• Learn how to become an in-demand Cisco engineer with this expert-led training

    Categorizing someone as a power user is usually just a nebulous term, meaning they spend a lot of time with a system or a procedure, and likely knows a lot about it through experience. But, if you're a Cisco Power User, that's considered more than just an empty characterization. 

    Cisco classifies one of their power users as someone who "can perform all the operations as an admin user." That means everything from managing other users and roles, to monitoring resources, to knowing all the ins and outs of Cisco networking software and hardware.

    It's a tall order, but those who tackle The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle will be ready to handle everything Cisco. Not to mention, they'll be qualified to become a certified Cisco-approved pro, capable of tackling all modern business communication needs.

    With over five courses packed with 80 hours of instruction content, this package can get any learner up to speed on everything Cisco, covering routing protocols, networks, troubleshooting, and more.

    With routing and switching at the heart of a Cisco network, The Complete Guide to Cisco CCNA 200-125 and Cisco ICND2 200-105: CCNA Bootcamp is complete with full lectures, hands-on practice labs, problem-solving puzzles, and more. Once you're finished, you'll have the background needed to take and pass the Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam, one of the most respected network certifications available anywhere.

    The networking knowledge continues in the Cisco ICND1 100-105: CCENT Certification Bootcamp. This course focuses on core networking basics to help students land a coveted Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification, making them ready for entry-level support roles with large and small Cisco networks.

    Meanwhile, Cisco Certified Network Associate IPv4 Course gets deeper into other key networking issues, covering IP addressing, subnetting, VLSM, route summarization, wildcard masking, common network equipment, basic router administrative commands, and more.

    Cisco Certified Network Associate: Multiple Practice Labs and Border Gateway Pro lets students put all of their learning to the test. Over a series of hands-on practice labs, they'll face real world challenges that will show up on Cisco certification exams, like creating virtual local area networks, verifying and configuring IP addresses, and establishing border gateway protocol (BGP).

    These courses would normally cost users almost $200 each, but with this current offer, you can get all five for only $39.99.

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  • Skip the coffee shop and get fresh-brewed coffee right from this travel mug-sized brewer

    We knew it had to happen, right? From old school brewers, to Keurigs, to Starbucks, and beyond, the art of brewing coffee has been put into overdrive in recent years. But, until now, we'd never really reached this point before–a coffee mug that actually brews its own coffee.

    Whether you're a work-from-homer or a road warrior, the Kopipresso Brewer Mug is the perfect solution for enjoying your coffee. It's the world's first automatic handheld brewer–and yes, it's really just as innovative for coffee lovers as it sounds.

    This brewer mug basically works just like a drip coffee maker or a Keurig machine, all packed into a unit that, essentially, looks like a travel mug. But, when you pop the lid off the stainless steel body, you'll see clasps inside to hold the carafe of fresh coffee grounds, or even Keurig single-serve K-cups.

    With the carafe in place, it snaps easily into the headpiece so you can pour boiling water in. With the unit's sealed drip-resistant chambers, you won't need to worry about leaks once you lock down the headpiece. All you need then is to plug it into a USB connection, turn the whole mug upside down, and push the button. After one minute, you'll have a steaming-hot cup of coffee, ready to serve. 

    This brewer even has some of the versatility of its larger cousins. The circular '3D stereo' brewing process ensures a higher degree of extraction from your K-cup coffee pods or ground coffee. Plus, you can increase the boldness of your brew with a second push of your brew button, extending your prep time by an extra minute for an even richer cup.

    Its thermos heat conservation system keeps your coffee hot all morning, holding warmth for over 6 hours to ensure you get through your work session with enough java. Meanwhile, all the pieces come apart for easy cleaning as well.

    This could be a perfect holiday gift… isn't this something a coffee addict would love? The Kopipresso Brewer Mug retails for $90, but right now, it's on sale for just $79.95.

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  • With Tidal, Kast TV, and more, this package will help keep you entertained this winter

    As cold winter weather starts to settle in over much of the U.S., people are becoming less and less eager to leave the house. Add in the effects of a global pandemic and it's a safe bet to assume we'll all be spending many more hours indoors over the next few months.

