This pack of 3 extra-long iPhone cables is just $22

Using my iPhone while it's charging is always a hassle. With tucked-away outlets and the meager length of included lightning cables, comfortable scrolling while plugged in is annoying. These 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cables are super convenient and probably the best iPhone accessory purchase I've made.

At over three times the length of normal cables, these reach anywhere you need from under the bed to behind an office desk. They have MFi certification from Apple, meaning you can charge and sync without worrying about damaging your device. With three included, I keep one at home, one at work, and one in my purse.

For a limited time, get this 3-Pack of 10-ft Lightning Cables for just $22, 75% off the usual price, and never worry about forgetting your charging cable again. Read the rest

Master the AI technology behind Siri and Alexa for just $39

With countless applications for modern life, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most in-demand fields of study in tech. Beyond modelling human decision making processes and learning abilities, AI can be used to analyze massive volumes of data and create complex interactive systems.

This Machine Learning & AI for Business Bundle made mastering these concepts possible for me in an easy to follow way. With 31 hours of content spread across 164 lectures, you will build a foundation of knowledge in a variety of subjects. By learning the R programming language, you will understand the tools used in business analytics that keep companies performing smoothly.

Additionally, you will explore the powerful capabilities of Machine Learning to gain insight into advanced topics, including self-driving cars and speech recognition technology.

Access to these courses lasts a lifetime, and I still use them as reference material. Get this Machine Learning & AI for Business Bundle for 96% off—just $39 for a limited time only. Read the rest

Learn ethical hacking skills with this course bundle for just $59

Computer hacking isn’t just something happening to the DNC. Major software companies need white-hat hackers to ensure the security of their products and users, and I came across a Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package that conveniently teaches those advanced IT techniques online.

This course package will prepare you for various computer security certification exams with over 60 hours of content. Explore forensic data analysis to understand how to safely and legally handle data without contaminating digital evidence. Learn how to perform security audits to identify software vulnerabilities and provide expertise in IT systems maintenance. By studying ethical hacking, you will gain the authority to fix critical security holes and also advise businesses in Risk Management best practices.

With 24/5 technical support and access to expert instructors, this bundle helped me pass a variety of professional security certification exams. For a limited time, get 12 months of access to this Ethical Hacking Certification Package for just $59, 96% off its usual $1499 price. Read the rest

Get primed for a project management certification online

One of the best ways to progress a career in project management is through earning recognized certifications. These certifications carry significant clout and don’t require expensive tuition or student loans.

This Ultimate Project Management Certification Bundle is a great example of an affordable way to get ahead. It includes training for 9 certifications including PMP, ITIL, and Six Sigma.

These courses prepare students for unseen project pitfalls with risk management, and for meeting goals more frequently. You’ll even learn best practices for integrating technology services with business needs.

This bundle includes nine comprehensive courses, with 24/7 access to materials for twelve months. With tailored study material quizzes and mock exams, these courses will fully prepare you for formal certification.

For a limited time, get access to this Ultimate Project Management Certification Bundle for just $69, 98% off the usual value to become a successful team leader. Read the rest

Learn to build multiplayer games for a living

There’s nothing quite like the rush of playing against a real human opponent. But from a developer standpoint, creating fun multiplayer experiences is incredibly complex. Fortunately, the Unity3D game engine has made all aspects of game creation, including multiplayer functionality, as accessible as ever.

This Unity Course Bundle introduces all of the necessary elements of creating a modern multiplayer game. I learned how to quickly build a 3D environment using voxels and modular game assets without any previous experience. I then explored character equipment and weapon use to allow players to customize their avatars. 

Aside from the surface details, network-enabled multiplayer games also need robust communication functionality. This bundle taught me how to host a game on a live server and interact with a database to match players and facilitate chat systems.

I highly suggest picking up this bundle to start working on your multiplayer masterpiece. For a limited time, the  Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle is 95% off — just $39. Read the rest

These Cubs World Series plates are the perfect reminder that anything can happen

The 2016 World Series game 7 will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest baseball games of all time. With endless suspense, a nefariously-timed rain delay, and extra innings, it reminded over 40 million viewers why they love America’s pastime - and why all bets were truly off in 2016. Savor the Chicago victory forever with these commemorative press plates.

Featuring the Chicago Tribune front page and sports page, these plates make a perfect wall hanger for a den or office. For anyone looking to give the gift of limited-edition memorabilia to a Chicago sports fiend, or gloat to a Cleveland fan about the win that was just out of reach, I highly suggest this option.

These 11.5” x 22” aluminum plates will definitely last longer than the 108-year drought. For a limited time, pick up these Chicago Cubs World Series Press Plates for just $35, 55% off retail value. Read the rest

Get the screen sharing app used by Silicon Valley’s top companies - 90% off

CloudApp is a versatile screen capture tool designed to streamline the sharing of in-process work. Trusted by companies like The New York Times and Facebook, CloudApp stood out to me amongst the many options for screen capturing.

