Prank bro learns that removing stop signs ain't smart

Charles Ross recorded himself removing stop signs for sweet, sweet YouTube views. He found an audience in the local police who pranked him back with a 3rd-degree felony charge. Read the rest

Watch The Procedure, a NSFW 2016 Sundance short film winner

"The Procedure: A Parking Lot Kidnapping with Unexpected Consequences" is indeed unexpected. Note: you won't be able to unsee one of the more unexpected aspects of the kidnapping. Read the rest

Singer terrorized on prank TV show by fake terrorists

Singer and actress Heba Magdi doesn't seem to be enjoying herself on this good-natured prank TV show, in which she was "kidnapped" by fake ISIS terrorists and forced to put on a suicide vest. C'mon Heba, lighten up!

From YouTube:

Is this the world’s cruellest TV prank ever? Actress is tricked into thinking she has been kidnapped by ISIS in Egypt and is made to beg for her life on video.

The video shows Heba Magdi surrounded by men dressed as ISIS fanatics.

She is then ordered 'at gun point' to pose for pictures infront of an ISIS flag.

Repeatedly begs for her life as TV crew set off fake gunfire and explosions.

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