    If you're going to be stuck inside until spring, you'll need a plan to keep yourself entertained during all that time. With the collection found in The Epic Entertainment at Home App Bundle ft. Tidal, you'll have all the pieces to turn your house into the multimedia hub you want it to be.

    This package starts with a one-year subscription to one of the premier music streaming services on the planet, Tidal. Sporting a list of celebrity owners that reads like a Grammy lineup, Tidal offers access to over 60 million tracks, streaming in premium high-quality. Their inventory is massive, and also includes 250,000 videos, exclusive interviews, live streams, and all kinds of marquee events to listen to, view, and read anytime. PCMag even honored Tidal as an Editor's Choice pick, calling it out as one of "the best streaming audio services we've tested."

    Since playback quality matters, this collection also includes the Elmedia media player, featuring advanced streaming abilities to allow it to play back virtually any audio or video file you've got, no matter its format. Created for Mac users, Elmedia comes with a full collection of playback features, and even the ability to screen-cast your content onto your TV or other screens via Chromecast, Apple TV, or other AirPlay or DLNA-approved devices.

    Getting 12 months of Kast TV premium access can help you turn any night into a watch party. Optimized to work with your own audio or video content, as well as major streaming services, you can use Kast TV to effectively stream that content to a group-watch, so up to 100 friends and family can join in together.

    Entertainment doesn't just equate to movies, TV, and music, which is why a lifetime of access to Memrise Language Learning's complete archive of language training coursework is so significant. Memrise will give you the opportunity to dive into 22 different languages by following their award-winning training, to start understanding and speaking in your new language in no time.

    Finally, VPN Unlimited will assure you that all of your contact with the web will never come back to haunt you. This global network of servers offer a fully encrypted, all but impenetrable tunnel to web access, so you can surf or do anything online, while your IP address and vital information all stay safely protected. And, VPN Unlimited never implements speed or bandwidth limits, always allowing you to get around international geo-fencing restrictions, and never logging any of your movements online that could fall into the wrong hands.

    Purchased separately, this collection of elite entertainment options would regularly cost over $530, but as part of this package, it's all available now for just $189.99.

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  • This solid wood headphone stand can wirelessly charge your devices

    As you scan your eye across your home office desk, is it all starting to get a little…cluttered? Junk piling up, cords tangled everywhere, even important accessories littered across your workspace might be turning your desk at home into what your desk back at the office looks like. 

    With a little forethought, you can not only clean up your desktop, but make it a little more functional, too. 

    This 2-in-1 Wooden Headphone Stand and Charger has a classy look, while being incredibly effective. Handcrafted from premium solid oak or walnut, and black-painted solid steel, this wooden stand sets itself apart from the rest with a unique, geometrically-inspired design and a detailed hand-finish.

    Since it's made with durable and high-quality materials, this stand won't fold under the weight of heftier headphones. 

    While this stand will always keep your headphones stored efficiently, and with some class, this stand also doubles as a powerful, fully-capable wireless charger. Just slide your Qi-enabled smartphone, earbuds or other rechargeable device on this black wood platform, and the stand will feed energy to your power-hungry devices.

    In addition to a 10-watt jolt of fast wireless charging power, this stand also monitors that feed with advanced temperature controls to help ensure safe charging with no threat of overheating or damage.

    Even if you have a thick case of up to 4mm thick on your phone, this stand should have no trouble locking onto your device and regulating the power feed to replenish your phone, tablet, or other device back to a full battery charge.

    This stand retails for $99, but while the deal lasts, this premium Wood Headphone Stand and Charger is now almost $15 off, at just $85.99.

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  • With NordVPN and NordPass, your online security is covered for 2 years

    An easy way to scare yourself is to think about how badly you, your finances, your family, and more could be hurt if every scrap of information about what you do online was stolen–like all of your banking information, account access, and passwords. If a cyber-criminal was able to infiltrate your system and steal your personal details, it would be a nightmare scenario that no one wants to consider.

    To make sure your information is safe and secure, you can get an effective double-shot of protective power: a 2-year subscription to the VPN services of NordVPN, and the password coverage of the NordPass password manager.

