Curse dooms Sausalito movie theater


The movie theater in Sausalito, CA is struggling to find a new tenant. The Mayor has formed a blue-ribbon committee to keep the theater open, but is she ready to take on a curse? A local resident claims to be the source of the theater's trouble.

Via the MarinScope:

Sausalito anchor-out Peter Romansky had his own explanation for the theater’s troubles.

“I’ve been kicked out of the theater and banned,” Romansky said. “I’ve put a curse on the theater and will not lift that curse until I get an apology.”

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The real (?) "One Ring" Of The Hobbit

This cursed Roman ring may have inspired the One Ring of JRR Tolkien. It's now on display at The Vyne in Basingstoke, England. The Guardian has more on this artifact and the strange story surrounding its theft and subsequent curse. Read the rest