• Easily store and transfer files — even between Apple and Android devices

    For all of their elegance, style and universe busting utility, Apple products can still be a monumental pain sometimes. Just try transferring files. Or sharing large files with non-Apple users. The process often requires iTunes, a lot of hoop-jumping and a decent percentage of curse words as you try to click and drag a simple file from one place to another.

    File transfers from portable devices like phones and tablets should be easy, which was the premise behind the creation of the iKlips C Apple Lightning/USB-C Flash Drive. When fans got a look at what iKlips was attempting, they backed it with their dollars on Kickstarter, funding the project to the tune of over $115,000.

    The iKlips looks like an average flash drive, but it's actually a sophisticated backup and file management system. If your phone is getting full, you can just plug the iKlips C right in via Apple Lightning or USB-C connection and automatically start transferring data and photos right to the drive, even while your smartphone is wirelessly charging.

    You can not only backup your photos, videos, contacts, and calendars, you can also back up photos you've posted on social media, and even your Evernote data. 

    The MFi-Certified iKlips is actually a real stickler for security as well. It never connects to the web, so your data is never sent through third-party servers; and every file is encrypted with a password or accessible only with Touch ID or Face ID authentication.

    And the iKlips plays contentedly within the Apple, Android and PC ecosystems. Via the two-pronged connectors, you can copy a file from an iPhone or iPad, immediately detach, then share that file with a user on an Android phone or a Windows laptop or PC with no hassles or frustrating file conversions.

    Right now, you can get an iKlips C with 128GB of storage space at almost $40 off the regular price, just $139.99. Or you can step up to a 256GB size for an even greater savings at only $219.

  • The Ocushield filters blue light from your iPad while it protects your screen.

    During daylight hours, lightwaves in the blue spectrum are actually very beneficial. They help make you more alert, improve your reaction times and generally elevate your mood. But as with almost anything, positives and negatives are situational. So when your eyes are flooded with blue light at night…well, let's just say it isn't nearly as beneficial.

    Blue light, the type that emits from digital devices like iPhones, laptops and iPads, cues your brain to amp up activity…which is the opposite of what you want when you're scrolling through your iPad just before bed. In fact, blue light not only disrupts sleeps and throws off your body's circadian rhythm, it may knock us so out of whack that it might be contributing to the causation of headaches, eye irritation and fatigue, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

    Developed by optometrists, the Ocushield was created to stamp out the blue light effect, a screen protector for your iPad that staves off the negative impacts of those emissions. Easily installed on your iPad, iPad Pro, or iPad Mini, the Ocushield reinforces your device screen with a super-strong, tempered glass covering that not only protects the screen itself, it blocks up to 90 percent of the blue light rays attacking your retinas.

    While the removable oleophobic layer shields your device from dust and grime as well as scratches and scrapes, its true value is in safeguarding you. The Ocushield is officially recognized as an MHRA Class 1 Medical Device, the world's first and only medical rating for blue light screen protection.

    Unlike other overlays or night mode settings that change your screen to look like one of those 80s PC orange-tinted displays, the Ocushield maintains your screen appearance just as before — only without the pesky blue light.

    Right now, you can get an Ocushield that's perfectly fitted to suit virtually any model of iPad. Versions are sized to fit 7 and 9-inch iPads, the multiple generations of iPad Pros ranging from 10.2 up to 12.9 inches, as well as iterations of the iPad Mini.

    In all cases, you can get an Ocushield at $10 off its regular price, down to just $35.99.

  • The Casa Hub lets you attach up to 10 devices through your MacBook

    The typical MacBook Pro or MacBook Air these days has either two or four external ports. Other laptops may include one or two more, but in this age of interactivity, users routinely find they need more hookups than their laptops can handle.

    Between external drives, mice, phones, tablets and everything else that requires a USB connection to operate, charge or both, it isn't uncommon to have a cable snaking its way out of every port — and still leaving a device or devices unattended. 

    From this dearth of potential hookups, the Casa Hub 10E Modular Hub with Expansion Modules was born, a full-fledged connection extension that allows you to get a whole lot more devices synced, powered up and functioning as part of your mobile work or play station, all at once.

    The Casa Hub's core body already features a lot of connection options, including 2 USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port with 4k@30Hz output, 2 USB-C ports, and a Thunderbolt 3 port. That's a lot on its own, but just in case that doesn't completely fulfill your connectivity needs, the Casa Hub also comes with three additional modules. That increases your capabilities to include an Ethernet port, SD and microSD card readers, as well as an extra USB 3.1 port.

    Meanwhile, if you fully utilize Thunderbolt 3 technology, you can actually daisychain up to six Thunderbolt 3 devices together through that lone T3 port. Theoretically, that means you could actually connect up to 10 peripheral devices at once, all through your single Casa Hub. Armed with that kind of firepower, you should have the ability to finish virtually any project and charge virtually any device — and likely still have a port or two open for more.

