• Never miss a single detail with a digital microscope like this on your hands

    No matter how good your vision may be, the naked eye sure misses a lot. Like if you ever look up close at a Van Gogh painting — all those brush strokes and swirls are the magic behind any of the artist's masterpieces. And the same goes with other things in life, whether it be vintage coins, the inside of a flower, or a drop of blood

    If you're in the business of seeing things up close and personal, no old, outdated microscope can hold a candle to this unique digital model. Thanks to its impressive 12 million high-definition pixels, you can see anything you put under the lens in incredible detail, opening your eyes like never before. 

    But perhaps what really sets this microscope apart from the rest is the fact that it has adapted to today's digital world, allowing you to see everything on a screen. That's because it comes equipped with a large, seven-inch IPS screen that lets you observe things in a whole new way, without having to close one of your eyes. And as if that wasn't convenient enough, the microscope also boasts a USB port that is compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops. 

    Thanks to the magnifying tool's computer visualization, bright LEDs, and highly accurate zoom settings, you can see whatever you're looking at in incredible detail. Great for coin collectors, botanists, lab-workers, and beyond, this microscope makes the business of exploration that much easier, showing you rich details effortlessly. 

    With a running time of 2 hours, you don't have to worry much about keeping the microscope charged as you work. And when it is time to gas it up again, it can reach its full power potential after just 3.5 hours. And with a name like Mesay behind it, you can bet this microscope will stay in excellent shape for many, many years to come.

    At 32% off, it doesn't take a magnifying lens to see this is a good deal. Snag the 7" HD Digital USB Microscope for just $203.95.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Become an SEO master with this toolset for under $75

    For anyone looking to establish an online brand, finding and reaching out to your target audience directly can be a daunting task. After all, how do you know which keywords or topics will reach directly to them? If you don't have a degree in marketing, it can be near impossible to figure out on your own.

    WriterZen will take the guesswork out of building content specifically for you and your brand. It's an easy content creator for SEO that explores Golden keywords, identifies topic relevance, and delivers accurate content references to help you find and execute keywords and content that can quickly rank.

    Among its numerous features, the Keyword Explorer will be your best friend when it comes to finding words that have a high probability to rank in the top 10, 20, 30 searches within a search engine. Its Search Intent Analysis will even help hone in on which keywords have received the most hits, so you can form a well-thought-out SEO campaign. To save you from further headache, the Topic Discovery module will research subtopics being written about by your competitors, thus saving you hours of research into what's working for the ones you want to beat.

    Additionally, it features Advanced NLP Analysis, meaning it will pick out your top 20 competitors' websites to recommend keywords, outlines headings, and paragraph structures that are ranking highly with them. There's no need to worry about plagiarism though, because WriterZen also offers a highly advanced Plagiarism Checker, ensuring the integrity and originality of your quality content.

    Once you start building your brand, you won't want to be without this tool, and you won't have to be, because this subscription deal is for life. If you need any further reasons to pick up this toolset right now, just check out some of the reviews: WriterZen is sporting a 4.8 out of 5-rating on both G2 and Trustpilot, as well as a 4.9 out of 5-rating on Capterra!

    Right now, you can scoop a lifetime subscription to WriterZen Easy Content Creator for SEO for 91% off. That means you can start building a successful online brand for only $68.99, the best price you'll find on the web.

  • This company went on Shark Tank in 2018, now they're a leading force in alcohol-related health

    Tossing back a few with friends is tough enough as you get older. But if you're trying to lead a health-conscious lifestyle while still enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two…well, that can be a narrow tightrope to walk.

    The reality is that as you age, less & less alcohol makes you feel worse & worse the next day. Plus, you likely have a lot more responsibilities that just don't jive with that less-than-100-percent feeling.

    Since we know we'll be feeling not-so-great the next day, it only makes sense to be prepared with something to help us bounce back.

    That's where Cheers Restore comes in. Cheers Restore is an after-alcohol aid designed to help you feel better after drinking while also supporting your liver. The formula is currently available in both capsule and beverage form.

    The active ingredient in Cheers Restore is dihydromyricetin (DHM), a natural plant extract that's been used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries. However, in 2012, a groundbreaking study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that there was more to DHM than centuries of hearsay. DHM was shown through animal studies to bind to the same brain receptor that alcohol binds to, the GABAa receptor, and by doing so, reduces GABAa rebound—the main cause of why you feel less than 100% the next day. Since then, many studies have corroborated these findings. 

    Just one dose of Cheers Restore capsules after drinking had participants in Cheers' patent study feeling an average of 50 percent better in eight notable areas. Rather than swearing off drinking once you hit your respectable adult years, Cheers is designed to fit your lifestyle, so you can enjoy alcohol on your own terms and feel ready to take on the next day.

    After four years of establishing their place as a leader in alcohol-related health and generating over $25 million in revenue through online orders alone since 2017, Cheers is now soliciting an investment via StartEngine. The brand hopes to soon roll Cheers Restore onto retail shelves – with the goal of making Cheers available anywhere that alcohol is sold.