By combining high-quality screen recording with cloud sharing, CloudApp makes it easy to send visual input to colleagues. I was able to easily record my display in-real time to send instructions to a team member, and even drew directly on images and screenshots to make quick annotations.

Compatible with an abundance of apps like Slack, Trello, and Github, CloudApp fits seamlessly into any team's workflow. Plus with powerful visual search functionality, it's easy to find screen clippings and recordings at a glance.

This app vastly improved my visual communication and I recommend you try this 5-year subscription to CloudApp Storm for just $150, 90% off the regular price.


  Read the rest

Celebrate Ewok ingenuity with this amazing t-shirt

How did such tiny creatures build such a magnificent forest village? It can’t have happened by chance. Pay tribute to the forest moon’s furry engineers with this perfect 100% cotton t-shirt.

From flying speeder bikes, to clocking unsuspecting Stormtroopers with slings, the Ewoks have a knack for mechanics. Hang gliders, suspended bridges, and Imperial Walker trip lines are just some of the renaissance-worthy achievements of these woodsy puppets.

Share the same reverence for mathematics as the Ewoks have for C-3PO’s golden plating with comfortable casual-wear. For a limited time, this Da Vinci Ewok t-shirt is just $17.99, 28% off for your favorite geek. Read the rest

Learn to test web apps faster and more efficiently with Selenium

When building software applications, testing functionality is critical for assuring quality and managing complexity. So critical, that software testers are some of the most in-demand tech positions available.

Manual tests can be extremely repetitive and time consuming, so most modern software developers have adopted automated testing to keep apps stable and development cycles short. For web developers, Selenium offers powerful testing capabilities by automating the entire browser.

Master this popular technology with this brand new course - offering 86 hours of detailed video lessons to get you proficient in automated testing with a variety of programming languages. 

For a limited time, get this Selenium Automation Testing Bundle for just $41, 92% off the usual price. Read the rest

This recovery app is like insurance for your data

Losing important documents can be a nightmare. The typical wisdom calls for regular backups, but in an emergency, no one has time for a full system restore. Disk Drill PRO had finally given me peace of mind with its powerful technology and multiple restoration options.

A standard backup can save your disk from oblivion, but Disk Drill senses when a disk is failing and repackages it into a mountable disk image, so you can still access important documents from another system.

In addition to your local drive, Disk Drill can also recover from fickle external storage tools like SD Cards and thumb drives. It also works as a cloudless smartphone backup system, letting you recover lost data on both Android and iOS devices in minutes.

I've even used Disk Drill to clean junk from my disk and delete unnecessary duplicate files. Overall, Disk Drill ensures that my important data is safe and grants a little much-needed peace of mind. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription for 70% off the usual price of $118. Read the rest

This focus-enhancing soundtrack is the key to a productive 2017

Flow state, the harmony of action and awareness (i.e. focusing), can seem impossible to achieve these days. From texts to social media, staying on-task can be difficult. Fortunately, the founders of found a solution for being more productive in the form of AI-generated music.

Putting on headphones to shut out the world is a common tactic for focusing, but sometimes podcasts and music can have the opposite effect. acts like a radio station that you tune to your desired state-of-mind, be it sleeping, mindful meditation, or intense study.

Their AI composer creates music in real-time that is specifically tailored to get you in the zone in less than fifteen minutes.

Whether designing, coding, or writing, will help you lock into your creative groove with music. Take pleasure in your work with a lifetime of access to for only $39, a limited-time discount of over $160 off its normal price. Read the rest

Name your price to learn web design from the pros

Designing for the web requires a mix of high-level planning, detailed mockups, and coding skills. Since such a variety of tools and skills are needed, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This comprehensive Web Design bundle aims to demystify the process.

Adobe Photoshop is a massive application with countless capabilities, this bundle starts off with a web-centric approach to using it. You'll then learn to craft elegant user interface elements and transform them into working prototypes with tools like JQuery UI and Bootstrap. You'll even study a range of design patterns employed by successful websites and mobile apps.

Aside from learning the techniques of responsive design, this course bundle will prepare you for fast-paced commercial work by detailing rapid iteration methods and offering profitable freelance advice. For a limited time, pay what you want for this Learn to Web Design 2017 course bundle. Act now to lock in your low price for this brand new 2017 package worth over $1200. Read the rest

This self-brewing mug is reinventing coffee on-the-go

On-demand fresh coffee often requires an expensive trip to the cafe or staying tethered to a bulky drip machine. The GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug is a welcome alternative, and unlike an coffee mug I've seen.

