Loud, angry, and ineffective: Marjorie Taylor Greene screams at clouds

Georgia Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene is very loud and angry at everyone except Donald Trump.

It is very unclear what screaming meanie Marg wants from Republican congressional leaders, but she somehow expects them to get involved in and overturn Donald Trump's criminal conviction. Speaker of the House MAGA Mike has already insisted that he has spoken with "many" Supreme Court Justices and that he is sure they're going to step in. What more could Marjorie be looking for? A resolution from the House of Representatives stating no confidence in the New York Criminal Justice system?

This comes as the conspiracy-prone congresswoman, who was previously close to GOP leadership when former Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was in control of the House, is experiencing a growing rift with leadership under House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

"We have our weekly GOP Conference this morning at 9 am," wrote Greene. "It better be about how we are stopping the Democrats and their FULL ON DICTATORSHIP and WAR against Pres Trump and ALL of his supporters. Because so far I have not heard a peep out anyone [sic] in leadership about a plan. ZERO."

"And more committee hearings is NOT going to cut it," she added. "While the Supreme Court stepping in and stopping it would be great, what are we doing????????"


It is very unclear how to connect Marge's dots. Dictatorship? War? Committee hearings? What Congress is doing is nothing, isn't that what she wanted?

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