    As Cheers pushes into the ~$250 billion a year U.S. alcohol market, you can visit their StartEngine campaign, get a feel for their product and business plan, then decide if you're ready to invest in their vision of "a world where everyone can enjoy alcohol throughout a long, healthy, & happy lifetime." If you act soon, you can get 20% off their products on their website (cheershealth.com) and try Cheers for yourself. Just use the promo code INVEST20 at checkout!

  • Lemonade is the number one rental insurance option in customer satisfaction. Here's why.

    Airlines. Cable companies. Pharmaceutical firms. Banks. Those industries show up every year on lists of America's most hated companies. It's seldom for the products they actually produce. It's usually for the poor customer service, ridiculous fees, and a general sense of all-around indifference to their customer's needs that land these firms squarely in the public's crosshairs.

    You can lump insurance companies into that category as well. While nearly everyone knows they need homeowners' or renters' insurance, the reality is often an exercise in frustration. Premiums rise and fall with little rhyme or reason. And while a company may be quick to write your policy and start gathering up your payments, it may be a different story when you one day have to collect on that policy.

    That distrust of big insurance providers and their monolithic business-first tactics have opened doors to leaner, smarter competitors to attract customers by offering insurance coverage the right way.

    Lemonade is one of those new-breed companies. Powered by artificial intelligence and plain old-fashioned smarts, the company began issuing homeowners and renters insurance back in 2016, growing to become one of the fastest-growing insurance companies worldwide. In 2020, the firm ranked no. 1 in customer satisfaction among rental insurance providers by data analytics company J.D. Power. It was the first time an entirely online insurance brand had ever topped industry heavyweights like Allstate and State Farm in that annual poll.

    It did it by making insurance coverage easier and cheaper. With everything handled online, Lemonade doesn't have big skyscrapers and fleets of agents to pay for. Instead, customers can go to the company's website, enter some basic personal information, and get a quote on homeowners' or renters' insurance in 90 seconds, often at a lower price than their biggest, more bloated competitors. In fact, Lemonade rates can start as low as $5 a month.

    A Lemonade renters insurance policy covers everything from theft, vandalism, and water damage, to fire and smoke protection in the event of a blaze. Lemonade coverage also secures renters from other people's injuries in your home, including medical expenses or even lawsuits.

    Using artificial intelligence, Lemonade's algorithms can process an insurance claim and often give approval in literally seconds. That's without the endless paperwork, hassle, and waiting that other providers unleash on customers.

    Lemonade makes its money by taking a flat fee upfront before it pays out on its claims. And the excess funds don't end up back in the company's coffers. Instead, it allows customers to select from a handful of worthy causes to receive that money. Whether you back the Humane Society, the American Red Cross, Teach for America, and others, your policy premiums don't just prop up the insurance business. They actually make a difference in your community.

    Potential customers looking for a new homeowners' or renters' insurance policy or those who just want to compare rates to their current providers can go to the Lemonade website now and get a fast quote.

  • Get a leg up on everyone in the office with these Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets guides

    A lot has changed since you started your career behind the keyboard, and if you can't keep up with the times, the generation in front of you will swoop in and eat you alive. Sure, you could retire early (we all know your savings will last you comfortably until at least next Tuesday), but there's an easier way to both keep your job and get a raise at the same time. Cue in The Premium Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle and score some quick but useful knowledge in all things business organization.

    In 2021, your work experience should be lightyears away from basic spreadsheet creation if you want to beat Gen Z at their own game (or live in their cities). The Premium Google Sheets And Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle can absolutely help make you more marketable in every sense of the word. So, how does it work? With 11 different courses, 20 hours of content, and just about a billion different lessons, you can easily become a pro in sorting, analyzing, and reporting data on platforms like Google Sheets, Microsoft, Excel, Power BI, and SQL. 

    Once you're familiar with the platforms, you'll get your hands dirty by building dynamic tools that filter, display, and analyze your data, as well as designing customizable, formula-based formatting rules that cut down on work time. Beyond that, you'll get a crash course in discovering how trends lend insight into any project, as well as the formulas that prove positive for any business. By the time you're done sorting through all of the lessons and jargon, you'll be prepared to develop your own data models for gathering accurate, complete, and timely reports like Bill Gates himself (just leave your dad jeans at home, not even a billionaire can pull them off).

    The best part? All of these courses offer lifetime access, so whether you're ready to get the show on the road now or later, you can always be ready to brush up on a number crunch how-to just by opening your laptop.

    Get The Premium Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle for $39.99, or less than $4 per course.

  • These CBD-infused gummies from Sunday Scaries are 100% vegan and 1000% delicious

    Whether you're planning for a visit with the in-laws or trying to meet important deadlines at work, there's a lot of reasons to pull your hair out these days. And until you can drop everything you're doing and escape on a solo trip through Europe, you could really use something to take the edge off. 

    Sure, a glass of wine is nice after a stressful day, but it isn't always the healthiest way to relax your nerves. That's where the famed Sunday Scaries gummies come into play. In addition to being infused with safe CBD, capable of calming your nerves and relieving anxiety, these bite-sized morsels are 100% vegan, perfect for those living a cruelty-free lifestyle. 

