• Enlighten your curiosity with this documentary streaming service

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    As the great Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." Of course, it's human nature to be intrigued about many things and want to learn more about them. Well, what better way to fulfill that curiosity than to have unlimited access to award-winning, exclusive, original documentary content from the comfort of your home.

    With a CuriosityStream HD subscription, you can stream thousands of on-demand documentaries about our planet and be taken on an immersive experience through the wonders of the world

    You'll never run out of things to watch because new content is added weekly, including the world's best documentaries covering everything from nature, history, science, and more. To give you an exciting preview of what to expect, there are features from expert naturalist David Attenborough and theoretical physicist and founder of the World of Science Festival, Brian Green. There are truly no limits to the amount of content and knowledge you can consume on multiple screening devices like your TV, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. 

    With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the Apple Store, customers can't stop raving about the amount of quality content. Take it from this very happy subscriber's review: "A great rare find. It is like having PBS, BBC, NatGeo., etc., all in one affordable place. Many channels to choose from. There are 1000's of documentaries for any interest be it Science, Technology, History, Nature, even stuff for kids." 

    The CuriosityStream is a unique service because it doesn't segment itself to one genre of documentaries but rather an abundance of categories from multiple well-known channels, all coming from one place. Best of all, there are no monthly subscription fees, so you'll be saving yourself thousands of dollars. You can also easily browse through content and rate your favorite documentaries so that related recommendations appear on your dashboard, customizing your entire experience. 

    Finally, a subscription service the entire family can enjoy while learning. For the one-time purchase of $179, the CuriosityStream HD Plan Subscription is a no-brainer. 

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Learn to excel at Excel with this bundle for less than $2.50 per course

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    Let's face it. There are a lot of reasons to love Microsoft products. Well, maybe not all Microsoft products. But when it comes to functionality and efficiency, there's hardly anything better than Microsoft Excel. 

    Although Excel is an incredible product that has withstood the test of time purely on merit, it, like anything else, can have a bit of a learning curve. So if you've never used Excel before and want to land a job or get accepted into a top-notch program, then you are in luck! Right now, you can do yourself a huge favor and become a pro at Excel with The All-In-One 2022 Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle. 

    The All-In-One 2022 Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle is thorough, to say the least. It comes equipped with 13 full-length courses, ranging from a beginner's course all the way through to macros and using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The bundle is stacked, containing hundreds of individual video lectures, exercise files, and tests. It's a fantastic opportunity for everyone, from folks needing to sharpen their business analysis skills to total Excel newbies just itching to get started. 

    The bundle includes courses taught by StreamSkill.com, a part of the Simon Sez IT family. It has been in business for over 14 years and has taught over 500,000 students, and the courses' expert authors have over 40 years of Excel training experience between them to guide you. Simon Sez IT has created over 120 software training courses and more than 8000 video tutorials, and it has helped thousands of people worldwide learn to use Microsoft Office in the process, so you know you're in good hands!

    Right now, you can jump on The All-In-One 2022 Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle for just $29.99. That's less than $2.50 per course!

    Prices subject to change.

  • Light up a path with 40% off this flashlight keychain accessory

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    So you like traveling, hiking, or camping. Or perhaps you think you're handy with tools around your home? Whatever the case, adequate light is crucial when delving into the dark, especially during emergencies. But while standard flashlights can get the job done, they tend to be bulky, heavily monstrosities, and they might not even be versatile. On the other hand, a tiny everyday carry flashlight like this 8-in-1 Maglight Mini Super Bright Utility Flashlight by WonderCube could offer a lot more utility, and it's available for $17.99. 

    Don't let this multi-functional mini flashlight's size fool you. Containing powerful LEDs providing a maximum of 800 lumens, WonderCube claims it's 30 times brighter than your phone's flashlight. It can stay lit in the dark for up to 3.5 hours and has four brightness modes, which you can adjust to your needs accordingly. Aside from the illumination, this mini flashlight's size and carabiner top make it highly portable — you can latch it on your keychain or backpack or use it as a hanging light in your workshop. 

    The mini flashlight also has several tricks up its sleeve. With a built-in kickstand, you can place it on top of any flat surface to alter the angle of your light. Need a quick refreshment as you work in the shadows? Its built-in bottle opener is ready to open your favorite beverage at a moment's notice, making you the favorite family member or friend during summer parties or adventures. 

    Additionally, the Maglight is water and dust-resistant, so it can serve as a reliable light source in harsh weather. Lastly, it features a long-lasting rechargeable battery — you just need to connect it to a USB-C cable. 

    The 8-in-1 Maglight Mini Super Bright Utility Flashlight can do so much more than just light up a room. You can purchase one now for only $17.99 or 40 percent off.