    And all that adaptability doesn't cut into the performance either. In addition to the HDMI, the Thunderbolt 3 port supports 30Gbs data transfers, 8K video output or charging with up to 100 watts of power at a time.

    The Casa Hub offers ridiculous flexibility for MacBook users, a device regularly priced at $99, but on sale now for only $79.99

    Prices are subject to change

  • Check out these coffee-making tools

    Are you an espresso person? A cold brew fan? Or are pour overs your thing?

    Or are you looking for some new avenues of Java exploration? With your favorite barista now sequestered behind a mask and trips to Starbucks a little more difficult to navigate, maybe it's time to invest in some new home coffee technology to bring the experimentation right to your kitchen.

    We pulled together a handful of the best current deals on brewing systems, coffee varieties and other accessories to help make your mad scientist visions of the perfect cup of joe happen. In addition to deals of up to 58 percent off, you can also take an extra 10 percent off that price by entering the code COFFELOVE10 at checkout. 

    Coffee makers

    Alessi Pulcina 3-Cup Espresso Maker – $44.99 after discount; originally $120

    Created by renowned Italian architect and designer Michele de Lucchi, this espresso maker is almost as much art as it is coffee science. However, it's still a high-performance coffee maker with a boiler that stops dispensing the drink just before the coffee gets a bitter aftertaste, enhancing the full, rich aroma of your bean.

    FrankOne Cold Brew & Coffee Maker – $71.10 after discount; originally $99

    Using VacTec brewing advances, this one-touch specialty brewer accelerates the extraction time to produce an intense cold brew in 4 minutes or a full-bodied, characteristically sweet, hot coffee in just 30 seconds. Add your grounds, then your water, press the button and you're seconds away from a killer cup.

    FrankOne Brewer + FrankCoffee – $89.99 after discount; originally $128

    If you're gonna go for the full FrankOne experience, then do it the right way. This collection includes the FrankOne brewer for creating both hot and cold beverages as well as two 14-ounce bags of FrankCoffee, a Guatemalan-born blend that fans call mellow, sweet, and lightly citrusy with notes of chocolate in its deep body. Go for it…ya know ya wanna.

    BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Premium Kit – $89.99 after discount; originally $130

    The BeanPlus attacks cold brew in a new way, employing a special drip method that produces a richer flavor with less grounds about three times faster than the average minimum brewing time. The stainless steel, airtight design also comes with a bunch of extra filters and a cool coffee tamper to pack grounds evenly for an epic brew.

    Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker – $134.99 after discount; originally $179

    If you like cold brew, have you tried nitro cold brew? This Royal Brew system adds nitrous oxide or nitrogen to your mix, which helps reduce acidity, enhances taste, and delivers thicker frothy cold brew texture that pours out of the tap like Guinness. You don't need sugar or dairy to get an incredibly creamy beverage that could shift your entire coffee-drinking universe.

    Arzum Okka Automatic 120V Turkish Coffee Maker – $224.99 after discount; originally $279

    Turkish coffee, which uses finely ground beans utilizing no filtration, has been around for centuries, but this machine is the first automatic maker with a patented technique for a traditional Turkish brew every time. With a push of a button, this Red Dot Design award winner serves up a Turkish blend that goes right into the cup with its perfect taste and crema built in.

    Gourmia makers

    Straight outta Brooklyn, Gourmia is one of the leaders in coffee brewing technology, with a variety of makers each set to appeal to every distinct type of java fan.

    Gourmia GCM3250 Dual Mode Pourfect Pour-Over Coffee Maker – $53.99 after discount

    While the typical drip process can brew you a stellar cup of coffee, the pour over method more evenly distributes your pour style and temperature, leading to an even better tasting blend. Unlike bulky machines, this tight, practical device shifts from automatic to manual pour-over brewing, allowing you to take full control over the process and get the most from your beans.

    Gourmia GCM3600 Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker – $53.99 after discount; originally $119

    Coffee or tea…or with the GCM3600, both. Boasting several genius features, including an easy-to-use control panel, this machine allows you to easily brew your coffee and tea with single-press precision. The detachable filters make switching from coffee to tea seamless. Heck, it even accommodates single-use k-cups.

    Gourmia GCM4700 Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder – $89.99 after discount; originally $139

    Grounds are fine, but if you really want to savor your coffee, you really need to grind it fresh yourself…so this maker with the built-in grinder does just that. The advantages of tasting freshly-ground brew will leap out of your cup immediately — and this fully-programmable unit gives you full control from grind through the brew.

    Gourmia GCM6850 Digital Accelerated Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $53.99 after discount; originally $109

    The smoothness of cold brew in five to 10 minutes is what you can expect from this maker that circulates your coffee over the ice basket for a chilled beverage without dilution from the extra ice. You can choose from four different strength settings to create a sweeter, healthier, more flavorful drink that's easier on the stomach and teeth than the average coffee brew.

