Furniture made from rusted Soviet naval mines

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin creates furniture and other housewares (woodstove, prams, chairs, etc) from rusting naval "Blok" mines recovered from an ex-Soviet fortress on Naissaar Island, an Estonian island off the Finnish coast. This desk gives me the desiderata shivers.

Marinemine - The Mine furniture:


  1. Some major plans will be hatched at this desk. A plot to overthrow Gene Simmons then off to get a tetanus shot.

  2. I don’t think it would quite go with the décor of my house; but if I ever build a secret lair, I want one.

  3. Diamond Jim “Didn’t this belong to a Bond villain in one of the lesser Roger Moore movies?”
    Are you mad?! Your question implies that there are “greater” Roger Moore Bond movies. The only differences between “the greatest” and “the least” Moore Bond movies was the worst ones, like Live and Let Die, had him driving an AMC, while his best ones contained serious political subtext, like The Man with the Golden Gun, which exposed to the world the dangers of solar power.

  4. I think that unless it comes with the required radiophone displayed on it, then it’s useless.

    I agree with sapere_aude however, it’s not going to go well in my home, but if I also had a concrete and brick structure like the one it’s displayed in? Hells yeah.

  5. Well, lord in heaven above, just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised by found material furniture, here we have something that makes me drool and causes heart palpitations. That is one seriously awesome looking desk.

    @js7a: the average life expectancy of one in the super villain business is so low that perchlorate contamination would not have an adverse impact on quality of life.

    @mccrum: just so happens I have a concrete and brick office, in an old tractor show room. Now I need to invent a back story and a villain angle. Maybe my whole family died in a ship wreck caused by abandoned Soviet mines.

  6. Why has my Argentine Service Provider disabled this site? I want to see . . . Does anybody have the pictures on a different site to try?

  7. Well, we seem to have blown his site out of the water…

    I really want this. I love the look, especially if you put one of those Datamancer brass keyboards on it. Just needs James Mason playing the organ in the background.

  8. Surplus from different weapons and devices from different countries can tell you a lot about technological style. What surprises me about this is that soviet mines don’t seem significantly more brutal than their missiles.

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