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Podcast: Collective Action - the Magnificent Seven anti-troll business-model

Here's a reading (MP3) of a my November, 2013 Locus column, Collective Action, in which I propose an Internet-enabled "Magnificent Seven" business model for foiling corruption, especially copyright- and patent-trolling. In this model, victims of extortionists find each other on the Internet and pledge to divert a year's worth of "license fees" to a collective defense fund that will be used to invalidate a patent or prove that a controversial copyright has lapsed. The name comes from the classic film The Magnificent Seven (based, in turn, on Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai) in which villagers decide one year to take the money they'd normally give to the bandits, and turn it over to mercenaries who kill the bandits.

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Oh No Ross and Carrie: podcasting investigative journalists join cults, try woo, and get prodded -- for science!

I've just finished listening to the entire, three-year run of Oh No Ross and Carrie, a podcast hosted by two former Evangelical Christians turned skeptics, who join cults and fringe religions, visit psychics and healers of varying degrees of woo-ness, and partake of quack remedies and other newage rituals. After dozens of hours of listening, enjoying, laughing and learning, I'm totally converted to their faith.

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Talking with Jeff VanderMeer about his new novel Annihilation

Rick Kleffel writes, "I sat down in my living room with Jeff VanderMeer to talk about his latest novel Annihilation, and the Southern Reach trilogy it begins. We took a break, then came back for round 2, discussing how he edit those giant anthologies with his wife Ann, and more generally, the new publishing landscape." (MP3 1, MP3 2)

Podcast: EFF, Trustycon, and The Day We Fight Back

Nathan sez, "This is Episode 9 of Embracing Disruption Podcast (EDP). In this episode I interview April Glaser from the EFF. We talk about internet activism, the EFF, TrustyCon, and The Day We Fight Back."

009 EFF, TrustyCon, and The Day We Fight Back

Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast does a Story Bundle

Kriana sez, "On Sci-Fi Saturday Night (the podcast) we find and interview cool people who are doing incredibly cool things. Last August we had the privilege of talking to Jason Chen, founder of (and formerly of LifeHacker and Gizmodo), about his new site, alternative business models, and how we could support up and coming authors. After the show, Jason invited the cast to curate a bundle of our favorite indie authors, and we enthusiastically accepted."

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Podcast: What does David Cameron's Great Firewall look like?

Here's a reading of a recent Guardian column, What does David Cameron's Great Firewall look like? which debunks the UK government's stupid arguments for its national anti-porn firewall:

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Podcast: Cheap writing tricks

Here's a reading of my latest Locus column, Cheap Writing Tricks, which discusses the mysterious business of why stories are satisfying, and how to make them so:

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Welcome to Night Vale merch

As I wrote in December, I'm a great fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. As I listened to the New Years episode this morning, I was reminded that the podcast has a great store with a wide variety of awesome Night Valer merch, including the Sheriff's Secret Police hoodie and the Faceless Old Lady Who Secretly Lives in Your Home election poster. Seems like a great way to support such a great podcast.

Hugo award nominations are open

The Hugo awards nominations process is now officially open. You'll recall that there are several lists of eligible works, including the one on John Scalzi's blog, the one on Charlie Stross's blog, and the one Boing Boing readers put together. If you attended last year's World Science Fiction convention, or if you're attending next year's, you're eligible to nominate.

Once again, here's my list:

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Disney podcast musical about menace of Michael Eisner

It's been two years since I first blogged Communicore Weekly, a great Disney podcast. Now, two years and 104 episodes later, they've launched an ambitious new project: Communicore Weekly: The Musical! It's a one-hour, fully orchestrated musical story about the battle against evil Michael Eisner.

Host Jeff Heimbuch writes: "Through the use of patent-pending time travel technology, Communicore Weekly was able to obtain an episode of the radio broadcast 'Theater On The Move' from the year 2215. In this episode, they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Communicore Weekly: The Musical, and have brought the actors playing the pivotal roles of Jeff and George onto the show to discuss the lavish anniversary production and to share the music of the show."

