Aaron Swartz celebration/hackathon kickoff, Nov 8

Lisa Rein writes, "Noisebridge and the Internet Archive are hosting a big event on Nov 8 (1830h-2100h) to celebrate Aaron Swartz’s life and accomplishments, and kick off an international series of hackathons that will be taking place all over the world in his honor, during what would have been his 27th birthday weekend, November 8-10, 2013. (Confirmed locations include, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Houston, Kathmandu, Magdeburg, New York, Santiago, Chile, Seattle and San Francisco.)" Read the rest

Aaron Swartz hackathon

Noah Swartz writes, "In January, after nearly two years of government prosecution and harassment, my brother Aaron Swartz died.

Aaron was eclectic and prolific in his activism. In the wake of recent events, we especially feel the loss of his unique brand of activism. It is not just that we now have one less voice in the chorus, or even that we lost such a unique voice. We've lost a tireless activist, and a central motivator, someone who could make us seriously question the morality of our actions and show us how to do better.

I want to host events around the world to bring together those of us who are fighting to change things, and perhaps to ignite others with a spark from Aaron's flame. Let's spend a weekend together to be, as Aaron would say, part of Team Impact." Read the rest

Electrified Vehicle Hackathon in SF Bay Area, Sept 6-8

On the heels of our exhilarating Boing Boing Ingenuity: Data Driven hack day, our partners at Ford are hosting another hackathon at TechShop Menlo Park on September 6-8! Want to hack on their OpenXC platform, an open source hardware/software platform to get access to vehicle data? Sign up here! TJ Giluli, the Ford Silicon Valley Lab research team leader, says:

The OpenXC APIs used for the Data Driven hackathon were read-only, and many expressed interest in being able to write back to the car and affect its behavior. On September 6-8 Ford is sponsoring a hackathon at TechShop Menlo Park in which participants will have access to three plug-in hybrid electric vehicles which will be modified to export a much richer signal set, and also support APIs allowing you to control select functionality of the car. Participants will code OpenXC apps that will be able to read much more electric vehicle specific data and will be able to control select aspects of the vehicles' powertrains. For more information and to sign up for the hackathon, please go here.

"Ford Electrified Vehicle Hackathon"

  Boing Boing Ingenuity: A look at Ford's OpenXC real-time data platform Read the rest

Israel hackathon in S.F. and Tel Aviv, 7/19-7/20

Friday Night Hack is a hackathon taking place July 19 and July 20 simultaneously in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, and you're invited! The aim is to develop apps to increase government transparency in Israel or improve Jewish communities around the world. The project is an initiative of Hasadna, an Israeli non-profit aimed at transparency and open data, the Schusterman Foundation, and the San Francisco Jewish Federation. Bay Area hackers will work at Parisoma and Tel Aviv hackers will be at the Google offices. Friday Night Hack (Thanks, David Katznelson!) Read the rest

Science Hack Day Ambassador Program 2013

Science Hack Day is a fantastically inspiring and creative 48-hour event where scientists, designers, artists, and developers get together to make and do science and science-related projects. You and your friends should start one! Chief instigator Ariel "Space Hack" Waldman created a guide to organize a Science Hack Day and now, she's announced the 2013 Science Hack Day Ambassador Program. Thanks to a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, five people who want to organize a Science Hack Day in their cities will be flown to Science Hack Day in San Francisco on September 28-29 to see how it's done. Applications are accepted until May 1.

Science Hack Day Ambassador Program

Science Hack Day is coming to your city!

(Top: "Syneseizure," the hack that won the "People's Choice" award at the 2011 Science Hack Day SF, photo by Matt Biddulph. Ariel photo by Matt Nuzzaco).

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Hackathons for the occupation!

Hackathons in support of Occupy Wall Steet were organized in New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and elsewhere, and the results posted to Occupy the Web. One of the most promising projects, reports one organizer, is Occupy Design,: "The project's goal is to create freely available visual tools like infographics and icons to advance the movement's message." Read the rest