Q cultists react to Trump's 2024 announcement

There's been no shortage of posts on this very website about Donald Trump running again for President. This time, the storm is totally coming, insist MAGA adherents—and this time they promise it's real.

More dedicated still are the Q cultists who follow QAnon-based conspiracy theories, for whom everything is a hint at some secret machination and every word that comes out of their orange messiah's mouth is gospel. Take, for instance, this recent Reddit post, showing off their special flavor of delusion: a bottle of water is a key prop, they believe, a component of whatever Trump has planned.

If part of the core set of Q beliefs is that the Democrats stole the 2020 and 2022 elections, why bother getting excited about 2024 at all? Oh, right—it's so they can whip themselves into another frenzy after Trump inevitably loses and trots out another set of claims about election fraud. Make no mistake, this is a vicious cycle. As long as there are rubes out there, Trump will keep sitting back and making his money off those who don't know any better.