What does the stingray say?

One of my favorite things about language is the quirky way cultures interpret animal noises. Dogs for example bark "Woof, Woof" here in the US, "Mong, Mong" in S. Korea, "Av, Av" in Serbia, "Ghav, Ghav" in Greece, and "Hau, Hau" in Ukraine. — Read the rest

The Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat was cool

The trend in bike for local kids in my late 1970s neighborhood was BMX or 'dirt bikes,' but one of my neighbors had the Stingray with the stick shift and daaaaaaamn if it wasn't badass. There was no bike that gave a more 'free-spirit on the open road' feel to cruising around a suburban neighborhood than the Stingray. — Read the rest

Biologists rescue rare 400-pound stingray

Earlier this month, a group of fishermen in Cambodia accidentally caught a rare endangered giant stingray that was nearly 12 feet long and weighed in around 400 pounds.

From Reuters:

The stingray was accidentally caught by fishers in an 80-metre (260ft) deep pool in the Mekong in Cambodia's north-eastern Stung Treng province.

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The FCC helped create the Stingray problem, now it needs to fix it

An outstanding post on the EFF's Deeplinks blog by my colleague Ernesto Falcon explains the negligent chain of events that led us into the Stingray disaster, where whole cities are being blanketed in continuous location surveillance, without warrants, public consultation, or due process, thanks to the prevalence of "IMSI catchers" ("Stingrays," "Dirtboxes," "cell-site simulators," etc) that spy indiscriminately on anyone carrying a cellular phone — something the FCC had a duty to prevent.

Mounties used Stingrays to secretly surveil millions of Canadians for years

Motherboard used public records requests to extract 3,000+ pages of court docs from a massive 2010 RCMP mafia/drug bust in Montreal, codenamed "Project Clemenza," which revealed the full extent of the Mounties' secret use of Stingrays — AKA "IMSI Catchers," the fake cellular towers that let cops covertly track whole populations by tricking their phones into revealing information about them.