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Watch this funny and curiously compelling Bad Lip Reading spin-off of Stranger Things

Given that by the time we see a new season of Stranger Things the kids will probably be in college, this will have to do! That's ok because, as Steve Harrington says, "Hair is here!"

In this week's episode, Mike investigates a crime, while Nancy wonders about the gift Steve gave her.

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Apple Product Launch, a bad lip reading

While I'm sure the new Apple Handsome Anthony will get all the headlines, I'm most excited for the fancy tetra-fusion Hole. And I don't care that it isn't portable yet.

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A Bad Lip Reading of Hillary Clinton's stories

These aren't the stories I'd expect to hear from Hillary Clinton... they're a bit more revealing than she's ever shared before. Read the rest

Bad Lip Reading: Sarah Huckabee Sanders edition

Sarah Huckabee Sanders knows no shame. Read the rest

A Bad Lip Reading of the Trump-Kim Summit

The recent Trump-Kim man-child summit in Singapore was already awkward and now Bad Lip Reading has made it even more so by redubbing some of their conversations.

Nailed it!

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Hilarious "bad lip reading" of the NBA

I didn't bother to watch any of the NBA championship series but I was glued to the screen for this Bad Lip Reading of the 2017-2018 pro basketball season. Read the rest

A Bad Lip Reading of Mark Zuckerberg testifying to Congress

It makes me very happy that the "Bad Lip Reading" folks took Zuck's recent testimony footage and made this gem of a video. Read the rest

A Bad Lip Reading of Star Wars

Anything A Bad Lip Reading does is a-ok with me. Their latest video is a musical one where Grand Moff Tarkin sings delightful nonsense with Princess Leia.

It's called, "It's Not a Moon."

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A belated Christmas gift: a Bad Lip Reading song feat. the Trumps

Yay, Christmas isn't over yet. There's still one more gift under the internet "tree:" this special song featuring Donald, Melania, and Donald's new Disney robot. This belated prezzie is called "Christmas Is Here!" and it's from the good folks over at Bad Lip Reading. Read the rest

Bad Lip Reading Rap of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back's Battle of Hoth

"Twenty nights in the ice is a long time, when there's hostiles on the hill."

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Bad Lip Reading dubs 'Stranger Things' as a perfectly odd retro sitcom

Things have been turned upside down (see what I did there?) in the world of Stranger Things as the good folks at Bad Lip Reading have dubbed over original scenes from the show and created a funny sitcom version of it (Wonder Years, anyone?). It's 18 minutes long and worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of the popular Netflix series.


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Stranger Things: A Bad Lip Reading

"Maybe she's a simpleton."

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The Force Awakens: Bad Lip Reading with Mark Hamill as Han Solo

Bad Lip Reading, Mark Hamill, and Jessica DiCicco -- what's not to love. May the Farce be with you. Read the rest

This Bad Lip Reading of "NFL 2017" is absolutely hilarious

I don't follow football, but Bad Lip Reading hit a grand slam with this one! I'm literally LOLing over here, people...

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Watch this Bad Lip Reading of Trump's inauguration day

'Bad Lip Reading: Inauguration Day.' Read the rest

Beyond Bad Lip Reading: the Auralnauts' astounding Star Wars remixes

The Auralnauts' wildly successful Star Wars remixes have gone from strength to strength, combining bad lip reading, South Park-ish raunchy humor, and massive dance-parties accompanied by some seriously rockin' tunes. Read the rest

Bad Lip Reading Empire Strikes Back: the funky seagull mix

Yoda's never been so funky as he is in this amazing 4-minute music video for "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)," a masterpiece from the Bad Lip Reading project, whose virtuosity is so great that "lip reading" a puppet doesn't even seem like a cheat. (via Waxy) Read the rest

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