    While it's always tough to judge the credentials of a VPN provider, NordVPN is one of the exceptions to that rule. An industry leader since 2012, and a mainstay on CNET's annual rundown of the Best VPNs of the Year, NordVPN enlists their collection of special features along with their expansive service network to provide iron-clad online protection, 24/7/365.

    Whether you want to achieve complete online anonymity, or just get around web restrictions that stand in your way, the double-encrypted private access of NordVPN's 5,500 server, 59-country global network is a great first step.

    Users get complete protection everywhere you log in, from public WiFi to your home router. Enjoying high-speed connections and no data restrictions, NordVPN also allows you to get around international geo-fencing rules. It also includes features like a strict, no-logging policy, as well as a kill-switch to automatically shut down your activity if your VPN connection should suddenly drop and expose any of your information.

    While NordVPN keeps a close eye on all of your web activity, the addition of two years of NordPass protection will keep all of your login and password information just as secure. NordPass not only lets you create long-tail logins and passwords that are virtually unbreakable, then remembers all of your unique passwords for every site or account you join.

    Using elite-level industry protection standards, including two-factor authentication and their powerful XChaCha20 encryption, NordPass will also fill in your information automatically in online forms, sync your passwords across all of your devices and platforms, and stores all of that data in your own NordPass vault. Even NordPass doesn't have access to any of your passwords, allowing you to strictly control any and all access to your vital accounts.

    Regularly a $346 value, you can get two years of both NordVPN and NordPass right now for only $99 while this deal lasts.

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  • Save over 25% on this flat-panel HDTV antenna with an 80 mile range

    Just a few days ago, streaming giant, Netflix, announced their plans to raise U.S. standard plan prices by $1 a month, and premium plans by $2 per month. It's a safe bet that it won't be the last time Netflix will be asking  subscribers for more money. 

    Meanwhile, Comcast is threatening to drop channels owned by NBCUniversal from cable lineups nationwide, unless the two sides can hammer out a carriage deal, even though both companies are owned by Comcast.

    With both streaming services and cable companies gouging users for more and more, do your wallet a favor by picking up an Antop AT-400B Flat-Panel Antenna.

    With this antenna attached to your TV, users can pick up HDTV, 1080p, and even 4K Ultra HD broadcast signals from any local station transmitters up to 80 miles away. For those who aren't really up to speed on antenna technology, this is definitely a big step up from the old-school rabbit ears.

    In addition to its exceptional range, the AT-400B also sports some first-of-its-kind technology, like the Smartpass Amplifier. Its proprietary design allows users to get an easier, stronger connection between a non-amplified, passive antenna and your TV by delivering the right balance between short and long-range reception. 

    On top of that, this antenna also comes with a built-in 4G filter, which blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals from disrupting your signal so you can enjoy fully noise-free digital TV reception.

    This unit's multi-directional reception, UV coating, weather-resistant finish, and creative panel design allow the AT-400B to be installed both outdoors on a wall, roof, or balcony, or inside in an attic, or placed on a tabletop. Either way, at fewer than 2 feet high, this antenna doesn't actually look like an antenna, and can be kept near or around your TV, while still blending into your home decor.

    Right now, the Antop AT-400B Flat-Panel Antenna is on sale for $79.99, a savings of over 25% off its regular price. 

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  • This electric guitar and amp kit can get any musician ready to rock

    This is a great holiday gift option for the music lover or aspiring musician in your life. This gives people of all ages the chance to rock. And, let's face it, if you give an electric guitar to your child (or niece/nephew, grandchild, etc.), you're pretty much guaranteed to become that kid's favorite person ever.

    Grabbing an electric six-string and learning how to rock out is a fantasy of many men, women, and children everywhere. You can make that dream come true for yourself, or someone else, right now with this complete LyxPro 39-inch Electric Guitar and 20W Amp Kit.

    Crafted for both beginner and intermediate players, this full-sized axe includes everything a budding shred-master needs to get shredding. The guitar itself is made by hand from premium wood. It features a sturdy Canadian maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, paired with durable strings, frets, and pegs and marker dots that are evenly spaced, yet scaled down to size so beginners get a true-to-life feel. It also comes with a carrying case to keep it safe wherever a player and his or her instrument may travel.