    Gourmia GCM7800 Brewdini 5-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $134.99 after discount

    Cold brew goes to warp with Brewdini, which can spit out the perfect iced coffee in 120 seconds. With a five-cup capacity, stainless steel accents, an LCD display and all the amenities, this innovative unit turns out delicious speciality coffees at home in record time. Push the button and watch the magic happen right in front of you.

    Gourmia GCG205 14-Oz Automatic 4-Mode Digital Conical Burr Grinder – $89.99 after discount

    The right brew starts with the right grind — and with 39 grind size options, the Gourmia Digital Conical Burr Grinder delivers uniform-sized grounds whether you're interested in a French press or an espresso. From automatic controls to a manual mode from your own specialized grind, this level of precision is how the perfect cup begins.

    Coffee pods

    Gourmesso Nespresso 50-Pod Bundle – $17.99 after discount; originally $23

    This five box, 50-pod sampler offers up a host of different intensity brews compatible with Nespresso Original machines. All these certified fair trade blends give you all the variety of the entire Gourmesso high-intensity espresso line, but at a fraction of the price. Try 'em all and you can see which ones are your favorite before you spend big bucks.

    Gourmesso Nite Edition Bundle: 90 High Intensity Blends – $34.19 after discount; originally $42

    Three boxes each of Nite Owl (Intensity 10), Midnite Monkey (Intensity 11), and Latenite Lemur (Intensity 12) help close out your day with the perfect espresso to suit your mood. This bundle also comes with a pack of cleaning capsules to keep your Nespresso Original machine ultra-clean and your coffee ultra-pure.

    Compostable Espresso Pods: 60-Capsule Mix – $26.99 after discount; originally $40

    You may not know it, but the explosion of single-use coffee pods is also causing an explosion of pods adding more plastic to the world's landfills. With this 60-capsule mix, each pod is 100 percent compostable — so you can enjoy Lungo, Arabica and Deciso blends from South Africa, India and more, then let the leftover pod break down in your soil for truly sustainable coffee drinking.

    Pod & Parcel Compostable Coffee Pods: Sample Pack – $35.99 after discount; originally $47

    Did you know Melbourne, Australia was a mecca for specialty coffee? This sampler pack brings together six Down Under favorites, each in a biodegradable and compostable pod. You get 60 incredible cups — and Mother Nature is pleased as well.

    Glorybrew 72 Compostable K-Cup Coffee Pod Bundle – $38.69 after discount; originally $50

    Six boxes, 12 pods each of Glorybrew's premium coffee blends, in Keurig-ready, compostable K-cups. Their Central and South American coffee farms are certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance, with pods created to put nutrients back in the ground. And the coffee is pretty stellar too.

    Brew accessories

    Turn-N-Seal Food Vacuum Container – $22.49 after discount; originally $40

    The Red Dot Design awardee keeps your coffee bean fresh by vacuum sealing out moisture and air with a twist of the lid. The vacuum not only preserves flavor, it also keeps Ochratoxin A, one of the most-abundant food-contaminating mycotoxins, from growing, so you stay healthy.  

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

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  • Save over 40% on a three-year subscription to Speedify's bonding VPN

    With dozens and dozens of services offering virtual private network (VPN) protection for PC and mobile users, an overwhelming majority of those providers are working under the same model. Their approach is simple: connect to our private network and let us protect you. 

    Despite all the similarities between all those companies, there are a few providers that are offering a decidedly different take on how to defend your web traffic and personal information online. Speedify and their current iteration Speedify 10 are one of those odd ducks in the VPN pond.

    Speedify unifies all their PC and mobile services into one interface to offer their unique channel bonding technology. The first and only connectivity tool and VPN of its kinds, Speedify actually gathers up all the connection options you have available, including both WiFi and 4G, and splits your traffic needs across all your potential outlets.

    By splitting your traffic, Speedify can serve up a truly optimized web speed and performance, so all of your downloads, web surfing, streaming and more happen at the fastest possible speed.

    Meanwhile, that convergence of opportunities also allows Speedify users to enjoy their innovative failover feature. While normal VPN users lose connection and have to reenter protection mode when they move from WiFi to 4G coverage, Speedify offers a seamless transition between various connections while never losing connectivity. For users who don't want to reestablish a connection every time they leave the house, or for those with dead zones or spotty connections inside their home, Speedify could be an all-in-one answer to those frustrations.

    In fact, Speedify actually looks out for the web interactions you care about the most, automatically detecting, protecting, and prioritizing real-time streaming traffic such as video calls and conferences, VoIP calls, live streaming, and gaming.

    Meanwhile, you'll also enjoy many of the same advantages offered by all the other VPN providers, including encrypted web connections, the accessibility to unblock your favorite apps and services while at work, school, or anywhere else, and absolutely zero logging of any of your web activities ever.

    Right now, a three-year subscription to Speedify 10 coverage is available for almost half off the regular price, only $59.99. And in case you'd rather try Speedify for a shorter time, you can also get big savings now on both 2-year ($49.99) and 1-year ($29.99) terms.

