Bank robber forgot most important word on demand note he gave teller

Columbus, Ohio police easily arrested Richard Hampton after he robbed a bank. It wasn't hard to identify Hampton as the culprit as he didn't bother to wear a disguise. However, that was only one of his missteps in this comedy of criminal errors.

Apparently, the getaway driver was a random person he met at the grocery store and offered $50 to help him flee after the robbery. According to police, "the vehicle was casually driving away without rush, including stopping at traffic lights."

The best detail though is that the demand note that Hampton handed to the bank teller read: "Give me the." I suppose less is more though given that the teller understood what he meant and handed over $723 along with a secret tracking device.

Hampton later confessed he had forgotten to write "money" because he "was high."

(WCHS News)