Foam zombie head is for archery practice

Etsy seller Prochopshop makes foam zombie heads for archery practice. They are only $20! I think I'll get one for crossbow pistol practice.


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Best data erasure method ever: longbow

Julian Oliver ("Critical Engineer, artist, immigrant and educator. Shoots arrows, eats plants") has found a novel and by all appearances very satisfying way to safely erase the data from old hard drives: 50lb Longbow, two arrows at 15 yards. (via JWZ) Read the rest

What a lifetime of archery does to the human body

Gary Chynne's left shoulder is bigger than his right: "Medieval archers were sometimes said to look like hunchbacks, their back muscles were so big." [via] Read the rest

Re-enacting William Tell with a twist

I hope that this video, demonstrating an archer's unusual talent, was made with special effects. Somebody's gonna get killed.

Wait for it.

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Paralympian archer with no arms demonstrates technique

Matt Stutzman was born without arms, but that has not stopped him from becoming an excellent archer. It's amazing to watch him do everyday tasks like drive and answer his smartphone, too. Read the rest

Coke Bottle Gatling Gun fires arrows

Joerg Sprave -- "CEO of a mid size consumer electronics company located in Kronach/Germany" -- makes homebrew firearms out of rubber bands, wood, and various and sundry materials, and features his creations on The Slingshot Channel. Read the rest

Katniss has nothing on Iza Privezenceva

[Video Link] Compare this casual, everyday bodkin-plinkage with the glossy and lurid X-Factor equivalent. Read the rest