    While these CBD gummies have been proven to calm your nerves, help you get better sleep, and even increase your focus, they contain absolutely no THC, which means you'll never get that foggy, high feeling. In fact, you can take them at any time of day, whether you're about to head on a long flight or could use a little calming energy while dealing with a breakup.

    In addition to the many benefits its CBD provides, these Sunday Scaries gummies also contain essential vitamins, including vitamin B12, known to regulate the nervous system, and vitamin D12, which can give your immune system an extra boost. The gummies are also made with sunflower oil, serving as an excellent antioxidant for the skin. 

    Unlike many other wellness products out there, the Sunday Scaries gummies are 100% vegan, safe for those looking to go cruelty-free. And they're never pumped with tons of artificial flavors or dangerous ingredients. Instead, they contain organic sugar, which is what gives them their subtle hint of sweetness.

    With five-star reviews on countless sites and rave reviews on Buzzfeed, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and more, these Sunday Scaries CBD gummies appear to be the world's best-kept secret to living a more focused, calm lifestyle. And considering their safe, responsible make, they're a welcome alternative to some of the more dangerous medicines and treatments out there today.

    Get 15% off these Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies, making them just $32.95.

  • These Marvel Avengers bottle openers will have you opening your drinks like a real hero

    Superheroes and supervillains have securely entered the zeitgeist as solid staples of modern pop culture and, perhaps, no group of comic book icons is bigger than those in the Marvel universe. Marvel has carved an impressive niche into the fabric of our society, and with that comes a unique selection of collectibles.

    From action figures and trading cards to toothbrushes, you can get a Marvel brand anything these days to show that you are a true fanatic of the universe. These Marvel Avengers Bottle Openers are now a part of that collection and are a must-have for casual and loyal fans alike. 

    Drinking like a Marvel superhero or supervillain requires the right tools. If you want to drink like Thor, you might as well wield your own version of Mjolnir. Now, it's not necessarily forged in the heart of a dying star, but it is a fit companion to help you open a beer. Easy to carry around and easy to use, this miniature hammer from Asgard will assist you in a choice of either silver or bronze.

    Now, maybe your allegiance lies with Thanos. If that's the case, then the Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener may be the one for you. Built as a replica of Thanos' weapon of choice, you'll have all six Infinity Stones at your disposal to help you crack a cold one wherever you go.

    Between these two options, you'll be able to pledge your allegiance to either the Avengers or the Mad Titan and have either team at your disposal for opening bottles at home, BBQ parties, camping trips, hotel bars, and more.

    Right now, you can grab our very own collectible Avengers Bottle Opener for 26% off the original price of $14. That means for only $10.95 each, you'll be popping caps off bottles like Thor lopping heads off bodies. Enjoying your drink of choice in style with this ultimate Marvel fan collectors' item.

  • These $30 online classes make becoming a game developer a reality

    How many times have you played a game and wondered what on earth its creators were thinking? We're looking at you, Warcraft III: Reforged. Whether it's inefficient updates or disappointing graphics, there are lots of things you'd change if you created your own video game. So what's stopping you?

    If you think you have what it takes to become a game developer — or want to find out exactly what goes into it — this Beginner's Guide to Game Development Bundle will show you everything you need to know. Whether it's racing games that pique your interest or the idea of creating an alternate reality you can get lost in is what gets you going, learning the intricate art of game creation can become a new hobby or even an exciting new career. 

    No matter what kinds of games you're into, the courses in this 8-course bundle ensure you learn the basics of development from the very beginning. You'll explore WebXR API and Three.js for 3D development as well as asset-creation and graphic exploration through HTML5 games. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

    Each highly-rated course is led by the equally popular and successful instructor, Nicholas Lever, an award-winning professional game developer that's worked with the likes of BBC. Johnson and Johnson. Deloitte, Mars Corporation, and many more for three decades. With his many years of animation and development experience, Lever shows students first-hand what goes into creating complex, successful games. 

    In addition to understanding the systems and processes that go into game development, you'll have the opportunity to create games from scratch that you can actually play long after the courses are over. In fact, there's an entire course dedicated to building your very own car-racing game, learning everything from how the car engine works to applying your hand-crafted assets.

    If you're interested in becoming a successful game developer, whether it be in VR, apps, or multi-player games, The Beginner's Guide to Game Development Bundle will set you up for greatness. And right now, it's deeply discounted to a mere $29.99.

  • Protect your digital data in over 120 locations worldwide with 94% off this lifetime VPN subscription

    Everyone likes to feel secure. Whether it's walking down the street, doing mundane tasks, or discussing your online presence, security and the promise of protection is key for all of your precious belongings, especially your digital data. Make sure your important documents are protected wherever you find yourself with this lifetime subscription to BelkaVPN.

