The Jerry Springer Show ends production

Since 1991, The Jerry Springer Show offered America an unevenly-distributed taste of its own future. But we're settled comfortably in, now, and the present has no need for its harbingers. So long, Jerry.

Syndicated talk-show staple The Jerry Springer Show has ceased production of new episodes, a source confirms to TVLine, and will only air pre-taped episodes and repeats when it moves to The CW this fall. (Broadcasting & Cable first reported the news.) The CW is still considering ordering fresh episodes of Springer down the line — the deal is for multiple years — but as of now, the show has finished filming.

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Jerry Springer starts off on wrong hoof with Bronies

Adrian Chen writes that Bronies—adult male fans of girly TV show My Little Pony—have swiftly organized a united front against Jerry Springer's Brony casting call. [Gawker] Read the rest