Prince Charles unfit to be king, and Barbra Streisand addicted, in this week's Shonda Rhimes-themed tabloid

Imagine a world scripted by Shonda Rhimes.

A world filled with scandal, sex, intrigue and gossip, it would be peopled by schemers and dreamers who manipulate, lie and cheat their way to selfish ends – while looking fabulous.

That's the world view of the tabloids, and they see quotidian events through this warped and color-saturated lens, turning cold reality into their super-heated vision of the planet as the stage for a high-budget soap opera with top production values.

SNL cold open asks "What still works?"

Saturday Night Live's 46th season resumed on Saturday, Jan 30th, after the Christmas break with Kate McKinnon playing herself interviewing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Cecily Strong), a GameStop investor (Pete Davidson), Jack Dorsey (Mikey Day), Mark Zuckerberg (Alex Moffat), O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson) and Tom Brady (John Krasinski) discussing current events. — Read the rest

On Twitter, many follow @robinhood en masse not realizing it's The Robin Hood Society of Sherwood, UK

Ah, yes, another case of mistaken social media handle identity.

The World Wide Robin Hood Society, based in the heart of Sherwood, Nottingham, England, has a bunch of new followers on Twitter.

CNN's Brian Fung observed, "People appear to be following @robinhood en masse without realizing that the handle belongs to the Robin Hood society in the UK, not the stock trading platform." — Read the rest

Win a PS5 AND an Xbox Series X… AND a whole bunch of more cool gaming gear

This is it. The console wars are back – and this year might be the most blistering, savagely-fought engagement ever between bitter rivals, Sony and Microsoft. Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X consoles have been slowly dribbling their way into players' hands the past several days, triggering massive store runs and sold out notices to kick off the fierce holiday shopping season.  — Read the rest

Who can sell Ms. Pac Man?

Bandai Namco owns the trademark and copyright in classic arcade game Ms. Pac Man, but a retro hardware company named AtGames has acquired rights to collect royalty payments on it.

Fare thee well, ThinkGeek

It's the end of a geeky era: After 19 glorious years of flogging movie, comic book and gaming-related swag, ThinkGeek is shuttering its website next month.

From The Verge:

ThinkGeek will officially close down its website and will migrate its operations over to its parent company GameStop's website instead.

Read the rest

Where Everybody Knows Your Game

BabyCastles, the videoarcade in Ridgewood, Queens, is quickly turning into a hub for intersection of the art, technology, and culture of independent gaming. It's a place where you can sample the latest in indie videogames, like the Hungarian physics Sumotori Dreams above, or experience fully curated exhibitions – all in an atmosphere more like a hacker's coffee bar than a museum or a commercial arcade. — Read the rest