    So what is BelkaVPN? Perfect for modern smartphones, tablets, operating systems, and browsers alike, BelkaVPN is an app that will protect your online privacy using military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Surf easily while you mask your physical location from third parties in over 120 servers around 25 global locations with the cleanWeb feature, which blocks ads, tracker, and malware, so you leave no personal footprints or logs while you browse.

    And, with no bandwidth limits, you truly can have it all when it comes to streaming successfully. With an encrypted tunnel, you can access servers for US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN+, HBO Now, and over 40 other streaming sites for your browsing pleasure. 

    Lost connection to the VPN? No sweat, this app also includes a kill switch for both Mac and Android users, in case your connection to Belka is dropped in a public setting. Need a little extra help? BelkaVPN has you covered with 24/7 customer service in case things get weird in a digital area you are unfamiliar with (or if you just want to chat about the latest Survivor episode you just streamed, they'd probably be down to chat about that too).

    With a lifetime backup from BelkaVPN, you can kiss those pesky data thieves goodbye. It's no wonder it earned 4.1 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. And with the best web pricing out there, you can get a lifetime subscription to BelkaVPN for $39.99, or over $675 off.

  • Kiss clutter goodbye with nearly half off this game-changing 4-in-1 charging cable

    From half-empty glasses of water to old Post-Its with doodles you don't even remember drawing, your desk has seen better days. But hey, you don't have time to deal with clutter management when you have assignments to finish, deadlines to meet, and superfluous things to fact-check on Wikipedia

    We all suffer from cluttered tabletops, and while some of it may be out of our control, the cables that keep all of our gizmos and gadgets charged can absolutely be subsidized — especially with one of these boys at your disposal. No, your eyes aren't being deceived: This is a 4-in-1 multiport charger that can juice up your smartphone, wireless earbuds, and even your Apple Watch, all in one fell swoop. 

    Whether you keep your most-used handheld electronics on your desk, your nightstand, or your steering wheel, this handy charger can really make a difference both in charging time and space. For one, you won't have to worry about having enough free outlets to charge all your devices since this charger requires just one to send power through its multiple ports. And second, it consists of just one cord, eliminating unsightly wires for good. 

    Easy to use around the house and carry around in your bookbag, purse, or briefcase, this multi-port charger is ideal for those of us with multiple devices. And unlike many other chargers you may find on the market, this model is comprised of top-quality TPE, nylon braided cable, and aluminum shell, all indicating that it's built to last.

    Designed by the trusted Tech Zebra, an incredibly popular electronic accessory supplier, this charger is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, complete with lightning, USB-C, Micro, and Apple Watch charger connectors, making it one of the most versatile of its kind. Plus, its 1.2 meter-long cord gives you even more freedom, allowing you to juice up your gadgets at a substantial distance. 

    Normally $34 bucks, the 4-in-1 Multi-Port & Apple Watch Charger is nearly half-off, making it just $17.99.

  • 12 machine learning courses that can help you start a career in just about any industry

    Whether you're looking to learn some of today's AI systems to beef up your resume or are hoping to head on a new career path because you're so bored of your current desk job you could cry, mastering the art of machine learning may just be what the doctor ordered. 

    Unlike a lot of other hard skills out there, machine learning is imperative in just about any industry you can think of, whether it be healthcare, e-commerce, financial services, or even government jobs. And if you'd like to broaden your career horizons in a big way, this incredible 12-course bundle on machine learning can prove to be life-changing. 

    Never requiring you to step foot in a traditional classroom, The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle covers everything you'd possibly need to know to hold all kinds of coveted positions that require a background in some form of AI. For one, you'll take a deep dive into Python, one of the most popular coding languages in use today. You'll also explore R, where you'll learn about neural networks, important frameworks, and other essential systems big data is based in.

    Each course in this jam-packed bundle is carefully curated for learners of all experience levels, based on today's thriving industries that rely on AI to function. From highly-rated best-selling authors and data scientists to tech experts with decades of experience under their belts, you'll learn from some of the best instructors around what machine learning is all about. 

    Instead of taking your machine learning education into your own hands, getting lost in thick textbooks and boring tutorials online along the way, The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle offers you engaging, useful lessons, complete with hands-on exercises and nearly 80 hours of content. The courses also offer training in important certifications, setting you up for greatness right from the start. 

    Get The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle at the deeply discounted price of $36.99, which comes out to about $3 bucks a course!

  • Get a pair of truly wireless earbuds plus a lifetime of language learning for 85% off

    There's a lot to be said about learning a new language as an adult. Among other reasons why having an extensive vocabulary in any language is important, learning a new tongue is a perfect way to score a new job, have an impressive ice breaker, or just keep your mind fresh while learning how to create new short stories or poems in a language not your own. Learn a new language and congratulate yourself for doing so with The Lifetime Language Learning Bundle, which comes with a lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education and a pair of high-quality earbuds to boot.

    Let's talk about what lifetime access to uTalk brings to your computer, tablet, or phone, shall we? With your choice of two out of 140 different languages, this subscription offers you over 60 different learning topics, up to 180 hours of learning, and offline learning for on-the-go use. Go at your own pace with the practical vocab lessons, as well as fun learning games and talk-back tools and tricks. With this lifetime subscription, even if your travel plans get put on hold, you're not feeling chatty, or you've got other things on your plate, learning will still be there for you when you get back.

