Cat comically shoves rabbit away from rain: "If I'm not going out, neither are you!" (video)

Well, it's clear who's running the show in this cat-and-bunny duo.

While the two housemates were sitting in front of an open door, watching the rain fall, the cat looked apprehensive. No way was he setting foot under that aggressive wet sky. But the adventurous bunny obviously didn't get the memo.

And so he learned his lesson the hard way when he got a little too curious, merely approaching the door sill — not even stepping on or over it — which triggered an immediate reaction from the cat. Jutting out his "arm" — mom-at-a-stop-sign style — the kitty quickly shoved the rabbit back inside, with such force, you could hear a thump, as one commenter pointed out. (See video below, posted by itszovy via Newsweek.)

"If I'm not going out, neither are you," said the cat, as explained in the video caption. Now that is one bossy, er, protective sibling!


Cause he's scared of the rain everyone else must suffer #catsoftiktok #rabbitsoftiktok #catandrabbit

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