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3D printed ukulele!

Lung X Lung printed out a Makerlele form Thingiverse, and in this video, demonstrates the beauty of a 3D printed uke!

全台灣第一支 3d 列印烏克麗麗 3d printed ukulele (Thanks, David!)

Grim Grinning Ghosts on a uke

I love Jen's ukulele cover of "Grim Grinning Ghosts" from Disney's Haunted Mansion -- she crushes the oft-neglected final chorus.

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Haitian kid freestyles to ukelele

JahFurry sez, "Carrie & Avi went on a service trip to Haiti with JDC Entwine and wound up part of an unexpected jam session: Avi was entertaining kids with his ukulele when an 11-year-old came up and started rapping in Creole--and the kid is awesome! According to a local bystander the boy was saying that he has hope. He knows that one day Haiti will be a better place.'"

Haitian freestyle + ukulele (Thanks, JahFurry!)

The harvesting of ukelele strings

"Ever wondered where ukulele strings come from? This recently-discovered, hitherto-unseen archive film may date back decades, but is as true today as it's ever been." From Litmus Films. Update: as commenters have noted, it's a riff on this 1950s classic.

Tiny library raises money with tiny uke and awesome video

Blackbeltlibrarian sez, "The Shutesbury Public Library in Shutesbury, Massachusetts is seeking funding in order to build a new building to replace their charming but woefully inadequate current one (which features no running water!). In order to get the word out staff and patrons created this cute little video in order to show the shortcomings of their current location, as well as what they could do with a new building."

Where would you be without your library?