    Now that you've got something to listen to, let's get down to business with the xFyro Active Noise Cancelling AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds. Both noise-blocking and small for convenience, these buds work based on AI-powered noise cancellation and a 4-mic system for ultimate sound. You can even toggle through ANC, AI- transparency mode, or standard audio settings in order to fit your needs. Even though the ambient noise from outside is filtered out, the buds include a conversation mode that allows you to selectively amplify conversations.

    The buds also feature 7mm graphene drivers and a dual beam-forming mic, so no one on the other end will know what the heck you're doing when you should be WFH. All in all, you'll get about 100 hours per charge of your favorite jams, podcasts, ASMR sounds, and more of whatever you throw in your ears to decompress.

    Get The Lifetime Language Learning Bundle Featuring uTalk And xFyro for $49.99, or nearly $300 off.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get a jolt of electricity when you need it most with this host of on-sale power stations

    The weather (among other things) has been absolutely atrocious this past year, and no one knows heartbreak more than someone who was five minutes away from finishing a major project when the power decides to take its final bow for an undisclosed amount of time.

    This set of power stations are yours for the taking on sale and ensure you'll never lose power when you need it most. Most can even be taken on the go for when you have a bright idea elsewhere and only 1% on that computer. Grab one before the next big storm decides to make its way to a weather system near you.

    HomePower ONE: Backup Battery Power Station – $949.99; originally $1,299

    Sure, you may feel safe that the power in your house is pretty sturdy, but mother nature has been known to bring other plans. This power station brings you up to seven days of extra power, 3 AC outlets, 2 USB-C outputs, a USB-A with 5V/2.4A, USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and a car outlet with 12V/10A, so you can cover all of your electronic bases.

    Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE – $1,399; originally $1,897

    As we know by now, everything's expensive, including that hotel trip you're going to have to make if your house electricity goes down for more than a few hours. Avoid that with this bundle including the HomePower ONE and a solar panel that gives off 50% higher energy conversion efficiency than the traditional solar cells. You know, because saving the planet and all.

    EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel – $289.99; originally $399

    The risk of losing power on the road is low, but never zero. So when your portable generator goes, so does the whole camping trip. This tiny solar panel gives you more than enough power to get going fast.

    EcoFlow DELTA Power Station – $1,149.99; originally $1,399

    We get it: Some days you just want to take the power with you. There aren't many nice days left, so spend them outside without worrying about losing charge. This power station charges up to 13 devices at a time and recharges using solar power. Talk about a warm-weather BFF.

    EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station – $629.99; originally $649

    Looking for a portable power station smaller than the rest? We've got you covered. This baby is not only super tiny but can power most kitchen appliances up to 80%, so you know it packs a punch.

    EcoFlow RIVER Power Station with 110W Solar Panel – $748.99

    Another power station and solar power combo, this set has patented X-Stream technology, which enables fast rechargeability that takes less than an hour, an extra battery just in case, and is waterproof. Take that, Mother Nature and your bad days!

    EcoFlow RIVER Pro Power Station with 110W Solar Panel – $979.99; originally $1,049

    Need something a little stronger? No sweat, this deal has you covered. Equipped with everything included in the above deal, this one comes with the River Pro, which extra battery takes the charge from 720Wh to 1,440Wh. Yeah, it's got the power for sure.

    ROCKSOLAR Adventurer RS328 100W Portable Power Station – $164.99; originally $180

    Perfect for photographers, work from home nuts, and anyone else who likes to do their business from the road, this power station has a handle for easy carrying and includes two AC power outputs, three 12-volt DC power outputs, and five USB power ports. You'll never want to go back to the office again (we sure don't).

    ROCKSOLAR Nomad RS650 400W Portable Power Station – $363.99; originally $449

    Okay, campers — we know you've got everything under control for the most part, but you can't go totally off the grid (especially after a few days of sharing a composting toilet). This power bank is great to use with all of your camping needs including lift jacks, air pumps or inflators, and vacuums, as well as your typical essentials of personal electronics, air mattress pumps, fans, and mini-fridges on the go.

    ROCKSOLAR Ready RS420 200W Portable Power Station – $183.99; originally $229

    Whether you need to be found, forgot a flashlight, or just need some brightness on a gloomy day, this power bank not only gives a hand to all of your electronics but also includes an ultra-bright LED flashlight that can cycle between two different brightness settings. Even if you don't want to be found, it's still nice to have a little light when traveling through the great beyond.

    ROCKSOLAR Utility RS630A 300W/500W Portable Power Station – $247.99; originally $330

    Alright, handy people, we've got your new favorite tool. Not only can this power source backup your favorite electronics, but it's also great for things like power tools when you're on the job without a charge. And, with a self-cooling silent fan, you never have to worry about it being the most overworked person on your staff (that would continue to be you).