Featuring all-new, all original songs from Amplify This Music (better known as the Communicore Weekly Orchestra), Communicore Weekly: The Musical will have you in stitches when you're not tapping your feet along to the catchy tunes.

'In the two years we've being doing it, we've really tried to make Communicore Weekly not just one of the most unique Disney podcasts, but one of the most unique podcasts out there, period. I've never heard of a podcast producing an entire musical before. Since we've always been a very musical show, it was a natural progression for us to actually produce a musical,' says Jeff Heimbuch, co-writer of the musical.

'Writing the music for the show is always a lot of fun, because the guys come up with some pretty crazy ideas. When faced with the challenge of writing original songs that fit into this ridiculous story, I absolutely could not turn it down. Plus, George is my brother, so it would have been really awkward if I had said no,' says Andrew Taylor, co-writer and musical genius.

'I like turtles,' says George Taylor, co-writer, 'But I hate squirrels.'

'My lawyer said I'm not allowed to comment,' says Steve Williard, co-writer and another musical genius.

Following in the footsteps of some of the greatest Disney films, by pairing a great story with fantastic music, Communicore Weekly: The Musical is sure to entertain people of all ages.

Communicore Weekly: The Musical (Thanks, Jeff!)

Sweet ukulele tribute to the largest Mersenne Prime

In the end of year episode (MP3) of the BBC's More or Less stats podcast, Tim Harford talks to a variety of interesting people about their "number of the year," with fascinating results.

But the crowning glory of the episode is Helen Arney's magnificent musical tribute to Mersenne 48, the largest Mersenne Prime ever calculated, which came to light in 2013. (Arney herself is going out on tour of the UK, for the delightfully named Full Frontal Nerdity tour)

Christmastime daddy-daughter podcast with Poesy

Every year, there's a day or two between the date that my daughter's school shuts and the day that my wife's office shuts for Christmas holidays. Those are the official seasonal mid-week daddy-daughter days, and for the past two years, my daughter and I have gone to my office to record a podcast. Last year's was great (MP3), but I think we hit a new high this year (MP3).

(Photo: Jonathan Worth)

Weekend listening: Boing Boing's latest podcast episodes

Take a gander at all the wonderful Boing Boing podcasts we have lined up for you to listen to, free of charge!

GWEEK 124: I talked to the visionary artist Jim Woodring about his imaginary universe called The Unifactor.

HAPPY MUTANTS 001: I interviewed Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson, designers of a new instant-on, lithium-ion battery vaporizer called The Firefly.

INCREDIBLY INTERESTING AUTHORS 003: John Durant's new book, The Paleo Manifesto, blends science and culture, anthropology and philosophy, distilling the lessons from his adventures and showing how to apply them to day-to-day life.

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Crowdfunding a new season of maker podcast Destination DIY

Alan sez, "Having boosted itself to somewhere north of 300,000 listeners, the maker podcast 'Destination DIY' is doing an Indiegogo campaign to take its offering to the next level, with better and more frequent stories, a better Web site for people who want to find their featured DIY projects, and more." (Thanks, Alan) Cory 1

RIP, Roy Trumbull: happy mutant, TV/radio engineering legend, podcaster

I'm sad to report that Roy Trumbull, a maker, podcaster, and happy mutant, died of cancer last week. He was 74, and died peacefully in his home. I was an avid listener of Story Spieler, Roy's podcast, where he read aloud all manner of odd and fascinating public domain materials (he was a Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame inductee, and a legendary engineer). I was deeply honored when Roy agreed to read a story for the audio edition of my short story collection With A Little Help (Roy also recorded great readings of my stories Craphound, The Super-Man and the Bugout and To Market, To Market).

Roy often suggested great Boing Boing stories (like this one, about some lost Yippee! movement footage) and was a warm and thought-provoking correspondent. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times in San Francisco, and he was just as funny and warm in person.

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