases, easily locate commands, all of these skills are about to be yours. Level up your career when you guzzle up these courses. Read the rest

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