  • If public speaking chills you to the core, this training can exile that fear forever

    Public speaking is a fate worse than death. Literally. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety around speaking to a crowd, otherwise known as glossophobia, impacts nearly three out of every four people. In fact, fear of public speaking is statistically more nerve-wracking than spiders, heights or even the fear of death itself.

    Why does standing in front of people and saying words strike such bone-chilling anxiety in so many of us? While there are any number of reasons why, the truth is that the answer to defeating that fear isn't a mystery. It's 100 percent controllable with training that like that found in The Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking Certification Bundle.

    The collection includes six separate courses packed with over 50 hours of training on not only communicating effectively in front of groups both large and small, but even how to turn that newfound skill into a true business opportunity.

    The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course as well as the Public Speaking Breakthrough Masterclass lay the groundwork. Over these two courses, students get a complete overview of how to handle public speaking situations, from organizing your presentation to structuring your speech so that you not only enhance your presentation skills, but offer your audience a clear path to your ultimate conclusions.

    Of course, the facts themselves are only half of the public speaking equation. The courses also delve into overcoming any fear, with exercises and examples for engaging with your audience and delivering your masterpiece through clear speech and positive body language to earn you a true command of any stage.

    Other courses explore specialized areas of emphasis in your public speaking, from the techniques for mastering storytelling to delivering presentations in a professional setting to instilling confidence in your voice that's effective in a presentation, during one-on-one conversations or even if you're just talking on the phone.

    This collection is so confident you can overcome your public speaking fears that the final course — Get Life Coaching Clients with Workshops and Speaking — explores how to turn your shortcomings into strengths, even launching life coaching speaking courses that position you as the expert capable of helping others.

    Each of these six courses is valued at $99, but by getting in on this offer right now, the entire bundle is now on sale for just $39.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • This metal wallet protects your cards from theft and is on sale for over 50% off

    So what's your biggest overall concern about that wad of credit cards and cash you've got stuffed into your pocket? 

    Are you worried that crooks will use radio-frequency identification (RFID) to read and swipe information stored on the chip attached to your card? Are you fretting about the bacteria and other viral matter that could be picked up every time you swipe your card or set anything down? Are you ust not a fan of big bulky wallets and money clips weighing down your trouser or jeans pockets?

    The RFID Antimicrobial Copper GRID Wallet actually goes 3-for-3 against these concerns.

    At about 2 oz. and less than 3.5 inches long, this gold-colored copper wallet cuts and efficient profile. Capable of holding up to 12 cards, the ultra-tight package crafted from two aluminum plates slips into your pocket easily for elegant simplicity.

    In addition to a secure money clip that keeps your cash organized, this copper-encased wallet is a natural enemy of two major wallet concerns. First, the metal serves as a direct barrier to anyone trying to use RFID tech to steal information from your nearby cards. And the copper makes the whole unit antimicrobial.

    Your cards always remain protected, there's a reduction in picking up harmful bacteria or other pathogens, and it's so light and portable that you'll ditch the big, bulky wallet plan forever. Put that all together and it all amounts to a fairly large win-win-win.

    On top of all that, it's the wallet that actually cares about your finances. The GRID wallet retails for $85, but with the current offer, it's available at over half off the regular price, down to just $39.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • With summer gone, time to stock up on your fall mask options

    Back in March and April, we were all hopeful. But now, as we segue past Memorial Day into the onset of fall and with the winter season fast approaching, the reality is setting in.

    Masks are a part of our lives now. And they will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

    Even as we try to stay optimistic about the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine, it seems very likely that scenes of mostly masked men and women at the grocery store, the gym and our favorite restaurants will be with us for quite some time to come. 

    By now, we're guessing that mask you've been sporting for the past six months is starting to look a little ratty. Looking ahead to the next six months, we pulled together 20 deals on non-medical grade masks that look great, feel comfortable and we help you become part of the solution without being part of the problem.

    Non-Medical Cotton Mask – $10.99; originally $19

    Basic black. Basic blue. If you're looking for effective, yet no-frills protection, this may be your winner. Made from premium cotton with stretchable ear loops to fit perfectly, this is exactly what 2020 looks like.

    Washable Protective Cotton Face Masks: 2-Pack – $12.99; originally $19

    Available in grey, blue and black, this high-quality cotton blend mask is great for dropping into your bag or briefcase so you're always ready when you're out and about. With a close, yet non-restrictive fit, you'll stay both comfortable and safe.

    Reusable Face Masks: 2-Pack – $12.99; originally $29

    Considering we don't know how long we'll need to keep replenishing our mask supply, it's helpful that these premium cotton masks in seven different color variations are completely washable and reusable. And in case you think people don't notice if you wash your mask, trust us — they do.