    This set also comes with a 20-watt amp that includes a built-in speaker, a headphone jack, and even an auxiliary output for playing music from a phone or MP3 player. In addition to a guitar cable, spare steel picks and strings, and a shoulder strap, the set also features a clip-on tuner, to ensure the guitar is in tune and sounding its best.

    Varieties of the LyxPro Electric Guitar and Amp Kits are available in 30, 36, and 39 inches for both right-handed and left-handed players, as well as a variety of cool colors and patterns, including a sunburst model.  

    This complete guitar and amp package from LyxPro normally costs $249, but is now over 35% off at just $159.99.

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  • 26 of the best lightning cable deals for charging your Apple devices

    While its sales figures remain shrouded in mystery, it's safe to say there are loads and loads of iPhone 12 phones currently being purchased by owners worldwide. And, while power adapters and headphones are no longer part of the standard accessories that arrive with a new iPhone, that power cord is still tucked away inside that Apple box.

    But we all know that one cord is never, ever enough. From your desk, to your car, to the couch, to your bedside table, to your travel bag, power cords are needed in so many places. So having a backup…or two…or more, on-hand is never a bad idea.

    Check out these current deals on more than two dozen lightning cables and other power connectors to keep all your Apple devices charged and ready for use. 

    The Apple Basics

    Straight from Apple, you can be sure that these cables are 100% compatible with your devices, since they all came from the same place. Available in varying lengths, these USB 2.0 cables connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connectors to your computer's USB port for syncing and charging, or to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet. Whether you want a short cable to connect to your laptop, one that's 6 feet long to stretch almost anywhere, or a multi-pack, they're all on sale now.

    Made For Protection

    For those who don't trust the long-term durability of the usual rubber-coated Lightning cables, there are options that provide a little more protection, all for under $15. You can look for cords with extra layers of durability, like the anodized stainless steel exoskeleton wrapped around the Plugies Curves Stainless Steel Zinc Alloy Cable ($7.99; originally $25). Or, you can go with the more flexible nylon sheathing covering this Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable ($9.99; originally $15), which also features a Kevlar fiber core and precision laser welding. 

    Since the junction between the cable and the metal head is a common fracture point for any charging cord, the MOS Spring Lightning Cable (3ft) ($12.99; originally $15) protects that particular stress zone with a unique carbon-blackened steel spring that adds strain relief to this MFI-certified connector.

    Sometimes, avoiding snarls and knots in your cables is enough to keep them in tip-top shape. The Crave 4Ft Apple MFi to USB Cable ($14.99; originally $19) does just that, as the tangle-proof nylon ensures you never bend, twist, or break your cable if you're in a hurry and heading out the door. Plus, the MFI connector detects your device's power requirements and protects against overcharging and power surges.

    Not every Lightning cable connects to a standard USB 2.0 source. If you're plugging into a power battery or another non-standard interface, the ZeroLemon MFi-Certified 6.4Ft USB-C PD to Lightning Cable ($13.99; originally $16) sports a USB-C head to facilitate its high-flow capacity. Not only can it push a compatible device from zero to 50% power in just 30 minutes, its ample 6.4-foot length can help you charge comfortably in most locations.

    If you're looking for versatility, go with the Triton 3-in-1 Cable ($9.99; originally $29), where users have built-in connectors that provide options for USB-A, USB-C and even microUSB linkups. The braided jacket ensures the cable won't tear, and its high speed charging capabilities can fuel your devices at up to 50% faster.

    A little something extra

    If you're willing to push your price-point up to $25, there are some cord options with even more possibilities. The Sync and Charge Jolt MFi Lightning Cable ($24.95; originally $29) not only features dual sync and charge functionality, easy charging, and data transferring, and even MFI certification, it is also a lengthy 5 feet long. 

    But, if you're talking long cable lengths, you have to consider this 10-Ft Cloth MFi-Certified Lightning Cable ($14.99; originally $39). You read that right–10 feet! Made with tangle-resistant cloth fiber, you'll have all the flexibility and convenience that 10 feet of MFi-certified Lightning cable can provide.

    Speaking of flexibility, the Logiix Sync and Charge Anti-Stress MFi Lightning Cable ($21.95; originally $24) is designed with a reinforced flexible encasing to relieve stress on the cable. That should help make sure this cable doesn't fall prey to ugly breakage or the fraying that kills so many power cords.

