Burglar left behind notebook with list of homes to burglarize. He got busted.

In Tennessee, a well-organized but not super smart burglary suspect was busted by the fuzz when he dropped his notebook with a list of homes he planned to burglarize.

Robert Shull Goddard, 49, is charged with breaking into a Nashville area home on January 29.

Cops say he smashed open a glass door, then stole "multiple items including a television and firearm," according to court records filed in Davidson County court.

He left his crime journal behind at another house that was also burglarized that same day, authorities say. He's got some 'splaining to do in court.

From coverage in The Nashville Tennessean:

Prosecutors say in court records Goddard dropped a notebook during the burglary that listed multiple addresses in it. One of those addresses was for another home a few miles away that had been burglarized that same day. The notebook also contained clues to the burglar's identity — notes from his daughter and her address.

Goddard was also caught on video kicking in the back door of a third house the following day, court records state.

Goddard was arrested last Tuesday and is currently held in Davidson County jail on at $15,000 bond for felony burglary and the

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[tennessean.com, Brett Kelman, Published 2:23 p.m. CT Feb. 8, 2020]