Wristwatch commemorating the Nikon F's 60th anniversary

The Nikon Museum in Tokyo issued this handsome wristwatch commemorating the 60th anniversary of the revolutionary Nikon F camera. Apparently the company only made 100 of the watches for sale in their museum gift shop for around US$180. From PetaPixel: The understated silver watch face is complimented by a black leather band and features an […]

Clever Apple Watch stand that looks like an Apple Macintosh

This stand for the Apple Watch mimics the classic design of the original Apple Macintosh. It's made from "scratch-free silicone" and supports the Apple Watch's Nightstand Mode. elago W3 Stand [White] – [Vintage Apple Monitor] (Amazon)

Crazy expensive watch with a flip clock display

A co-branded product from watchmaker Jacob & Co and luxury design retailer Colette, the SF24 features a tiny flip clock like the electromechanical split flap displays popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s before LEDs and LCDs became all the rage. I'd like it more if they dispensed with the analog dial entirely. Then […]

Luxury Star Wars wristwatch is $28,500

Devon's new Star Wars wristwatch is $28,500, but at least they make it worth it by throwing in a pair of TIE Fighter cufflinks.

Support this programmable smart watch kit developed by 8-year-old

Developed by an 8-year-old maker named Omkar, the O Watch is a 3D printable, programmable, smart watch kit for kids. Omkar has launched a Kickstarter to scale up the O Watch so other kids can use the platform "to learn programming, 3D printing and crafts." Support it!

Fancy frankenwatch combines analog timepiece and Apple Watch

The posh Pinnacle analog timepiece from Nico Gerard integrates an Apple Watch into the bracelet. Prices start at $9,300 for the basic stainless steel model, but the 18k gold Sunrise edition, at $112,000, is obviously the one to get.

Watch with microscopic sculpture inside

Tucked inside this $1.5 million watch by Greubel Forsey is a tiny ship sculpture by Willard Wigan who is the master at artworks you can't appreciate without high-powered optics.