The Loch Ness Ladle is real

I'm not usually one for gimmicky kitchen gadgets but OTOTO's Nessie Ladle is cryptozoological comedy genius. Also available as a Sweet Nessie Spoon! (Amazon)

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Campbell Soup Co. fires exec who tweeted racist Soros #MigrantCaravan conspiracy

M'm! M'm! Good! Tweeting conspiracy theories about George Soros is bad for your career. Just ask Campbell's Soup Company former vice president of government affairs, Kelly Johnston. Read the rest

Campbell's Soup Exec Writes to Andy Warhol

Marylin Terrell writes in:

The product marketing manager for Campbell Soup wrote this delightfully jargon-free letter to Andy Warhol in 1964 after Warhol rocked the art world with his silk-screen portraits of Campbell Soup. Instead of threatening to sue for copyright infringement, the exec sent Warhol a couple of cases of tomato soup.

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