    Outdoor Sports Mask – $12.95; originally $24

    When you want a little multipurpose out of your face shielding, this neck gaiter is on the case. Whether you wear it as a face mask, a neckerchief, wristband, bandana, or in another configuration, this breathable fabric with an F5-layer filter can protect you from dust, cold weather and a lot more.

    Cotton Face Masks with Fun Prints: 4-Pack – $14.99; originally $39

    Nobody says masks have to be black, white or surgical blue. In fact, these premium cotton mask 4-packs have a variety of themes to allow your individual personality to shine through. Wild colors, space and stars, even masks with an assortment of mustaches, just pick the look that's the most you and go rock it out there.

    Face Mask with Clear Window: 2-Pack – $16.99; originally $39

    Not being able to see someone speak not only wrecks non-verbal communication, it's also a little disconcerting. Thankfully, this 2-pack of masks features a clear section over your mouth so people can actually see when you're talking, frowning, smiling or displaying the whole host of human emotion across your face. 

    Two-Ply Statement Face Masks: 2-Pack – $17.99; originally $29

    Sometimes, it isn't enough to wear a mask with splashy color or a fun pattern. Sometimes, you need to make a statement to the world with your face covering. In simple effective black and white, these masks say everything from simple declarations like "love" and "hello" to sentiments with a little more nuance like "wear a mask, save a life."

    Chambray Cloth Mask – $18; originally $22

    While it sort of looks like denim, chambray cotton is actually lighter and softer than regular cotton. Crafted from that airier, more forgiving fabric, this chambray cloth mask won't ever irritate your skin and looks fantastic at the same time.

    Non-Medical Fabric Face Masks: 3-Pack – $18.99; originally $29

    Made from poly span fabric, these 3-packs and their off-kilter looks also help you communicate a bit of yourself to the world around you. From camo and animal prints to stars or even eyeballs, these masks tell someone a little something about you before you ever even open your mouth to speak.

    VOTE Double Layer Cloth Masks (White/2-Pack) – $19.99; originally $25

    Created by renowned graphic designer Molly May McMahan, this mask says you support democracy, no matter which side of the political aisle you occupy. And this mask also puts your money where your mouth is with each purchase contributing $2 to the non-profit, nonpartisan voter registration group When We All Vote.

    Copper.Ion Mask – $19.99; originally $25

    Copper has been shown to kill up to 99.8 percent of bacteria, so this copper-infused mask with five-layer filter technology is all kinds of virus smashing. And the copper-killing power stays potent, retaining 70 percent effectiveness even after 50 washes.

    CompressMax Air Face Mask + Filter – $19.99; originally $29

    With dual inhalation valves, adjustable velcro straps, non-slip ear cords and a removable PM2.5 activated carbon filter that can be washed and reused, the Compress Max Air is for those seriously looking to take their airborne contaminant game up a notch. From pathogens to dust and other pollutants, the CompressMax is a great alternative for cyclists and other outdoor adventurers as well.

    Non-Medical Cotton Masks (Black/2-Pack) + 4 Filters – $19.99; originally $39

    While still not as protective as N95 equipment, this 2-pack of cotton coverings also come with four replaceable filters, so you'll always be taking threats seriously. Even the added stability of these inserts can go a long way toward screening out or containing in any harmful particles.

    Active Masks: 3-Pack – $22.99; originally $27

    They don't call this an Active mask for no reason. With double-layer cotton plus a thin layer of fusing in between, this mask stays breathable during activities from gardening and running to hiking, cycling and beyond. 

    2-Layer Knit Jersey Face Mask – Adult, Assorted Colors (5-Pack) – $24.99; originally $40

    As comfy as your favorite pair of sweatpants, this two-layer premium cotton-polyester blend mask is crafted to be as gentle as it is functional. And if you want to stock up in masks in bulk, you can even get a multi-colored selection of up to 100 masks in one decisive purchase.

    Washable 3D Masks: 12-Pack – $24.99; originally $45

    Unlike multilayer masks, these sponge-like 3D masks are made of polyurethane, a 3D network structure that blocks and contains up to 99 percent of all pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust and mold particles. Despite all that stopping power, these masks are also super thin, ultra-soft, and very breathable.

    Zippered Face Cover – $26.99; originally $34

    You're at lunch…or you're trying to just enjoy a tasty beverage — but you're wearing your mask. With this woven fabric zippered face cover, you can indulge and stay protected at the same time. Just unzip to eat or drink, this zip back up when you're done. It even comes with its own reusable straw so you don't contribute to the world's plastic dumping problem. 

    Face Covers: 2-Pack with 6 Safety Filters – $32.99; originally $50

    When you'd like as much protection from the sun's UV rays as you would from dust or bacteria, this versatile face cover/neck gaiter is a solid answer. Made of soft, highly elastic fabric with five-layer safety carbon filters for reliable protection, its multi-functional stretchy design also blocks smog, ash, pollen, heavy metal particles, and can even filter infectious gas.