    ROCKSOLAR Weekender RS81 80W Portable Power Station– $99.99; originally $110

    Last but not least, this little guy comes in at just two pounds but can still pack a massive jolt of electricity to any phone, tablet, camera, laptop, and even a drone. With an AC power output, 12-volt DC power output, and 5 USB power ports, this is something you're not going to want to leave at home when venturing through the great outdoors.

  • Get a Samsung Galaxy A32 with a month of unlimited talk + text for over 65% off

    It seems like smartphones are advancing by the day at this point. New tech is being developed faster than we can keep up, and some manufacturers like to gouge their customers by charging them hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the latest models. But if all you need is an affordable, reliable phone that checks off 2021's smartphone essentials, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy A32. 

    Right now, Boost Mobile is packaging a 1-month plan with an unlocked Samsung Galaxy A32. The Galaxy A32 offers the best core features in one of the most affordable 5G devices on the market. Blazing fast speed is just one of the amazing features you can expect. You'll also enjoy a long-lasting battery, expandable storage, multiple cameras, and a super crisp 6.5" HD display. This smartphone is so impressive that PCMag has given it a 4.5 out of 5-star rating saying, "it's an excellent value and a winner of our Editors' Choice award for budget-friendly 5G phones."

    Smartphones are only as good as the carrier and plan they have too, right? That's why Boost is offering one complimentary month of unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of 5G/4G data. Boost delivers high-speed connectivity with 99% nationwide coverage, so you'll basically always have data when you need it. The best part about Boost is you pay upfront and get exactly what you pay for. There are no annual contracts, no credit checks, no monthly bills, no overage fees, and no roaming charges.

    Upon purchase here from BoingBoing, FedEx will ship your phone to you, and an e-mail will be sent to your inbox containing your $25 ePin card that will allow you to activate your free 1-month of service plan online.

    Right now, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with one month free of Boost Mobile's 5GB unlimited plan for 57% off. That means for only $99.99 you can be enjoying one of the most advanced smartphones available on one of the most reliable networks.

  • This bundle includes a lifetime of Rosetta Stone and VPN Unlimited for over 75% off

    We know your wallet may be a little emptier these days, but that doesn't mean you should put the kibosh on knowledge. There are a lot of things out there you could spend your hard-earned money on, but if you're looking to not go stagnant in a time where learning new things may be out of the cards, try The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Featuring Rosetta Stone, which comes with $30 of in-store credit for our shop. Get your money's worth of education in a blast.

    There's so much to unpack here, so let's get started before this deal runs out. The key thing to know is that this bundle includes three apps: Rosetta Stone Unlimited Access, 12min Premium Micro Book Library, and VPN Unlimited, as well as a $30 credit for your next purchase, whatever it may be (which is a deal in itself, if you ask us). Besides the free money, let's break down what else is in this bundle.

    We all know the power of Rosetta Stone, but with this unlimited access, you can learn up to 24 languages and gain fluency in basic conversational skills in absolutely no time. The app also allows you to compare your accent and lingo to native speakers and uses TruAccent to help get you going, the world's best speech recognition technology.

    After you're done testing your chops on a new tongue, try out reading a full 500-page book in less than 12 minutes. You read that right, friends. 12min Premium Micro Book Library brings you hundreds of books with 30 books added monthly for you to skim through and be completely proficient in during your morning commute, nighttime routine, or lunch hour. This is perfect for those of us who love sitting on the beach with a good read but don't have the time to get our butts in the sand.

    Last, this bundle offers a VPN to use almost anywhere you are. With over 80 locations globally, VPN Unlimited will keep all of your info off the servers and in your control; you won't have to worry about some scammer running off with your info just because you're using your devices in public.

    The cherry on top? All three are lifetime subscriptions, so if you decide you want to put your linguistics on the back burner, need a break from getting the lowdown on some knowledge, or don't need a VPN at this time, you can always come back to any or all of the apps when you feel like you need to again.

    You can get The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Featuring Rosetta Stone And $30 Store Credit for $159.20 with code ROSETTA20. That's more than 75 percent off!

  • 16 superb coffee blends that will turn you into a coffee snob in no time

    Nothing quite says good morning like a piping hot cup of delicious coffee. But if your Starbucks blends have you feeling underwhelmed, these 16 incredibly mouth-watering blends, all aged in rum, whiskey, and bourbon barrels, will change the way you enjoy a cup of joe each day. 

    Check out these delicious coffee blends at prices that put your local coffee shops to shame. 

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Dark Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Boasting a deep color and a bittersweet taste, this blend has a subtle bourbon scent with hints of vanilla. Perfectly roasted in-house and in small batches, this is a very special coffee blend. 

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Espresso Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Perfectly strong and indulgent, this espresso blend is of the dark roast category, smooth and full-bodied. It also has a smooth vanilla and dark chocolate finish that you'll never get tired of. 

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Light Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    These single-origin Colombian Arabica beans are perfectly paired with fresh-dumped bourbon barrels, creating a one-of-a-kind blend you just won't find anywhere else. Never infused with artificial flavors, this light roast is quite the pick-me-up.