    Of course, sometimes something extra just amounts to extra, reinforced strength. That's the case with the ZinCable Ultra-Strong MFi-Certified Lightning Cable ($19.99; originally $24),  featuring scratch-resistant connectors made from super-strong zinc alloy and a high-speed wire, with reinforced stress points and a strain-resistant core that screams both crazy-fast and crazy-strong.

    Strength is also the name of the game for the GO-TOUGH Reinforced MFi Lightning Cable ($24.99; originally $29). Made from heavy-duty PET-reinforced cable with reinforced stress points for reduced fraying, this 6.5-foot connector has the enhanced durability to keep delivering for the long-haul.

    If you need a cable that will sync to any device you've got, the CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable ($24.99; originally $30) might be your best bet. With its multiple adapters, this cable can connect in up to six different configurations, including connectors for any Apple, USB-C, or Android devices with any USB-A and USB-C ports.


    When one quality cord isn't enough, load up on a multi-pack to have you covered from all angles, like this 3-pack of JunoPower Kaebo Braided Anti-Tear Charging Cables ($13.99; originally $29). Wrapped in a web of highly durable nylon cloth with aluminum adapter heads, these Kaebo cords are designed to hold up longer than the average Lightning cable.

    Weathering the storms of everyday use is also the calling card for this Chargeworx NYLOTuff 6Ft MFi Lightning Cable 2-Pack ($27.99; originally $39). With special twisted braiding, NYLOTuff is guaranteed to be strong and durable for long-term use, along with premium metal for fast charging and seamless syncing with devices. The 6-foot length adds a bonus of having a long cord for you to use it anywhere.

    The 3ft Magnetic Fidget Cable 3-Pack ($46.99; originally $54) uses magnets to keep the cables tightly coiled so they never end up sprawling all over your desks or tables. The super high-strength magnets keep the cables in check until a gentle tug pulls out the length you need. They even work as pretty satisfying fidget toys, too.


    Whether you want to go short and durable, long and durable, or even longer and even more durable, Piston has all of your options. From the Mini, which is just under a foot, to the 5-footer, Piston cables all have ultra-slim aluminum connectors and tangle-free braided cords for extended life. Additionally, the 10-foot Connect XL even sports a 90-degree anti-stress connector that helps protect the cord from breaking or fraying.


    Ideal for travel, Incipio cables are not only Apple-certified, but offer a flexible, tangle-free way to charge and sync your iOS devices. Plus, you can go with either white or black varieties, depending on what works best with your current accessories. Style should never be overlooked, even in connector cables.

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  • Lock down a discounted MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini before Black Friday

    With Black Friday right around the corner, you might already be thinking about some new digital hardware.

    Right now, Apple has dropped prices on several models of its certified refurbished Mac mini, iMac, and MacBook Air and Pro varieties, at savings of up to $1,200 off the regular price. While some units could have light cosmetic imperfections, all have been thoroughly cleaned and deemed to be working as well as, or better than, those coming right off of store shelves.

    Mac mini

    For the space-conscious among us, the Mac mini is Apple's smallest desktop Mac. Once hooked up to your monitor, mouse, and keyboard, the Intel Core i5 delivers outstanding performance without the hefty Apple price. There's no other Mac version that packs this much into such a small package. While their storage size is close, the price difference here comes down whether you're fine with the hard disk drive (HDD), or want the newer, faster solid-state drive (SSD) to access your files with greater speed.

    MacBook Air

    For those with a keen sense for how much weight they're carrying around, the MacBook Air is the lighter, more portable cousin of the Apple laptop line. Whether you go for the 11.6-inch screen or the larger 13.3-inch version,  this ultra-sleek laptop makes bulky drives a thing of the past, and boasts a lightning-fast Intel processor, all with a longer battery life and with significantly less weight than before.

    MacBook Pro

    For demanding laptop users, the Pro might weigh a little more than the Air, but it's got the bells and whistles to make those couple of extra ounces pay off. The unibody construction creates a thinner, lighter profile than similar models, while the speedy Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory, and 13.3" widescreen LED-backlit TFT active-matrix glossy screen pack in all the usual quality Apple features at a significant discount.


