We Are Ready to Believe You: a Ghostbusters mashup from dj BC and friends

dj BC (previously) writes, "This Ghostbusters bootleg mashup, originally created by myself (BC) and Tribe One of Bootie ATL, is now an official, totally legal (!) release, with new instrumentation, new hype vocals from Atlanta MC Supercrunk, and a new music video. 'We Are Ready To Believe You (Stranger Ghostbusters Mix)' is available on Amazon mp3, Amazon Music, Pandora, Youtube, and all your favorite streaming and digital platforms. DJ BONUS- two instrumental versions, and the acapella, are also available for your personal remixing/atmospheric needs." Read the rest

Wu Orleans 2: mashups of New Orleans music and Wu Tang rappers

dj BC writes, "In 2006 I mixed a bunch of New Orleans artists with Wu Tang rappers to make the record 'Wu Orleans.' 11 years later, here's part two, with ten new songs. Free MP3 download of both albums here. A very limited run of vinyl with all 20 Wu Orleans songs on two records, and new art, is allegedly coming on record store day in April. Here's the video for 'Express Your Brain, Champ' with Ghostface Killah, Nicky Da B (via Diplo), Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and dj BC. Laissez les bon temps roulez!" Read the rest

djBC and friends release a legal mashup album on vinyl

djBC writes, "My mashup record with Boston MC Moe Pope and ska/punk legends Big D & The Kids Table was picked up by Asbestos Records! It's 100% legal, too. And there are some great guests like the legendary rapper Edo G and saxophonist Dana Colley of Morphine. Asbestos Records did a lovely job with two different vinyl colorways- black/clear (100 available) and blue/clear (500 available). They even produced one of those 'word' videos for the jaunty single 'Fuckin' Love Music' featuring guest vocals from The Doped Up Dollies. GET IN!" Read the rest

Ten years' worth of holiday mashups

DJ BC wrote us with the news that he's not doing another Santastic Christmas mashup album this year, but: "While we have no NEW collection this year- we do have ten years of holiday mashups and remixes here for your enjoyment and free downloading. This should be more hours of fractured Xmash than any sane person can stand, from bootleggers worldwide." Read the rest

Nerdcore Ghostbusters rap video starring the Atlanta Ghostbusters

djBC writes, "Atlanta nerdcore rapper Tribe One teams up with producer and mashup artist dj BC for this Ghostbusters-inspired rap joint. The video was shot at Bootie Dragon Con and on location at an abandoned farm on the outskirts of Atlanta, and stars members of the Atlanta Ghostbusters cosplay group. If you want to add the song to your Halloween playlist, it's free to download." Read the rest

Santastic No 9: more Xmas mashups for the holiday season

dj BC writes, "It's the 9th annual Santastic Holiday mashup collection. Contains much Beatles, Mariah Carey, AC/DC, Flula, Ella Fitzgerald, The Staple Singers, various holiday bad guys, DMX..." Read the rest

LISTEN: Run DMC meets Danny Elfman (spooky!)

DJ BC sends us his latest mashup -- Run DMC's "I'm the King of Rock" crossed with "This is Hallowe'en Town" -- BOO! (MP3) Read the rest

Dragoncon mashup mix: 1:15 of nerdy, brilliant, illegal tunes

Mashup demigod djBC writes, "Pimpdaddysupreme (PDS Mix), myself and Jabulani (Bootie Boston) will be spinning the opening night rave at Dragon Con this year. Here's a collection of mashups- an online 'mixtape' if you will- for Dragon Con! Of particular interest to folks are the 'United States of The Jedi' and 'We No Speak Cantina' tracks, but you might enjoy the simple pleasures of the Paul Frees voice over from the Haunted Mansion ride plopped on the instrumental sections of Bauhaus's 'Bela Lugosi's Dead.'"

Oh god, this is brilliant.

Bootie Dragon Con

Read the rest

Mashups of the Reading Rainbow theme

Dj BC and Big D and The Kids Table have released two versions of a mashup track in celebration of the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. Big D give the theme a stroll/ska treatment and dj BC gives it a mashup/cut-up beat -- this is a great listen!

READING RAINBOW THEME (Two VERSIONS!) (Thanks, dj BC!!) Read the rest

Christmas mashups: Santastic 8

dj BC writes, "I just dropped Santastic 8, the 8th annual Holiday mashup album in the series (10th if you count 'Menorah Mashups' and 'Re:Compostition'). This year we offer 14 new Christmas mashups, and one old one which was reissued because it is great and it matches the album cover so well. Contributors come from California, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Vienna, The Netherlands, Stockholm and Nashville."

There's some outstanding work here -- don't miss mojochronic's Lou Reed tribute at Track 12: "Lou Christmas (Without You)." Read the rest

This Day in Blogging History: Xmas mashups; Canned libraries; Blogging.LA launches

One year ago today Santastic 7: more mashups for the holiday season: djBC and friends have put out their seventh Santastic collection of holiday mashups, "It's a Wonderful Mash."

Five years ago today Canned Libraries: the 1936 version of "universal access to all human knowledge": In this 1936 Modern Mechanix article, a fantasy about shrinking the Library of Congress to fit "in a few small filing cabinets" on microfiche/film. Once this is done, copies of the great library will be distributed to worthy institutions all over the world.

