Grandson of legendary John Deere engineer defends right-to-repair and condemns Big Ag for "taxing customers"

Willie Cade's grandfather Theo Cade was one of John Deere's most storied engineers, with 158 patents to his name; he invented the manure spreader and traveled the country investigating stories of how farmers were using, fixing, modifying and upgrading their equipment; today, Willie Cade is the founder of the Electronics Reuse Conference, having spent a quarter-century repairing electronics, diverting e-waste from landfills and rehabilitating it for use by low-income schools and individuals.

California Farm Bureau sells out farmers, hands John Deere a monopoly over tractor repair

Farmers are the vanguard of the Right to Repair movement; accustomed as they are to fixing their own equipment (you can't wait for a repair tech when the tractor doesn't work — as the saying goes, you have to make hay while the sun shines), they were outraged when companies like John Deere started using DRM to pick their pockets, creating tractors whose engines wouldn't recognize a new part until they paid a tech a few hundred dollars to drive out in a day or two and key an unlock code into the tractor's keyboard.

Interpretive dance with a 22-ton excavator

In the next three minutes, prepare to witness a man, machine, and their unlikely ballet. The plot of this short film follows a man, after finishing up his day's work, catching sight of a 22-ton John Deere excavator and then instead of walking away, he's drawn into a mesmerizing dance with it. — Read the rest

Trafficking survivor dismantles Senator Britt's exploitative fake story

Alabama Senator Katie Britt's bizarre response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address has been revealed to be a fabrication and an exploitation of a woman's personal tragedy for political gain. Senator Britt claimed to have spoken to a woman who was trafficked when she was 12 years old, using this story to criticize Biden's immigration policies and connect them to drug cartels exploiting children. — Read the rest