    Hawaiian 4-Layer Face Masks: 4-Pack – $34.99; originally $40

    If you or someone you know seems to live their life in Hawaiian shirts, here's the perfect accessory. Backed with two cotton layers and two sewn-in layers of non-woven polyester interfacing as well as a wired nose bridge, it's comfortable, effective and always about five minutes away from island time.

    Lambs Antimicrobial Neck Gaiter – $39

    This dual-layered snood with a protective panel features antimicrobial Wavestopper fabric made with XSoft silver fibers. Inherently antiviral, you stay stylish and protected from everyday pollution. There's also an interior pocket in this fresh, breathable fabric so you can replace your filter for added germ and particle defense.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

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  • This premium pro gaming headset is ready for your PS5 or Xbox Series X at half the price

    Don't look now…but the PS5 and Xbox Series X are literally just weeks away. For gamers, the years-long wait for the premium next-generation gaming systems from the Big Two is going to make the 2020 holiday season one of the craziest we've ever seen.  

    And considering that exploring and understanding every square millimeter of what each of these new systems can go will become a full-time obsession very soon, now's a good time to assess whether you're truly ready for next-gen greatness. 

    That doesn't just mean a pre-order for a system itself. That means having the proper accessories to keep up. As the lynchpin of any modern-day gaming experience, the right headset is key. And the HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset is the nexus point of superior sound quality, versatile connectivity, and a clear microphone that any new PS5-Xbox X session is going to demand.

    A crystal clear pair of headphones may be the most immersive element of any gaming time — and these premium drivers delivering crisp, expansive HD stereo sound are enough to drop most players right in the heart of the 3D action. There won't be a footstep, movement or mecha explosion that won't raise the hairs on your neck and keep you locked into the world of your game.

    The headset also features a detachable mic, which is actually the highest quality inline mic in its class. You can easily talk strategy with teammates, do appropriate trash talking as you dance on their digital graves, or slip the mic off entirely and go silent for playing in solo mode.

    Of course, if you're going to spend hours in game mode, your headphones better be ready to meet the challenge. The HCG1s are on point, featuring memory foam cushioned ear pads and a self-adjusting headband that naturally contour to your ears, face and posture. And with the durable metal frame, braided cord, and strong stitching, you get a wired headset that outperforms brand names with much heftier price tags.

    And while you'd likely expect equipment on the level of the HCGI Pro Gaming Headset to settle at a price point north of $200, you can actually get it now at nearly half off its regular price, only $103.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • This emergency jumpstarter, flashlight and power bank is a 3-in-1 lifesaver

    No, your phone does not qualify as emergency tech. While it's obviously a huge help when you find yourself in a jam, your phone's main utility in the event you're stranded with a dead vehicle or stuck somewhere in the middle of the night is to call somebody for help.

    Instead, you should always have access to at least an item or two in your handy collection to help you get yourself out of an unexpected situation. That's where the JumpStart 37,000mWh Portable Vehicle Jump Starter Kit can end up being a serious lifesaver.

    A Best of CES Editors Choice winner, the main mission of this device is so clear that they included it twice in the product's name. The JumpStart is ready and able to jump start your car or truck with additional jumper cables or a second vehicle. 

    If you're stuck with a dead battery or in the middle of a power outage, the JumpStart has everything you need to get moving again. The intuitive kit with its step-to-step instructions make it easy enough that even non-gearheads can use it safely.

    The kit comes with its own set of smart jumper cables, packed with 10 different safety features like audible alarms and visual safety indicator lights to make sure you're getting it right. While it's compact enough to fit in a glove box or vehicle truck, it's got some serious juice, capable of powering up everything up to 8-cylinder, 5.0L engines, so you can get most cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATV's, and more up and running again.

    In addition to its auto-resurrection powers, the JumpStart also features a 330 lumen LED flashlight with a reach of almost 500 feet. It's got high, low, SOS, and strobe modes, so it's always ready to back you up in any outdoor situation. Meanwhile, that massive 37,000mWh power store is also ready to charge up your phones, tablets and other USB-driven devices at 2.4A output. 

    Right now, you can get a JumpStart at 25 percent of the regular price by entering the codeword LIMITLESS25 at checkout. That drops your price for this ultra-handy emergency solution to only $149.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • Look out, AWS and Azure…Google Cloud is coming fast and now's the time to learn about it

    TL;DR: The Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle will get you up to speed on using one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms anywhere.

    While a lion's share of the talk in the cloud services space is consumed by the big two — Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure — there's actually a third major tech player currently charging toward making that duo a trio.

    Right now, Google Cloud is a modest trailer in that discussion.  But after Google CEO Sundar Pichai reported 2020 cloud revenue on track for an $8 billion showing, they've had AWS and Azure looking over their shoulder.

    Considering Google's overall status and current cloud growth, now might be a great time to catch up on how to build, manage and grow a networked system on the platform with the training in The Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals).

