Edible horror installation in London

Last night I finally got to see one of Evil Miss Cakehead's edible horror installations in person. The Helpers is a grotesque, edible pop-up shop in Bethnal Green Road near Brick Lane, which opened last night. It features dismembered bodies, murder weapons, cigarette butts, car batteries with wires, blood-spattered knives, bags of vomit, Chinese takeout meals, and even a television -- all made of cake, all edible, and all delicious. There really are no words for the dissonance presented by such a scene. But it's pretty special.

So last night we opened The Helpers – a experiential experience serving cocktails and cake all themed around the movie of the same name – a stunt for Koch Media. The creations were incredible and (never thought I would say this) we pushed the limits so far we are all looking forward to some pretty cake projects for Valentine’s Day and beyond. You can see all the cakes over on Miss Cakehead’s Facebook page, and them featured on This Morning here. Just bear in mind they were for a horror film so they are made to the brief set by our client Koch Media. We have not just lost our minds and started making really dark cakes. In fact the chocolate gun was so disturbing and realistic we gave it as an extra present to someone who has always been massively supportive of our work (I had to get it out of there!). Huge thanks to Original Content London for creating an awesome and very disturbing set.

The Helpers – Horror Movie Edible Installation


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  1. Roose_Bolton says:

    As an emetophobe, I was totally down with this until “bag of vomit”…now the coffee is curdling in my stomach.

  2. Shirley this was my event I am not psychotic, but do however have experience of friends suffering from mental illness of this type. Your kind of attitude to psychosis spreads the myth that all those suffering from this disease are violent killers and is also grossly misinformed. It is a PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT (unlike your comments above) that psychotic mental illness has very little to do with outside influence. Of course it does play a small part but predominately the causes of this illness are biological and not physiological. I am not ashamed of curating and creating incredible edible art that provokes reaction, and of course it’s an 18+ event. I would however be ashamed it was I spreading discriminatory remarks against those suffering from a severe and distressing mental illness such as this. Normally I would not defend an event of mine so robustly as of course everyone is entitled to their option but you have really touched a nerve, something has just given me a great idea for a cake… 

    • You are an extraordinary artist.  I an so lucky to be able to follow the incredible work going on in London thanks to FB. Congratulations for any and ALL success. Your empathy is appreciated. BRAVO! a fan in the USA!

  3. edible hand, boob, and head, very entertaining.  but edible bible?  GACK!

  4. These are absolutely incredible …. they are so good !!!
    It is so refreshing to see something different to the “normal” types of cakes that are usually sold.
    Whilst I can appreciate that maybe they will not appeal to everyone, your talent cannot be denied.
    You are extremely creative and should be very proud of these achievements.

  5. Boundegar says:

    This event was probably inappropriate for small children, and so were the cocktails being served.  But I wonder if it actually caused psychosis.

  6. showme says:

    Well, it caused Cory to type the indecipherable phrase “Chinese takeout means.”

  7. Wreckrob8 says:

    It’s a typo. I saw beans. Fava beans. But I’m not psychotic.

  8. Boundegar says:

    Aha.  Typo fixed.  It was “meals.”  I thought it was “menus,” and was left puzzling over how Chinese takeout menus could evoke horror.

  9. Roose_Bolton says:

    I thought it was supposed to be ‘menus’ as well, not even stopping to consider how tricky it might be to make a replica menu out of cake.

  10. Wreckrob8 says:

    That was my first thought. I think because normally people speak of Chinese takeaways – meaning takeaway meals – so the phrase Chinese takeaway menus is much more common.

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