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Clout Coffee | Gift Bottle (Dark Roast) – $45.99; originally $49

    This nine-ounce bottle makes for an amazing gift for the coffee lover in your life, full of single-origin Colombian Arabica beans in a smooth, dark roast. And its bittersweet taste is enough to keep you wanting more.

    Rum Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Dark Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    An indulgent, dark roast blend is laced with flavors of caramel, dark cocoa, and vanilla after having been paired with barrel-aged rum. This coffee's so good, you'll definitely want a few one-pound bags. 

    Rum Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Espresso Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Whether it's for smooth, velvety lattes or powerful yet smooth espresso shots, this rum barrel aged coffee blend is always a treat. Full-bodied and in the form of whole beans, this aromatic blend is a treat for all the senses. 

    Rum Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Light Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    This light roast gives you quite the jolt, but it softens things with its smooth hints of vanilla and dark cocoa. Never mixed with any artificial flavoring, the sweet rum smell that accompanies each sip is anything but ordinary. 

    Rum Barrel Aged Clout Coffee Gift Bottle – $45.99; originally $49

    This liqueur-like dark roasted blend makes for an excellent gift, whether it's for a fellow coffee-lover or just as a "treat yourself" moment. Paired with barrel-aged rum, this delightful blend oozes hints of smooth vanilla, dark cocoa, and caramel.

    Rye Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Dark Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    This dark roast is unlike anything you've had before, complete with rich oak and almond flavors thanks to its pairing with freshly dumped rye barrels. Made in small batches, you can bet these beans have been roasted to perfection. 

    Rye Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Espresso Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Ideal for cappuccinos and lattes with a kick, this espresso blend is not for the faint of heart. Drinkers will quickly notice hints of almond, vanilla, and rich oak with an impossibly smooth finish.

    Rye Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Light Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Made in small batches and sold in one-pound bags, this light roast blend is truly one of a kind. This bourbon barrel-aged coffee is smooth like rye, but it tastes like a nutty, delicious, full-bodied roast. 

    Rye Barrel Aged Clout Coffee | Gift Bottle (Dark Roast) – $45.99; originally $49

    This nine-ounce bottle of whole beans is just as pleasing to the eye as it is the taste buds. This dark roast is great for your everyday morning cup of Joe but with incredibly unique hints of rich oak and vanilla thanks to its rye pairing. 

    Whisky Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Dark Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Aged in whiskey barrels, this aromatic treat oozes hints of earthy and vanilla notes with every sip. The roast is dark in color, free of any artificial flavoring or ingredients.

    Whisky Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Espresso Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    Incredibly indulgent, these single-origin Colombian Arabica beans make for a deliciously rich espresso.  And its earthy vanilla finish makes it incredibly hard to resist.

    Whisky Barrel Aged Clout Coffee (Light Roast) – $25.99; originally $27

    This light roast is incredibly rich and powerful, but don't let that scare you. It's also incredibly smooth with every sip, giving you that sweet sense of whiskey without ever feeling the burn. 

    Whiskey Barrel Aged Clout Coffee | Gift Bottle (Dark Roast) – $45.99; originally $49

    The nine-ounce bottle is jam-packed with single-origin Colombian Arabica beans that were paired with 100% barrel-aged whiskey. Its vanilla notes are incredibly indulgent, making for a rich cup of Joe every time.

  • Connect with your doggo on a whole new level with this at-home DNA test

    Your pup knows a lot about you, from the tunes you belt out in the shower to the embarrassing shows you binge-watch into the wee hours of the morning. And while a dog can easily feel like another member of your family, it's crazy to think about how little you actually know about them — even something as simple as their breed. 

    Until your doggo can ask for a second helping of kibble, it's up to you to figure out what they're trying to tell you. That's where the DNA MY Dog Breed Identification Test comes into play. With just a simple swab of the inside of its cheek, you can find out the exact breed of your precious pup, along with its specific personality traits, potential predisposition to health issues, and so much more. And you can get these results in as little as two weeks after sending in the DNA sample. 

    As a recipient of the GHP Biotechnology Awards 2020, leaders in ethical canine genetic testing, this at-home dog DNA test is one of the best of its kind you'll find on the market today. That's because it doesn't just give you a vague report of your dog's genetic makeup. In fact, you'll receive a full, detailed report that explains, in-depth, the exact composition of your dog's unique DNA and breed mix. With this info, you can better understand what your dog needs to improve its daily life, whether it means more physical activity, a grain-free diet, or simply more cuddle time on the couch. 

    While regular trips to the vet are always important, getting insight into a dog's breed can help you get ahead of potential health problems and diseases. When you know of the potential risk your dog has to various illnesses, you can explore different foods, medications, and more to prevent or better prepare for what lies down the road for your sweet doggo. 

    Until your pup can talk to you about how it's doing, this DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test serves as a great way to better understand your four-legged family member. And right now, it's 24% off, making it just $59.99. Plus, you'll get $20 in site-wide credit!