    This collection of video courses and ebooks goes over everything you need to know to establish a successful presence in the Google Cloud ecosystem. The 5-hour Google Cloud Platform (GCP) For Techs video is a prime introduction, featuring basics on getting started crafting a Google Cloud infrastructure while understanding features like IAM, the Google Cloud Compute Engine, VPC, CDN, load balancing, autoscaling, and more with hands-on demos.

    You can also dive into the Google Cloud Machine Learning with TensorFlow video, which offers a deep exploration of building powerful and sophisticated neural networks for teaching computers to think for themselves.

    From there, you've got a whole lot of reading to do as well. In all, 8 comprehensive ebooks expand your Google Cloud learning, including training in Google Cloud Platform Administration, Cloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud AI Services Quick Start Guide and more.

    Whether you have visions of being a Google Cloud developer, an architect, or a machine learning expert, all this in-depth exploration of every feature in the Google Cloud environment is aimed at making you a go-to source for the care and feeding of a Google-based system.

    A resource library valued at over $400, you can get this immersive Google Cloud training now for a whole lot less, just $29.99 before this offer runs out.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • Beachbells are going to be your new favorite, fully-customizable workout buddies

    For power and strength training, coaches and trainers are increasingly recommending kettlebell work. These portable weights combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and improving your flexibility while also strengthening your core.

    While kettlebells are great for explosive workouts and dynamic strength, balance and agility training, they do have a few downsides, like needing about ten different sets in different weight ranges to hit just the right effectiveness for each particular exercise.

    But instead of buying multiple varieties between 5 and 100 lbs., the Beachbells portable kettlebell is an all-in-one answer many fitness enthusiasts are looking for.

    The Beachbell's most appealing feature is also its simplest. Whether you want a tiny 3 lb. weight or a more formidable heft of up to 35 lbs., all you have to do is adjust your Beachbells to accommodate. It's all based on sand — just scoop up or pour out sand to your desired weight, all conveniently easy to hit thanks to helpful weight markers on the side of the big show just how much you need.

    Then just fold your bag, remove the air, roll the end and clip it together as the patented system compress the sand into a tight compact weight for all of your exercises. It's ergonomically designed so it fits effortlessly into your hand, but its lightweight design makes it easy to carry to and from the beach.

    With your loaded up pair of Beachbells, you're ready for any manner of intense full-body workout, whether you're looking to build strength and muscle, burn calories and lose weight, or even both. From a full-bodied 35 lbs. of swinging weight to smaller repetitive motion activities to strengthen various muscle groups, the Beachbells can help target and personalize your routines for everything up to a high-intensity cardio workout whenever you feel the urge.

    This two-pack of Beachballs multi-weight portable kettlebells is regularly priced at $110, but right now, you can get the set of two for $10 off, just $99.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • This do-it-all dashcam shoots in two directions and sees in the dark

    We all know it's a rough world out there. And while we'd like to believe that everyone is honorable at heart, trustworthy, and makes thoughtful compassionate choices, we all know that isn't always the case.

    Bottom line — you can't trust everyone else out there on the road. That's why dashboard cameras have become increasingly essential for documenting traffic collisions, road rage incidents, and all the other craziness that happens when you get behind the wheel. 

    And having a camera that also records back into the car, just enough so you can find out which kid really did start that backseat war…well, that's just an added bonus.

    The Rexing V3 Dash Cam goes well beyond the bounds of standard dash cams, including cool features that offer peace of mind when you're driving.

    The V3 features dual cameras, simultaneously shooting full HD quality 1080p video of the road ahead as well as your vehicle cabin. Whether it happened in front of you or behind you, the V3 will catch it. 

    The cabin camera uses infrared lighting and a Sony STARVIS image sensor to create balanced images and footage while capturing an accurate image at any time, day or night. Yep, the IR night vision even lets you see what's happening in the dead of night. The V3 also has its own GPS logger, marking the time, date, location, and speed data on the video recordings.

    The unit also includes built-in WiFi, so you can connect the V3 to your smartphone or tablet and save recordings right through the Rexing Connect app. 

    That's not all. The V3 has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It'll sound an alert if your vehicle moves out of its lane or if you inch too close to the car in front of you. When the ignition is off, the V3 switches to the Park Surveillance Mode, automatically recording if the camera detects any vibration. If someone bumps you at the supermarket, now you'll know exactly who did it.

    Packed with all these safety goodies, the V3 is an absolute hit on Amazon, where it's amassed almost 500 five-star reviews.

    Regularly $199, you can pick up a Rexing V3 Dual Full HD WiFi Dash Cam now and save $30 off your total, down to just $169.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • The Wave method is music and vibration meditation like you've never experienced before

    We all understand the healing powers of music. Putting on your favorite songs, zoning out, and letting the immersive sensation wash over you and carry you away is part of music's universal appeal.

    And the link between music and feeling good isn't just anecdotal. In four separate research trials, music therapy was found to reduce signs of depression. Another study found music helped reduce pain and disability in those with chronic pain; while even more research learned that music-based relaxation improves sleep quality in those with sleep disorders.

