The Trump 63-second press briefing

Unbelievably, we have settled into the insane ways Donald J. Trump conducts his presidential business with routine stunts such as: shouting over Marine One to answer questions from the media, mocking those for wearing masks during a pandemic, lying about his height, golf scores, payouts to porn stars, election fraud…well, lying about everything, calling the Ukraine to get dirt on a U.S. citizen. You know, presidential norms.

Suddenly, Trump gives a press conference yesterday and it's just over a minute long. 63 seconds. What, no lengthy rambling? No calling Jim Acosta "fake news"? Where's the usual disrespect towards women reporters and especially women of color reporters? No musing over bleach injections? WTF???

In the event that anyone was jonesing for some classic Trump he did take credit for the Dow going over 30,000 and called it a "sacred number", even though it probably has more to do with Biden coming in and Trump going out, than anything Trump did. Not bad, but…that's it? First he allows vital information to be shared with president-elect Biden's transition team and now a brief press briefing? The only thing consistent about these things is that it's inconsistent with the White House lunacy we've been lulled into expecting.

In the following clip listen for, "Well, that was weird as shit", pricelessly said by a reporter at the end of the clip. Also, check out and enjoy the photo with what looks like a 'pet Mike Pence head' propped up on the presidential lectern.

Is this what boring politics looks like? I cannot wait. Honestly, if I can be oblivious to who the secretaries of HUD, education and commerce are, I would be ecstatic.