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Give your brain the workout it craves with this monthly puzzle subscription

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    Tired of walking into rooms and wondering what on Earth you went in there for in the first place? Perhaps your brain could use a little more exercise, and putting together puzzles is a great way to do that. In fact, studies show that piecing together puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. But if your grandma's cat puzzles don't really do it for you, there are lots of other great options to work with and even be excited about.

    If you need a productive way to pass the time (that doesn't include mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed), puzzles can be real life-savers, and this Puzzle Monthly subscription service ensures you always have a fun one on hand. Currently, the company is dishing out three-month subscriptions at 19% off their regular rate at just $79.99, allowing you to indulge in this chill pastime totally guilt-free.

    The way the service works is simple. You'll receive a 1,000-to-2,000-piece puzzle shipped right to your door each month. And no matter where you live in the US, shipping's always free, which is just an extra cherry on top of a fantastic deal. And unlike the puzzles you may find at your local drug store, Puzzle Monthly always offers interesting, thought-provoking puzzles, including interesting patterns, high-quality images, and unique shapes that are fun yet challenging for all experience levels.

    Unlike other subscriptions, Puzzle Monthly lets you keep all the puzzles you complete, so you can keep them around to do again or glue them together and frame them. It's no wonder Puzzle Monthly has become more and more popular amongst puzzle-lovers, thanks to their rich assortment of designs and easy delivery process. Plus, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time if you choose to do so. So, what do you have to lose?

    Get that brain working with a Puzzle Monthly 3-Month Subscription, now 19% off at just $79.99, down from $98. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • Start growing your email list with over $180 off this two-hour Mailchimp course

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    Nowadays, email marketing is an essential part of getting your business and brand message across to others. Email is part of everyone's life and how we communicate professionally, so why not go straight to the source and send a direct message to loyal or potential customers? Getting started with email marketing may seem intimidating, but thanks to sites like Mailchimp, you're just a click away from easily getting your message to thousands of subscribers all at once

    If you're a new Mailchimp user and want to know all the ins and outs of best utilizing it, then this $15 Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation Essentials Training course for beginners might help. With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, this training shows first-timers how to create and grow a lifelong mailing list. You'll understand the benefits of email marketing, learn how to write emails properly, and implement key methods to attract new subscribers consistently.

    Additionally, this course packs 35 lectures that equals just two hours of video content — basically the length of your standard movie. The lectures are divided into four categories: Getting Started, Basic Training, Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns, and the Follow up Sequence. It'll begin with the basics of navigating through Mailchimp and then teach you techniques to build goodwill with an evolving list of subscribers so your business has continual growth. 

    Lastly, this course is taught by Amir Ramir, a passionate elementary school and online learning teacher who loves to learn new things and has a 4.5 out of 5-star instructor rating. Even after 24 years of experience under Amir's belt, "When he discovers something new that gets him excited, he wants to immediately share it with others to get their reaction." 

    Get your start at email marketing with this easy-to-use Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation Essentials Training course for $15. 

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Wondering how to start training your dog? This bundle could fetch some great results.

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    What did we do to deserve dogs? When they aren't obsessing over a favorite toy, napping adorably, or shooting longing looks at distant dinner plates, dogs are putting in the work. That "man's best friend" title isn't for nothing. Nearly every week, there's a new story of doggy heroism, like Spenser, a San Jose dog that alerted his owners their truck had exploded in the driveway and was actively ablaze. Spenser's humans say he's the reason they got out safely as their smoke alarms had all failed to go off. 

    Spenser may be one aspirational pup among many, but how do you get to that point? If your dog habitually misbehaves, are they just a "bad" dog? How do you start training your dog and building the kind of relationship that could lead to a happy life with a well-mannered and content pet (if not quite getting to the point of life-saving heroics)? 

    There may not be common dog commands like "let me know if the truck explodes," but whether you're training a puppy, starting basic dog training with an older adoptee, or trying to correct a behavior your pet's had for a while, you can still foster that connection. The Complete Guide to Puppy & Dog Training Bundle is one way to get your dog's training started. And, hey, maybe you can teach your dog, to not turn on the stove

    Embarking on basic dog training 

    You're not just training your pet to get the newspaper or be a hound of convenience. Done right, dog training can help you build a strong relationship with your pup, while teaching him convenient cues and downright cool tricks.

    You might not even start with commands for your doggo when training begins. Some of the most important parts of basic pet training are getting them used to certain boundaries and standards. It's not a toy; it's a leash. It's not a punishment; it's a crate. It's not a call for alarm; it's just a squirrel. 

    The eight courses in the training bundle can help you learn all sorts of things, from how to ready your home for a new puppy to what to do when he just won't stop barking. A key element of training is understanding how to "communicate to your dog in a language they understand," which does not mean yelling commands your dog doesn't know or physically punishing them. Focus only on positive reinforcement methods and use that as a foundation for all cues and rules.

