Dog sitter shows us the "neediest doggo" she's ever met (video)

There are clingy dogs, and then there is Nova, an adorable rescue dog who takes clinging to the next level.

"Nova is the neediest doggo I've ever met," says her dog sitter, and she ain't kidding. Nova not only follows her from one end of the couch to the other and back again, but also gets as physically close as humanly, er, caninely possible, even embracing her with her entire body. As one commenter put it, "Her final goal is fusion at a molecular level."

But the dog sitter, who also watches Nova's four-legged brother Alfie, admits it's "the best job in the world," and yeah, with such cuddly pups like Nova, it's obvious why. (See video below, posted by WaggingTails23.)

Via Newsweek

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