Multi-talented fellow beatboxes while playing the flute

My friend taught himself to beatbox and play the flute. You might want to unmute this one. from r/toptalent

Henceforth, this genre shall be known as hip-prog.

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Beatboxing with a McDonald's cup, the impressive encore

In 2015, Parker Kane's performance of dubstep on a McDonald's cup went viral (video below). On Sunday, Kane returned to the same McDonald's in Rexburg, Idaho for the above encore.

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Watch this incredible beatboxer "scratch vocally"

Beatboxer Tom Thum has a turntable and mixer stuck in his throat. Read the rest

Watch this incredible recorder/beatbox performance

My War "Freestyle" by Medhat Mamdouh. Amazing. (YouTube)

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Beatbugs - facepainting plus beatboxing equals awesomeness

Fletcher Bedon, a DJ music producer from South Africa, produced and directed this video starring "two beat-boxers [Denver Turner and Anderson Chituse] and a whole lot of face paint." Below, the making of video.

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Watch this amazing father/daughter beatbox battle

Nicole Paris dominates, but clearly the beatbox talent is genetic. Read the rest