Links: Wyoming loves asset forfeiture; XOXO is back; acrobatic tea; beautiful campstove; anti-NN shilltoons; Big Pizza's lobbyists; acrobatic tea; frozen bar

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Links: Jail bosses who steal from workers; realistic online mental health quiz; RCMP classes "anti-petroleum" activists as terrorists; Lenovo thought you'd love that spyware!

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Links: Immigrant experience science fiction; principal calls FBI over flag-tossing; Sriracha doesn't want trademarks

Two of these should make you smile, one should make you shake your head.

☣ School Principal Contacts FBI After Student Throws American Flag Out A Window [Techdirt] Middle School Principal Robert Archuleta from Espanola, NM thinks that there's a federal statute against flag desecration. He's wrong. He thinks veterans died to defend the flag. He's wrong about that too. People die to defend the things the flag symbolizes, like the First Amendment.

☣ Sriracha Boss On Trademark: Mmmmm, No Thanks [Techdirt] Huy Fong Foods CEO David Tran never filed a trademark on his family's famous Sriracha sauce, and he doesn't plan on it either: he sees every Sriracha-alike as a compliment and validation for his products. No one else in the industry (including the goofy people in the C-suite at Tobasco) can figure it out. Tran does a daily search to look for new Sriracha-style products, each of which brings a smile to his face. (see also)

☣ How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring Aliens The first sf anthology about the immigrant experience, featuring Sarah Pinsker, Nisi Shawl, Ken Liu, Bryan Thao Worra’, and Pinckney Benedict. Pre-order on Amazon now. Read the rest

Links: EFF won't stop fighting NSA spying; luxury family treehouse; Jeb Bush doxxes the entire state of Florida (& more)

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Linkdump: Robotic newspaper archive, NY cop vs teen snowball fight; Dune coloring book; LOVEINT; Canada's PATRIOT Act & more more more

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Links that made me think: Chinese spooks, Aussie sexism, EFF beats feds, revenge porn, and more

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