Listen to Sub-Radio's parody of Prince's "Kiss": "I just want to say shut up to your kids"

We've posted before about pop-punk parody band Sub-Radio band, who has treated us to their own awesome versions of "Welcome to the Black Parade," "Stacy's Dad," "Mr. Darkside," and "Pop-Punk Mario." To get you prepared for your holiday travel, today I'm sharing their version of Prince's "Kiss," that they recently posted on their TikTok, along with the messages: "Send this to the baby sitting next to you on the plane," and "Me when I'm out and there's a screaming child."

In their version, they channel the annoyance of everyone who has ever been in an adult establishment—like a brewery or bar—and had to be subjected to a baby crying. Nothing against babies, but do they really need to be at bars?!

Here are the lyrics:

You don't have to take Braighden out to a restaurant

I just want to have a beer without hearing Baby Shark.

You don't need your toddler here at the brewery

Cuz they've been screaming about who gets to be Elsa in the impromptu production of Frozen

And I want someone to kill me.

You don't have to be strict or yell too much,

You don't have to be rude or loud as fuck.

I came to have a good time, I wasn't expecting this, 

I just want to say shut up to your kids.


send this to the baby sitting next to you on the plane #parody #fypp #subradio #indieband

♬ Kiss – Prince & Prince and The Revolution