Photographer chronicles North America's rural abandoned buildings

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Watch this moving tribute to abandoned pianos

Photographer and pianist Romain Thiery accompanied his own remarkable images of abandoned pianos for his Requiem for Pianos series. Read the rest

Secret garden in an abandoned paper mill

From afar, and even from its own dark and derelict lower floors, this abandoned paper mill in Sweden is much like any other disused factory. But found upstairs, on the second level up, is an amazing "garden" space, half-recovered by nature. Redditor IEatBasil, posting in the marvelous Abandonedporn forum, describes it as "probably the most beautiful place I've ever been to."

This whole place was magical! It's a big, overgrown paper mill in Sweden surrounded by trees. The first floor and the basement are like the usual amazing abandoned factories. But when you climb up on the steep, rusty stairs who's probably seen better days, you enter this magical garden full of vivid colours. It's astonishingly high up to the roof and the huge windows fill up the room with sunlight. It was truly amazing to be there.

And besides it there's this that chimney you can walk into that stands almost 60 meters tall!

Photoset. What a splendid place to bug out to when the nukes fly and civilization collapses. Read the rest

Remarkable before and after matched shots of abandoned resorts

Photographer Pablo Iglesias Maurer found idyllic promotional photos of now-abandoned resorts in the Poconos, painstakingly found the exact spot where the shot was taken, and matched them flawlessly a series of gifs. Read the rest

Abandoned churches in all their ruined glory

Roman Robroek takes beautiful photos at abandoned sites all over Europe, including the thousands of abandoned churches across the continent as much of Europe becomes more secular. Read the rest

Skateboarding in an abandoned nuclear missile silo

Skateboarder Rick McCrank hosts Abandoned, a series from Vice where he explores abandoned malls, amusement parks, racetracks, and even nuclear missile silos. Many of these are excellent places to skate. Read the rest

New book explores abandoned asylums

Photographer Matt Van der Velde traveled the U.S. to document his upcoming book Abandoned Asylums. Most of the locations featured are still in fairly pristine states because entry is restricted by the private or governmental owners of the properties. Read the rest

Why Circuit City abandoned its 700 stores

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The ship graveyard salvage yard

"This is the biggest ship graveyard in the world - where huge tankers and cruise liners are scrapped on the shorefront by teams of labourers using little more than hand tools. The job is considered one of the most dangerous in the world with workers earning a pittance of just £2.25 a day. But amazingly there is no shortage of willing recruits." [Daniel Miller / Daily Mail] Read the rest