Lazy Dalmatian will only take a walk if a rotisserie chicken joins in (video)

Dalmatians are known as doggos with "very high" energy levels that are in constant motion — unless you're talking about Tucker, that is.

Apparently, Tucker is more of a homebody who doesn't take kindly to his daily constitutionals. So, to get her "lazy Dalmatian" out on a walk, his pet owner resorts to the ol' carrot-and-stick incentive, or rotisserie chicken bribe, as it were.

And by the looks of this chop-licking pooch, the motivational strategy works like a charm. (See video below, posted by tuckerandshannon.)

In a subsequent video, Tucker's human says she buys a roasted chicken every five days, and rewards him with the edible incentive as soon as they get back from their walk.

Via ParadePets

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