To make a cup, just fill the top half with ten ounces of water, add a filter-encapsulated coffee pod, and you can have a delicious cup of joe in moments. The battery contained in the lower section is removable, allowing you to enjoy your drink while the GoJoe charges for its next brew. 

Using this mug is incredibly straightforward. I just pressed the button once for light, and twice for a stronger kick. And the package also includes a month’s supply of Hey Joe’s eco-friendly coffee pods to help cut down on excessive plastic waste from single-serving cups. For a limited time, this GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug and Coffee Subscription is just $69.99, 43% off retail. Read the rest

You'll actually feel the bass on these Skullcandy headphones

If there’s one thing missing from a headphone listening experience it’s satisfying bass. The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are one of the only pairs I've seen that offer durable retro design, rich audio response, and convenient controls - even for the bass itself.

With Skullcandy’s Supreme Sound technology, these headphones provide undistorted bass with an even frequency response to give audio a heavy bottom that doesn’t drown out the details. An adjustable bass slider lets you dial in the right sound for different types of music.

In addition to high-quality sound reproduction, these headphones offer the same convenient call handling and volume controls as the earbuds packaged with your smartphone. Plus thanks to the padding, I was comfortable wearing them all day long. For a limited time, pick up these Skullcandy Crusher Headphones for 32% off, just $67.99. Read the rest

The best deals of 2016 from the Boing Boing Store

The Boing Boing Store had plenty of great items over the past year, but these 8 deals top each catagory. From course bundles in an array of professional programming and IT subjects to futuristic vaporizers, this guide features healthy discounts on leading tech finds.

Twisty Glass Blunt – $34.99

Rolling your own without destroying the paper with saliva is tricky without ample practice. This elegant glass pipe eliminates the hassle with a clever corkscrew design that holds up to 1.5 grams of tobacco. This deal will only be available until midnight of December 26th .

Buy Now: $34.99, 30% Off

Ultimate Unity3D Game Building Bundle – $32 

The Unity3D development environment has made creating video games remarkably accessible. With this game development bundle, you will learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling, physics simulation, and game analytics. 

Buy Now: $32, 90% off

A-Audio Legacy Noise Cancelling Headphones – $79.99

Eliminating background noise is an easy way to significantly improve your music listening experience. These headphones go beyond passive over-ear sound isolation with additionally enhanced bass and active noise cancelling. This deal goes away at midnight on December 27th.

Buy Now: $79.99, 73% off

The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit - $99

The Raspberry Pi compact computer offers a welcoming platform for creating custom electronics projects. This introductory bundle supplies a Raspberry Pi 3, a variety of components, and six detailed courses. 

Buy Now: The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

Python Programming Bootcamp – $39.00

With a design that encourages equally readable code in small- and large-scale programs, Python is one of the most popular programming languages around. Read the rest

Land one of the highest in-demand tech jobs as a DevOps pro

Running a cloud-based service requires much more than just software developers. Developer Operations engineers are crucial to the growth, maintenance, and security of online products. Mastering the skills required to be a DevOps engineer can be overwhelming, but this Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle will provide a solid foundation.

This 9-course bundle will introduce you to a variety of IT subjects. Prepare for the Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Professional exam. Dive into the fundamentals of Systems Administration with Linux/UNIX to manage users and software on servers. Explore network security by studying for a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

Additionally, this course bundle will familiarize you with the basics of coding, database management, modern software deployment techniques, and large-scale data analysis. Proficiency in all of these areas is essential to becoming a successful IT professional, and this curated course bundle provides an accessible introduction. For a limited time, get this Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle for just $43, over 92% off the regular price. Read the rest

Get this GPS-equipped fitness watch for just $29.99

Fitness trackers are effective for gauging your progress and holding yourself accountable to your exercise goals. But competitive triathletes and multi-sport enthusiasts often need more capabilities than simple step counting and sleep monitoring. The Magellan Switch Up GPS Fitness Watch offers robust activity tracking for more intense multi-stage workouts.

With onboard GPS, this fitness watch accurately follows your location without the need for an external device. ANT+ certified networking allows it to monitor data seamlessly from other fitness sensors like heart rate monitors and bicycle power meters. By providing configurable display screens that combine data from internal and external sensors, the Magellan Switch Up acts as the central nervous system of your workout.

The included bike mount makes it a great cycling companion, and 50-meter water-resistance rating means it is safe to wear underwater as well as in the rain. Configure multiple activity profiles to represent various activities as a single workout, or keep them separate depending on your training regiment.

With this powerful device, improving your athletic performance won’t require a personal trainer. For a limited time, the Magellan Switch UP Fitness Watch is on sale for 85% off, just $29.99. Read the rest

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