    The iMac is Apple's all-in-one desktop station, a compact design that packs everything into one piece of hardware that won't eat up all your open desk space. The iMac houses some serious processing power, as well as all the RAM and other features to support next-level multitasking. You can choose between the iMac with the tidier 21.5-inch screen, or take in the full grandeur of a 27-inch model. Either way, the savings are just as impressive as its features. 

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  • This wireless solar-powered backup camera is effective and easy to install

    Backup cameras have been in cars for a long time, and continue to play a significant role in car safety features. The U.S. Congress made its first big step toward requiring them to be considered standard equipment in vehicles in 2008, but it really wasn't until 2018 that manufacturers were required to make rear camera surveillance part of each car or truck's built-in safety package.

    Obviously, that means there are still millions of vehicles out on the road that don't have backup cameras installed. But while putting a full camera system in your old car or truck feels like it might be a tricky and expensive project, it really isn't. With a setup like the FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera, even a classic vehicle can have all the benefits of rear camera technology in a matter of minutes..

    The FenSens looks like a car license plate frame–and basically, it pretty much installs the same way. With just a few screws and zero electrical work, this wireless, hands-free parking sensor is in place and ready to start live-streaming video right to your phone via FenSens' Android or iOS app.

    Its internal ultrasonic sensors provide audio, visual, and vibration alerts right to the app, so you can actually see, feel, and hear if you're backing up too close to another vehicle, object, or a person.

    In addition to FenSens' patented QuickLaunch button that launches the app hands-free, the latest model also features an enhanced chipset that actually increases your screen resolution so you can see everything in 1080p HD-level quality.

    Weatherproof for long-lasting use, this camera is also completely driven by solar power. Once you've charged it the first time, this camera should never run out of battery life again, constantly replenishing its charge from the sun's rays.

    You can either secure your phone in a dashboard dock, or even just leave it in your pocket. No matter how you want to use it, this system will always make sure you're alerted.

    Regularly $249, you can enjoy the peace of mind of the FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera at over 30% off, just $169.99.

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    Prices subject to change.

  • Get over 35 hours of training on Raspberry Pi, Python, and ROS2 for just $50

    Not everybody is wired to be a tinkerer. Some of us just want to push the on button, have a machine spring to life, do its job, and be done with it. But if you're someone who looks at that whirring, spinning machine and wonders how that's actually happening, then the Raspberry Pi is practically a gateway drug for you.

    The single-board microcomputer has been a focal point in a DIY electronics and programming revolution, a device so low in cost, yet rife with possibility that an entire subculture has become obsessed with how to turn the Pi into practically anything–like a pill dispenser, a universal translator, or a WiFi extender.  

    And, yet, that doesn't even scratch the surface of how many advanced automation and robotics options are possible. For anyone who's ever wanted to really dig deep into inventive new uses for today's electronics, The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle can kick that door open with authority.

    This collection includes 15 courses with nearly 40 hours of training that explore the basics of programming, homemade electronics, and robot building. It's enough to get even a first-time user started in developing the abilities to forge almost anything imaginable from these core components.

    The Complete Raspberry Pi Bootcamp can get things started, explaining, through practical examples, how to create a complete Pi-based program. Even if you don't have your own Pi, this course can help you simulate the board in your operating system and start learning, even without the board itself.

    From these humble beginnings, another dozen courses will expand your Pi knowledge in the best way possible — through assembling a batch of crazy cool new projects. As you follow instructions to make your own automated smart dustbin, a GPS tracking system, or a smart security camera, you'll fully explore how to apply elements of these projects to start crafting your own Pi-inspired automations.

    The collection also features an introduction to Python coding, how to use that coding in the creation of 'Internet of Things' projects, and a full examination of ROS2, an open-source, meta-operating system for use in programming robots. 

    The entire collection is valued at almost $2,400, but you can save hundreds by getting the whole 15-course bundle now for about $3 per course, just $49.99.

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  • The Bakblade is a quick, easy answer to eliminating all your back hair problems

    There's no getting around it. Humans are hairy creatures. In fact, some of us are incredibly hairy creatures. 

    While men with full, luscious heads of hair are deemed attractive and sexy, guys with an excess of back hair are not judged as kindly. No, guys with even a trace of noticeable hair growth on their back often get treated like Quasimodo skulking through Notre Dame. 