Ten years ago today New regional weblog Blogging.LA launches: Sean Bonner, Jason DeFillippo, Wil Wheaton, Caryn Coleman, Chris Pirillo, and a herd of fine nerds just launched Blogging.LA. Read the rest

Here's that Beastles album you've been waiting for!

Last weekend, I let you know that a new Beastles album was forthcoming from djBC, who was reprising his mid-2000s project to mash up the Beatles and the Beastie Boys, which disappeared thanks to legal threats from EMI. Now, djBC writes,

The third and final Beastles album, Ill Submarine, is now out. 20 songs mashing the Fab Four with the B-Boys.

Some folks seem to be discovering this stuff for the first time, which is cool. I guess that makes sense- its been about 9 years since the first album came out- 2004! and 6 or 7 years since "Let It Beast." It seems like ages ago.

For those who are catching up, Silence Seven from is kindly hosting the first two albums of Beastle mixes as well.

Dedicated to the memory of Adam Yauch.

I've been listening to this all week now. I suggest starting with No Sleep Til the Sun Comes Up, Brrthday and Twist That Train.

The Beastles : Ill Submarine (Thanks, djBC!) Read the rest

Beastles are back: double-album of Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups imminent

Here's some wonderful musical news: djBC has revived the Beastles, the inspired Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups that resulted in two spectacular albums, ultimately censored off the Internet thanks to legal threats from EMI.

The new double, 20-track Beastles album, "Ill Submarine," is about to drop, and djBC has a lot of teasers to get you ready for it. As this post goes us, RadioClash is running a live podcast special about it:

Sunday is Beastles Day on Radio Clash Live from 6am BST (British Summer Time). djBC has a new Beastle album about to drop - Ill Submarine and he's created an exclusive mix for RCL,This is a special 3 hour show with an exclusive mix of Beatles covers from Ian Fondue as part of a new 'Done To Death' mix series, and many more Beatles/Beastles mashups, remixes and shows throughout the day, including from 8am the 7 Radio Clash Beatles Podcasts in sequence

(Above: poster by Yo Yo Yosef, click to embiggen)

There's also the video for the title track, "Ill Submarine, above, and some poster art from Yo Yo Yosef. I've had a preview of the album on heavy rotation for two days and it is spectacular. Read the rest

Santastic 7: more mashups for the holiday season

djBC and friends have put out their seventh Santastic collection of holiday mashups, "It's a Wonderful Mash." Wonderful it is, too. I recommend starting with track 14, I Wanna Be Dentated - Blitzen's Bop (The Ramones vs The Three Stooges vs The Ray Conniff Singers) or track 6, Riders On The Sugar Plum (Sugar Plum Fairy vs The Doors vs Maroon 5). But it's all fab, and free. Here's djBC's writeup:

The 2012 edition of our annual free mashup collection is now available for free download. Artists sampled include Major Lazer, Soma, Jars of Clay, The Judds, Alex Clare, Queen and David Bowie, Smokey Robinson, Elmo, Lucy Van Pelt, LL Cool J, The Tuborg Julebryg Jingle, The Moonglows, Elvis, Daft Punk, Eddie Dunstedter, ATOM, Tchaikovsky, The Doors, Maroon 5, Johnny Mathis, AC/DC, Ciara, Sublime, Diana Ross, Muse, Bruce Haack, Deadmau5, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sean Kingston, Diplo & Nicky Da B, Mojo Nixon, The Showboys, Britney Spears, Jose Feliciano,The Ramones, The Three Stooges, The Ray Conniff Singers, Nirvana, Night Ranger, and The Temptations. We wish you Happy Holidays, and hope you enjoy the collection!

Santastic Seven: It's a Wonderful Mash Read the rest

Moe Pope mashed with Big D and the Kids Table

Mashup virtuoso djBC sez, "Here's a new mashup album- and it's legal. I merged the concious raps of Boston MC Moe Pope with the soulful 'Fluent In Stroll' record from Big D and the Kids Table. The result is probably one of my strongest efforts- an organic sounding record that is convincingly live sounding, as if Moe walked into the recording sessions at Camp Street. With the guest talents of Edo G, Dana Colley (formerly of Morphine), Maestro 1-Ton (Agari Crew), The Doped-Up Dollies, Project Move, and Christopher Talken. Thank you. I am extremely proud of this effort and I hope to get it in some ear holes."

Holy smokes this is good music.

dj BC presents FLUENT IN MOE (Thanks, djBC!) Read the rest

What's Opera, Doc? the mashup

djBC, the archduke of mashup, has created a video to accompany his 2005 "wemix" of the classic Chuck Jones 1957 Bugs Bunny cartoon "What's Opera, Doc?"

Whats Opera, Doc? (dj BC Wemix) (Thanks, djBC!) Read the rest

Santastic Six: killer mashups for the holidays

djBC has released the sixth Santastic collection, a set of holiday mashups from some of the greatest sonic plunderers in the world (earlier efforts). As always, the Santastic mixes are fantastic. If you want my favorites, try Divide and Kreate's Santatage (MP3) (mashing Otis Redding vs The Beastie Boys vs Run DMC); ATOM's Wonderland Walker (MP3) (mashing Peggy Lee vs Fats Domino vs Bjork); and djBC's Mashing Christmas (MP3) (mashing Danny Elfman vs The Supremes vs Jimmy Stewart).

Santastic Six: 100% Holiday Mashups and Remixes (Thanks, djBC!) Read the rest

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