This gorgeous galaxy ceiling is invisible in bright light

BuzzFeed shared this awesome story about an Oregon artist named Crispin Young Wilson who created a stunning galaxy ceiling for a friend’s four-year-old son, Ben. Ben was anxious about having his own room for the first time so Wilson gave him something special to look at while falling asleep. The ceiling looks completely normal in bright light:

But in the dark it looks like this:

Ben reportedly loves his new room. And really, who wouldn’t? You can see more of Wilson's work or commission a mural on her website.

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Samsung's Galaxy S 4 is a No-Touch-Touchscreen, Not-Quite-Android Android Phone

Samsung's new smartphone contains multitudes.

The Galaxy S 4's touchscreen doesn't need to be touched to respond to your actions. Its software looks less like Android than almost any other phone running Google's operating system, but the thing ships with a newer version of it, 4.2, than almost all others. And its 5-inch screen outsizes the 4.8-in. display of the earlier Galaxy S III, but it's smaller and lighter than Samsung's flagship phone of last year.

And like its best-selling predecessor, the S 4 invites an assessment from multiple perspectives. Read the rest