    For those guys, it's only a matter of time until the inevitable question, "So, have you ever thought about waxing?"

    There are some options before the unlucky reach that painful point, however. The Bakblade 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver is one of those options, a unique personal grooming tool that just might short circuit some of those embarrassing questions about why you're wearing a sweater at the beach.

    One look at this unique tool shows it's ready to attack unsightly hair in its toughest, most unreachable areas. While it almost looks like a backscratcher, it's actually equipped with patented DRYglide blades, allowing the Bakblade to serve up a clean, smooth, stubble-free shave across your back. That pursuit is aided by the S-shaped ergonomically considered designs providing a full range of motion so users can get anywhere and everywhere needed to sweep that hair away.

    The Bakblade works in wet or dry conditions, featuring easily interchangeable blade cartridges that can make short work of even densely packed hair forests. From the upper back to the shoulders to that tough to reach lower back area, the Bakblade can get there, all without leaving the entire area a nicked, cut-up mess.

    Amazon users have given the Bakblade 2.0 a ringing seal of approval, logging a collected 4.3 out of 5 star rating from more than 10,000 customer reviews.

    Right now, the Bakblade 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver is also available at a big savings on the regular price. Regularly $39, it's now on sale for 40 percent off, cutting your total down to only $23.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

  • Learn how to build our very own Android app with the help of these classes

    If you've got a smartphone or tablet, odds are you've got over 100 different apps already sharing space on your home screens. But while the average user will check that device over 60 times a day, there's also a sobering stat app developers need to remember — almost 80 percent of apps get abandoned after their first day of use.

    That means if you're putting an app together, you better be bringing the form, feel and function users really want or you'll be kicked to the curb in hours, maybe even minutes.

    Creators can build their foundation for making brilliant apps with the help of the training in The 2021 Android Development eBook and Video Course Super Bundle.

    This collection brings together 11 different training resources — 5 video courses and 6 ebooks — to explore everything it takes to build a killer app in the Android environment, then make sure those users will actually want to keep using it.

    The training starts with a primer on creating for Android, the Android Programming for Beginners, 2nd Edition ebook. This meaty introduction lays out what boundaries for how to program for Android, including scripting with Java and how everything works together through the Android API.

    That book gets things underway, but there are more courses and ebooks exploring specific Android creation tools. Users cover topics like using the Kotlin programming language, how it interacts with the Java-centric Spring framework and the ways Google's Firebase platform can synthesize those pieces to help build bigger, stronger, faster apps more quickly.

    While an ebook like the Android 9 Development Cookbook can help refine your app creation skills, still other courses and readings offer guidance in critical areas like modernizing user interfaces, improving who your app elements work together, and even working through the trouble when something doesn't work the way you'd planned.

    Probably no part of app creation is more glamorous than building new games, so you'll also get a 32-hour exploration in the Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D and 3D Games video series. This breakdown doesn't just show students how to build games in the world famous Unity game engine, but the steps needed to help make your games feel more engaging, more addictive and take advantage of all the features Unity has to offer.

    A nearly $900 value, this complete package is on sale now for a fraction of that price, only $29.99 while this offer lasts.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • This build-it-yourself musical Tesla coil looks and sounds positively otherworldly

    Anybody can learn to play the piano. Or a violin. Or the guitar. But how many musicians are game to jump in and start learning to play electricity itself?

    That's part of the appeal of the Tesla coil, a curious invention pioneered by Serbian-American genius inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891. It was all part of the big thinker's dream to come up with a way to supply electrical power around the world without the need for stringing wires everywhere.

    He succeeded with his Tesla coil, the first system ever able to transmit electricity wirelessly. While its practical applications ended up being limited, there's one place where a Tesla coil unmistakably shines: generating some truly otherworldly music.

    With the oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit, users can assemble their own Tesla coil, then strike up the band to play all manner of strange tunes, all through manipulating electricity.

    The music from a Tesla coil actually comes from the vibration of air molecules by changing the frequency of sound waves generated per second to create a higher or lower pitch. And this kit includes everything you need to get started, including all the precision-made components to get your coil up and running, pumping out high voltage lightning charges that surge up to 2 feet.