    Yes, music can save your mortal soul. With the all-inclusive Wave Kit, you can explore those powers with the world's most immersive at-home meditation experience.

    The kit itself is very simple. In addition to the Wave app, you receive a pair of premium over-ear headphones as well as Wave's revolutionary Bolster, a combination cushion-slash-backboard-slash-massager that serves as the heart of the Wave system.

    Once you pair the app and connect your headphones to the Bolster, then all you have to do is lay against it, put on the headphones, dial up one of Wave's meditation albums, and hit play.

    Constructed with a premium memory foam material and microsuede cover, the Bolster creates physical vibrations that pulse evenly throughout your body in sync with the beats of the meditation tracks, allowing you to feel more present in the exercise.

    And Wave isn't just about firing up some Enya. Their tracks combine the power of music with guided meditation to produce original works that help you feel empowered, inspired, and relaxed. Their music is scored and composed to each specific meditation, creating a unique sonic journey that leads both your mind and body to a deeper calm.

    Forbes called the Wave package "a totally new approach to traditional mindfulness practices." Now, you can experience the fully immersive power of Wave at $30 off its original price, now just $169.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • Take your career to the next level with this hands-on entrepreneur training

    The great thing about online education is that no matter where you feel you need to shore up your skill sets, there's a package of coursework that can help get you there. You just have to know where to look. 

    Skillingo assembles those training packages, grouping up series of classes all directed toward some area of self-improvement, from skills training to health and wellness instruction.

    Right now, you can train up in several of those potential development spots with these Skillingo Course Packs.

    If you're looking to start a new business, the Online Business Mega Course Bundle ($99) is an insightful starting point. Over 28 hours of video instruction and 62 ebooks, you'll master the tactics for setting up and running a successful online business today, including stocking digital products, leveraging platforms like Amazon FBA and Shopify to open storefronts, even productivity and mindset goals to carry off your endeavor without a hitch.

    The skills for developing a powerful business persona are under even heavier focus in The Ultimate Entrepreneur Course Pack ($199). From sales and marketing to personal development to your own individual health, both physical and mental, it's all tackled in this 56-hour, 86-course collection with over 140 ebooks of intensive learning.

    If your methods for reaching potential customers could use some improvement, The Marketing Master Mega Course Bundle ($49) will turn you into a marketing pro. With 20 video courses and 33 eBooks, this bundle covers all areas of modern online marketing, from mastering Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and YouTube advertising; to learning about chatbots and AI to drive traffic; to how to market to social media channels like TikTok.

    With your professional house in order, The Self Development Mega Bundle ($99) seeks to do the same for you personally. Over 35 video courses and 73 ebooks, you'll examine how to improve your health and fitness, your mental well-being, stress and anxiety management, even yoga and meditation.

    Finally, the Healthy and Happy Living Course Bundle ($29) takes that introspection even further, with another 10 hours of video content and almost 40 more ebooks looking to help you unlock your true self and become the healthiest, happiest you possible.

    Right now, each of these expansive self-improvement bundles are over 90 percent off their regular price.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • Innovative pockets make these awesome bamboo sheet sets the ultimate room declutterer

    What's on the nightstand by your bed? Probably a lamp, maybe a clock, your phone, a tablet, a pair of glasses, some books you haven't read yet, some tissues, a remote control, and likely at least a few other personal items. 

    Before you realize it, you've stacked up a lot of stuff on that tiny piece of bedroom real estate. And it's not only inconvenient to Jenga your way through positioning all of that stuff. It also isn't very attractive.

    Sheets are so simple and have been around for so long that you don't often see a lot of innovation in the sheets game. But how about this one? Smart pockets.

    That's the hook for these bamboo 4-piece smart pocket sheet sets. Sure, these sheets are super soft and breathable, blended with high-quality bamboo and microfiber, but their coolest calling card is — they've got pockets.

    Along the sides of these sheets, you'll find a pair of 8-inch side pockets around the edge of your mattress, ready, willing and able to hang on to all those items that would usually clutter up your nightstand.

    Slip your phone or your glasses or a notebook and tissues into a side pocket and you not only avoid the sprawl of disorganized stuff around your bedroom, but it's also even more accessible whenever you need it.

    While the pockets might get all the press here, don't overlook the joys of sleeping on bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are so soft that they're often mistaken for silk or Egyptian cotton. Fortunately, they also cost significantly less than those alternatives.

    Meanwhile, bamboo is also known for its natural absorbency, allowing these sheets to suck up 40 percent more moisture than cotton sheets, so you always stay dry and comfortable.

    Right now, you can get a set of these smart pocket sheets in twin, full, queen and king sizes. They're also available in a variety of colors that should help them fit easily into any room decor, including aqua, silver, white, grey, ivory or taupe. 

    Right now, all of these sets usually priced between $99 and $129 are all two-thirds off, beginning at just $32.99 for a full 4-piece set including a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.