Crafty corgi doesn't want to get his paws wet — so he uses his short legs to his advantage (video)

While corgis might have some limitations due to their shorter-than-average pooch legs, one smart corgi uses this "disadvantage" to his advantage.

After showing footage of a German shepherd courageously leaping over a wide rushing river, the corgi's video shows him as a different kind of doggo.

While taking a walk in town, the crafty pup stops in front of an urban river — aka a flat puddle on the sidewalk — to let his human know the gushing torrent is too treacherous for him to cross.

"I think you can make this," the woman says, trying to bolster his confidence. "Dash, you can make it. It's not a river."

But the puddle proves to be too much for Dash — or so he feigns — and he does not budge. Until he gets what he was hoping for: a lift over the water by his human — and a set of four dry paws. (See video below, posted by dash_and_furrious.)

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