Next-level parenting: crocheting a freehand, glow-in-the-dark Alien Xenomorph kids' costume

Cleveland's Stephanie "Crochetverse" Pokorny created a freehand, crocheted Alien Xenomorph costume for her (incredibly lucky!) son, Jake, adding glow-in-the-dark fabric paint accents to make it luminescent. It's completely amazing. Read the rest

He-Man and Skeletor dance again in ad

But wait, there's more!

Let's trawl the old inspirations, the long-ago internet moments whose memetic descendants are million-dollar TV ad campaigns for loan aggregators. When it comes to Skeletor, there are many to pick from. But one always comes back to CKY ft. Gnarkill's Skeletor vs Beastman, a NSFW wonder that was once part of the Internet's collective subconscious.

I'd chance that for many readers it will be unfamiliar. It's something long-displaced by cleaner and more consumer-friendly regurgitations of 80s trash culture. And perhaps quite repulsive. Is it queer, or homophobic? I always assumed the former, in which context the new ad seems a heteronomalized echo of something subversive. But now, after another 15 years of internet, I'm not sure. Perhaps the commercial is a better subversion.

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Grotbags dead at 74

Actress and entertainer Carol Lee Scott died this week at 74. Britons of a certain age will remember 1980s' TV witch Grotbags; Americans of any age are in for a bizarre treat.

Her character Grotbags was a dastardly pantomime witch, with a bright green wig and face to match. She famously hated "brats" and did her best to spoil the fun of children, using her "Bazazzer" - a pointy stick with a gold hand on the end of it.

Fans of the show flooded Twitter with comments, with Gary Dewar writing: "Daleks. Zelda. Skeletor. Nothing - NOTHING - terrified me quite like Grotbags. Bravo!"

Noob added: "Rest in peace Grotbags. You made my early years awesome. I was so scared of you!" ... The show, set in the Gloomy Fortress, also starred puppeteer Richard Coombs.

Here she is presenting a ghoulish game show with her gay robot:

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10 reasons why Fletcher Hanks kicks ass

Fletcher Hanks comics are incredibly violent, incredibly stupid, and incredibly beautiful. His first published work appeared in 1939, only months after the first Superman story ran, and his last work appeared in 1941. Then he disappeared. All 53 of his batshit crazy tales have been reprinted in “Turn Loose Our Death Rays And Kill Them All!: The Complete Works Of Fletcher Hanks.” They are likely to pop your eyes, blow your mind, and leave you speechless. Shortly before his death, Kurt Vonnegut wrote that, “The recovery of these treasures is in itself a major work of art.”

He-Man and Skeletor character designs improved by children

A child of the 80s, I recently rediscovered my love of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoons and toys. So naturally, I've done everything in my power to hook my five-year old niece and three-year old nephew too.

My campaign is working so well that they asked me to draw them pictures of He-Man and their most favorite character, Skeletor—a fact which makes me love them even more. Then they made some googly-eyed enhancements to create the genius-level art you see above.

You can buy Season One of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on Amazon. Also check out the awesome new retrospective art book, The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Read the rest

Skeletor hijacks He-Man art book!

For a video promoting an art book, this is unusually fun and funny. To promote the 320-page Dark Horse book The Art of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, IGN made a promo video starring Skeletor, his evil adversary. Bad guys are always trying harder to take your money; if you're a fan of the 80's TV cartoon icon, then you'll need the power of Greyskull to hold onto your wallet.

The book itself is a comprehensive look at the Mattel property, from cartoons and concept art to Dolph Lungren. There are even knitting patterns. Read the rest

WATCH: insane mashup Xmas special

Kyle sez, "Bumperactive custom sticker shop presents a curated selection of Yuletide media ephemera spanning six decades: The 2014 Holiday BUMPERJAM! Skeletor learns the true meaning of Christmas? Check. Santa vs. The Martians? Check. Nutmeg?! CHECK. When all else is lost and Christmas needs saving, the BUMPERJAM is 100% Guaranteed to change the subject." Read the rest

Skeletor insulting his minions

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Gallery: New York Comic-Con in pictures

This weekend, we hopped into the car and made the 6-hour trip to New York to check out its fast-growing Comic-Con. Since its founding in 2006, explosive growth now makes New York Comic-Con one of the largest such events in the country. Even the mighty Javits Center in Manhattan could hardly contain the throng, estimated at more than 120,000 over four days. Here, Superman and Batman consult the useless maps provided in the convention guidebook. Photo: Rob Beschizza Read the rest

Desperate Mousewives: Desperate Housewives mashed with Mickey Mouse

Desperate Mousewives lays the racy dialog from a Desperate Housewives scene over a Mickey Mouse cartoon (both produced by the same company, Disney) -- the video mashup is hilarious and deeply weird, and it was produced by Flying Squid Studios--who created The Skeletor Show and Star Trek: Infinitive Split! redub serials.


(Thanks, Jeremy!)

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Skeletor Show: unauthorized remix cartoon a la Sealab 2021

Daniel sez, "The Skeletor Show is in the style of other 'remix' cartoons like Sealab 2021. In this case, it is a re-edit and re-dub of the 1980s Filmation cartoon He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. Each week I'm doing a new show and posting it to YouTube. Included in the show is Skeletor and friends' answers to viewers' questions." These are pretty damned funny!


(Thanks, Daniel!)

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Web Zen: Singing and Dancing, all day long.

skeletor james bond new potatoes pepper vs. banana the queen mussolini puppies with kittens viking kittens with puppy

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By the Power of Greyskull, This Sucks!

The worst part of being on a war footing is that it grants corporations leave to recycle dumb, military toys. Case-in-point: Mattel is bringing back He-Man.

By the power of Grayskull, an action figure has returned! He-Man(R), the most powerful man in the universe, re-joins the Masters of the Universe(R) to once again battle Skeletor(R) and the forces of evil. Twenty years after He-Man was first introduced, Mattel has brought back an updated version of the warrior from Eternia(TM), and introduces the "Secret of Grayskull" to a new generation of fans. The action figure assortments, which include: Heroic(TM) Warriors(R), Evil(TM) Enemies(TM) and Deluxe(R) Figures(TM), have been re-designed with updated looks and features as a new era of children look forward to discovering the magic and mystery of the man whose strength and courage know no equal. And kids will be able to use their imaginations to create their own action and adventures in their very own electronic Castle Grayskull(R) playset.



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