Man robs bank and tosses cash into the air shouting "Merry Christmas"

On Tuesday, Colorado Springs police arrested David Wayne Oliver, 65, at a Starbucks for allegedly robbing a nearby bank. After departing the bank with the loot, Oliver apparently started tossing the cash into the air while yelling "Merry Christmas." From Reuters:

(Witness Dion) Pascale said bystanders retrieved some of the money and returned it to the bank as Oliver walked to the Starbucks, sat down and appeared to be waiting for police to arrest him, KKTV reported.

The Denver Post quoted police as saying “thousands of dollars” remained unaccounted for, adding there was no indication Oliver used a weapon in the heist.

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Help FBI catch the Mummy Marauder

The FBI are seeking help in their search for the "Mummy Marauder" who robbed First Convenience Bank in Harris County, Texas on Friday the 13th. From CNN:

The suspect wrapped white gauze around his face and arms, the FBI said. He also wore a wig and baseball cap. No other information about the robbery was released.

He then fled the bank before getting into a black Mitsubishi Montero SUV with an undisclosed sum of money.

Of course the real problem is that without the gauze, he's invisible.

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Bank robber gets away, until he slips and spills his cash — right in front of a police officer

A gentleman robbed a bank and was about to make a clean getaway — until he slipped on ice and spilled his stolen cash right in front of a police officer.

Like a skit from a vaudeville show, the bank robber held up Bangor Savings Bank in Maine on Tuesday and then made a clumsy run for it. Things were going well, until dumb bad luck got in the way.


He ran across four lanes of traffic on Main Street and into the Ming Lee restaurant parking lot, slipped on the ice and found himself face-to-face with a special agent for the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Task Force who just happened to be parked in the right place at the right time.

“When he fell, the money and the gun he had stashed in his jacket pocket spilled onto the parking lot, and the money was swept across the parking lot by the wind,” police Chief Joseph Massey said later. “Members of the public tried to scoop it up.”

The robber's gun, thought at first to be a handgun, was actually a BB gun. Already on probation for burglary, he was arrested "on charges of robbery."

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Bonnie and Clyde bank robbers busted after posting pics of stolen cash on Facebook

John Mogan, 28, and Ashley Duboe, 24, were arrested in connection with an Ohio bank robbery after Mogan posted a series of photos of himself playing with a thick wad of cash. In one photo, he pretends the money is a phone. In another photo, he is biting the money.

The Smoking Gun has more:

Mogan is a convicted felon who was just released from prison after serving about five years for robbing a bank in Lancaster, a city 20 miles east of Ashville. A female accomplice was also arrested in connection with Mogan's July 2010 robbery of a Fairfield National Bank branch.

Mogan began serving a three-year parole term immediately following his July 19 release from an Ohio state lockup. The heavily tattooed Mogan has the phrases “Loyalty’s Thin” and “Betrayal’s Thick” on opposite cheeks.

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