  • Enjoy portability and style with 35% off this sci-fi styled Bluetooth speaker

    The era of portable speakers is here to stay, and bringing one to any function is an instant party starter. However, with so many options to choose from, not just any speaker will check all the necessary boxes. You've got to have one that can do it all. It's got to sound good, look good, and be able to play wirelessly for hours on end while maintaining portability and functionality.

    The GravaStar Venus Bluetooth Speaker answers that call. It's a bite-sized showstopper that's sure to breathe life into any function and, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in powerful sound and movie-star good looks. The audio quality is top-tier and is paired with strong, deep bass. Not to mention, you can easily sync one GravaStar Venus with a second one to increase the sound using its True Wireless Stereo V2.1+EDR/5.0 tech.

    The design of this speaker is undeniably sci-fi inspired and an instant attention grabber. If the futuristic spaceship design doesn't catch your eye, the 6 embedded RGB lights certainly will. In addition to looking good, the sturdy zinc alloy shell will allow the sound waves it produces to resonate within its space for added surround sound.

    You can go ahead and try your luck at getting this thing to quit too. On a full charge, you'll be able to enjoy up to ten continuous hours of playback. To top that all off, it's water-resistant, so go ahead and bring your GravaStar Venus to the lake, beach, pool, or wherever without worrying about water damage. Successfully funded on IndieGoGo, this Amazon's Choice item is currently enjoying a healthy 4.4 out of 5-star rating from the retail giant.

    Originally priced at $99, you can get your very own GravaStar Venus Bluetooth Speaker right now for 35% off. That means for only $63.99, you can be rocking out with one of the best sounding and best-looking portable speakers available at its price.

  • Get a pair of AirPods Pro bundled with lifetime access to this best-selling book summary app for 56% off

    Do you love books but don't always have the time to sit down and read? Audiobooks can sometimes do the trick, but they can still take hours to listen to and can be hard to digest. It can feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get through all the books you'd like to.

    The Learn Smart Lifetime Subscription Bundle kills two birds with one stone. This bundle can help you power through some of the world's most popular books in text and audio format, and also comes with a pair of Apple AirPods Pro so you can listen in style.

    Don't get this collection confused with being a normal digital book library. The bundle features a lifetime subscription to the 12min Micro Book Library, which consists of over 2,500 titles from 24 different categories – from personal development to science and technology.

    Each title has been synthesized into a short but comprehensive micro book, which you can either read or listen to in audio format in just (take a wild guess!) 12 minutes. The audio micro books are translated into three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Best of all, with this lifetime subscription, you'll get virtually endless content since the 12min team adds 30 new titles each month. 

    Should you choose to listen to your title selections, you'll need a solid pair of earbuds to do the job. Luckily, this bundle comes complete with Apple AirPods Pro. You can tune the world out with their active noise cancellation technology, and on a full charge, you'll have up to 30 hours of listening. They also come built with adaptive EQ and a low-distortion driver for a consistent listening experience and full, rich bass.

    The AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of silicone tips to choose from for maximum ear comfort. If you need proof of quality, CNET says, "The Airpods Pro are great true wireless headphones that exceed the standard AirPods in nearly every way."

    The Learn Smart Lifetime Subscription Bundle ft. 12min Micro Book Library normally retails for $399 and Apple AirPods Pro goes for $249. Right now, you can get both of these stellar products in a bundle deal for 56% off at only $286. For anyone who lives a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, this bundle is absolutely essential. 

  • Learn to master the fundamentals of mathematics for only $30

    Math always seems to be one of those subjects that people either love or hate. However, the fact of the matter is, it may just be the most important tool we have in understanding how our world works. It's the fundamental principle behind things like engineering, physics, and even computer programming, to name a few.

    So, if you're not currently a math whiz, why not become one? Your access point into the world of arithmetic could be this Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle. This package includes nine courses spread across 429 lessons and over 50 hours of instruction. By the end, you'll be a bonafide expert.

    The cornerstone of this bundle is perhaps one of the most important mathematical languages we can learn, algebra. Algebra is all about putting real-life variables into equations and solving them. With the course Operations on Algebraic Expressions, you'll learn all about algebraic expressions and their functions. Next, you'll take that knowledge one step further by using those expressions in real-world equations to find an unknown variable with Equations and Mathematical Expressions in Algebra. Additionally, Square and Cubic Roots and Exponents and Logarithms will expand your algebraic study and broaden your scope for how it can be used in practical applications.

    If you want to get a bit explorative with your math study, the Complex Numbers Course will help you understand imaginary and complex numbers, learn about their properties and operations, and more. Meanwhile, you can gain a new appreciation for science and math with Science and Math Made Simple.

    As an added bonus, you can delve into Mathematics for Data Science, Python Engineering Animations: Bringing Math and Data to Life, and Discrete Mathematics. These three courses will be essential for those wishing to understand more about computer sciences.

    Whether you already have an affinity for mathematics, or you're looking to get started, the Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle should be your next purchase to start learning the language of the world and how far-reaching math truly is. You can grab this bundle right now for only $29.99, or less than $4 per course.