The evolution of the Star Wars Stormtrooper

This simple GIF from Gadget Love is pretty pleasing to me.

Clone Troopers were not useless in battle. Read the rest

A deeply unsettling GIF

Click play below and, er, enjoy.

(via Daily Grail) Read the rest

Forced GIFs are the new forced memes

In an inevitable development, Giphy, which created a very handy platform for creating GIFs from existing content, is now bringing influencers into their studios to deliberately create original GIFs in hopes of getting some of that seconds-long heat for brands. Read the rest

Terrifying explosion demonstrates great examples of of stabilization technologies

Onlookers were not expecting a massive gas fire to explode, sending a huge metal tank hurtling toward them. One person filming got bits and pieces of the near miss, which prompted talented video stabilizers to take a crack at making the footage more stable. Here's the original as a gif: Read the rest

Hypnotic illusion gifs show the beauty of math

The white circles in this gif travel in a straight line across the diameter of the black circle. In the process, they accelerate toward the center and decelerate away with the velocity of a swinging pendulum. Read the rest

Real life doodle: 'Do not touch!'

A real life doodle by LOLNEIN. Read the rest

Dreamlike gifs of falling girls

Manddy Wyckens' gifs of falling girls may trigger your thalassophobia, but they are pretty neat regardless. Read the rest

Pleasing patterns in 'Geek Tree Dee'

Via Myoshka. This is a lovely collection. Read the rest

Mind-bending infinite gif loop for psychedelia festival

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival is billed as a psychedelic tribal gathering in Dádpuszta, Hungary. Their website splash page is a gorgeous infinite gif that you can set to trance or chill music. Read the rest

Ejecting a floppy disk in space

It turns out ejecting a floppy disk in space is a little more complicated than it is on Earth. Here’s another perspective on the same problem:

[Source:] Read the rest

Celebrate Carrie Fisher in one lovely GIF

Artist Lilly Higgs created this lovely GIF celebrating both Leia Organa and Carrie Fisher. She writes: “I ran home and drew this on my lunchbreak because I felt like my world would explode if I didn’t. Thanks, Carrie Fisher, for teaching me that girls like us can be princesses, generals, or whatever we want to be. #RIPCarrie” Read the rest

National Archives now curates GIFs

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the U.S. National Archives' new curated page of GIFs on Giphy has an animated bit of US history for every occasion, like Woodsy Owl or this analog odometer from the Apollo 8 mission. Read the rest

Amazing optical illusion makes black and white image appear color

Stare at the dot. Enjoy the magic! (via r/gifs) Read the rest

Glamorous Beyoncé Cow is glamorous

So glamorous. Read the rest

Donald Trump's fierce drag makeover

SaintHoax decided to give Donald Trump a drag makeover, and the results are glorious. Serving Ursula realness! Read the rest

Great book covers as animated GIFs

Wonderful literary GIFs by Javier Jensen of Santiago, Chile. Read the rest

Proposed update for Mac OS beach ball of death

Nobody likes the beach ball of death. Maybe something cuter would help. Here's alternate option if that does not strike Tim Cook's fancy: Read the rest

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