    This programmable coil is really something to see in person, especially when working in tandem with its MIDI input interface. Through direct playback from Micro SD and SDHC cards, you can use the new menu-driven organization and LCD screen to browse for just the music file and playback mode you want.  

    This coil can generate up to 340 volts of energy, which can be dangerous and is definitely not a toy. But in conjunction with the musical display, it's a do-it-yourself sight and sound demonstration that will definitely grab attention everywhere.

    Retailing for $449, you can save $50 off the price of oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit right now and get one for just $399.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

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  • Artkive Box lets you preserve your child's artwork forever as a brilliant hardcover book

    Check with almost any parent and they'll probably be able to tell you exactly where it is. You know…the box.

    The box that collects the accumulated masterpiece works of their junior Picasso over the years. The drawings. The finger paintings. The macaroni collages. The handprint Thanksgiving turkeys. That box represents an entire wing of MOMA displays just waiting to be compiled into a complete career retrospective.

    While these treasures would normally remain entombed for years, only to see the light of day when excavated for the grandkids to laugh about, the Artkive Box has another idea.

    Instead of keeping those old drawings and paintings trapped in a box for decades, Artkive wants you to put all that work into one of their boxes instead. From there, the accomplished photographers and designers at Artkive will turn your child's artistic expression into a lifetime keepsake, a hardcover book that immortalizes it all forever under one cover.

    The craftsmen at Artkive understand the importance of celebrating a child's creativity and preserving those moments so you'll never forget a thing. Once they've professionally photographed, edited, and laid out the work into book proof form, they'll give you a chance to review and make any necessary changes before final printing. Once approved, your high quality, 8.5 x 11-inch hardcover book will start heading your way.

    Not only do you get a beautiful remembrance of what might be the most creative period in a child's life, you also get to free up all that box space that's now filled with old art. So it doesn't just appeal to the wistful, sentimental you, it also appeals to all those Marie Kondo-types looking to clean up that clutter filling up your garage or storage space.

    This offer saves you over half off the price of the initial Artkive box and photography session, a $39 value now on sale for just $19. Once they have all the elements together, they can assess the length of the book, number of copies needed, and bill you accordingly.

    Prices are subject to change.

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  • This sleep robot could actually fix what's keeping you up at night

    Do you really need a sleep robot? Do you need a robot to cut your meat for you and teach you how to walk and chew gum at the same time too?

    At first glance, a sleep robot probably sounds pretty silly. However, if you suffer from insomnia or other poor sleep disorders, it just might be a robot that can help get you back to sleeping restfully through the night.

    While the Somnox Sleep Robot has a variety of high-tech options for helping to guide users toward a more peaceful slumber, it actually bases much of its working philosophy around a centuries-old practice.

    When humans or animals sleep with others, they can experience a deeper sense of comfort and even start to mimic another's breathing patterns to relax and fall asleep faster. The sleep robot applies that same principle to help guide your breathing. By holding the super cuddleable robot pillow, users feel the breathing rhythm it produces, helping you unconsciously adapt your own breathing to it. Its robot brain will then detect your breathing and start adapting to it, syncing with the users to help ease down the heart rate and blood pressure as well to carry them to sleep.

    Developed by robotics engineers, the Sleep Robot doesn't just bank on breathing rhythms to do the trick. It also works as an external focal point for the sleeper's mind, directing it away from unwanted thoughts and stress that could keep you awake. It also doubles down by playing soothing sounds, nature noises, guided meditations or even white or pink noise to encourage a semi-hypnotic or meditative state and reduce feelings of stress.

    In addition to the ergonomic shape and soft natural fabric, the Sleep robot optimizes your sleep with the Somnox app, which allows you to customize your sleep program into a completely unique breathing exercise and audio playlist that works just for you.

    And science backs it up — the Somnox Sleep Robot is working. Researchers found 75 percent of the robot's users were falling asleep faster and more easily. For those who took more than a half-hour to fall asleep, the Sleep Robot shaved that time by an average of 21 minutes.

    Regularly $600, you can 10 percent off the price of the Somnox Sleep Robot by entering the code SLEEP60 during checkout. That lowers your final price down to only $540.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.