DuckTales reboot is on the way

If you or your kids are of a certain age, DuckTales may play a large role in your late-80s/early-90s nostalgia. Disney is bringing the show back, and the new opening sequence by Golden Wolf pays homage to some iconic shots while giving it a pretty cool update. Read the rest

Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, the new DuckTales title sequence is a duck-blur

Ahead of the show’s debut, Disney released the updated title sequence (and theme song!) for the new DuckTales reboot. It sounds great and looks even better. The reboot launches as a TV movie on August 12 before officially debuting its season on September 23. You can learn more on Deadline. Read the rest

Watch David Tennant and the new cast of DuckTales sing the show’s theme song

A new version of the classic ’80s cartoon DuckTales debuts on DisneyXD in 2017. And the new cast got together to sing the show’s catchy theme song. Woo oo! Read the rest