Some highlights from NY Comic-Con

I'm at Comic-Con for the Pirate Cinema tour. Here's some highlights from yesterday's brief excursion on the floor:

An Occupy Ankh-Morpork protester at Terry Pratchett's signing for Dodger.

Star Trek: TOS bathrobes! (Speaking as a serious loungewear enthusiast, I have this to say: PHWOAR). Available from Amazon and ThinkGeek.

Some folks from RedBubble were showing off this spiffy Alex DeOrange tee, designed by R-evolution GFX.

AMAZEBALLS! Daniel Kraus's stupendous graverobber novel Rotters is out in paperback!

The wonderful Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal folks were out in force, with individually wrapped lubricated monocles, sold in condom packages.

You can see all my pics from NYCC in my Flickr stream (I'll be adding more today and tomorrow). Today I'm doing Author Spotlight on the Unbound Stage at 12 o'clock, and then signing books at the Tor Booth (#920) at 3PM.