    What your dog (and you) will learn

    For your dog, training means more time with their favorite person in the world. The Complete Puppy & Dog Training Bundle has a course all about leash training, which is as good a place to start as any. While teaching your dog how to walk without pulling and stop chewing leashes is nice for you, it means more time outside for your dog. Walks can be longer if you aren't constantly fighting against the tail-wagging reason you're out there in the first place. 

    Another area you'll want to tackle as soon as possible is discussed in the Puppies: A-Z Guide to Puppy & Dog Training class: separation anxiety. You should do everything you can to prevent your dog from becoming one of the 40% that develop separation anxiety. That whining, scratching presence behind the door every time you leave is heartbreaking—and obviously not good for your pup's mental and physical health. Once you're gone, if their panic causes them to be destructive, not only can you have a big mess on your hands, but your dog can also get seriously injured. 

    There are other behavioral issues that you should focus on before launching into teaching your pet cool tricks, tempting as that may be. Aggressive behavior can be dangerous for you, your family, your neighbors, and, ultimately, your dog. Aggression from fear and anxiety is among the most common types of aggression in dogs, so helping them through it is almost like you're showing your dog how to be brave. 

    Even if your dog's bark is worse than their bite, you probably don't want to deal with that either. Dogs barking and getting a little rough with each other is natural, but it's also important to learn the reason your dog is barking or acting out. That's where the Stop Dog Barking: Easy Dog Training Methods and How to Stop Dog Attacks classes come in.

    In these two one-hour courses, you'll learn to gently stop your dog from barking and see how you can integrate an aggressive dog with others. One important note is that, for dogs, unlearning these behaviors can be extremely difficult. Approach this type of training with kindness and patience—so much patience. Don't be discouraged by little progression or regression; some dogs will need to take it much more slowly than you'd like them to. When you're getting frustrated, just take a beat and stay calm. You're better off ending the training session on a positive note and picking things back up another day than pushing it too far. Keeping all sessions positive is a key element of successful dog training, or you may unintentionally teach your dog to dislike training!

    Your dog might be your best friend in the world, but that doesn't mean they start off knowing how to behave. With proper training, you can show your dog what types of behavior are acceptable and what types of things will land them in the metaphorical dog house. 

    Becoming a dog trainer 

    If, as you go through the beginning stages of training your dog, you find you've fallen in love with the art (and, really, that's what it is), you don't have to stop there. The Become a Dog Trainer course can help you learn how to turn that passion into a job. 

    Learn how to run a dog-training business, including how to answer simple client questions, like "What type of food should my dog eat?" and point clients in the right direction for answering the bigger questions like, "Why can't my dog get along with others?" There's even an hour-long course on which natural remedies can help inspire health and healing in dogs, as well as how to create a natural first aid kit customized to an individual dog.

    Each of these courses is taught by Sharon Bolt, a canine expert. She was the featured trainer in the BBC documentary Britain's Most Embarrassing Pets, and has been addressing listeners' doggy dilemmas on BBC Radio since 2008. Work hard, and you could be the next Sharon—and maybe your dog will be the next Spenser. 

    Start learning puppy and adult dog training with this 12-hour guide, on sale now for $29.99. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • This retractable windshield shade is perfect for the mobile sauna you call your car

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    It's the middle of summer, which means you're off doing stuff nearly every weekend. But that also means you have to get in and out of your parked car, which probably heated up to ungodly temperatures when you were out and about. But until you can turn on the AC before you get into the car, you'd do just about anything to prevent feeling like you've dipped into the depths of hell each time you get back in your vehicle.

    There are still plenty of hot months left in the year, which makes this innovative Retractable Windshield Shade by 3PExperts one of the smartest buys yet. Listed at just over 60% off its regular price, the retractable windshield shade is an inexpensive way to make your car far more pleasant to drive around in the heat.

    Made of polyester and aluminum alloy, 3PExperts claims this durable shade can stop 99% of the Sun's harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the Sun's total solar energy, keeping your car's interior cool and comfortable. That means no more too-hot-to-touch steering wheels or leather seats that leave you yelping in pain the second they touch your bare legs.

    It's also easier to use than traditional models you've likely had to deal with in the past, as it features a smooth, one-hand operation. Simply install it once, and pull the shade over from the passenger's side whenever you want to shield the car from the Sun — no awkward folding and fumbling in between uses required.

    Given that extreme temperatures can cause damage to your car's engine, exterior, and more in a multitude of ways, using this increasingly popular retractable windshield shade is one small thing you can do to beat the heat, even if it's so that you can drive more comfortably. 

    Get the Retractable Windshield Shade for just $29.99 (reg. $80), a 62% discount.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Don't go on another camping trip without this unique cooler backpack turned stool

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    Whether you're hanging out in your buddy's backyard on a Sunday afternoon or roughing it on another camping trip with the family, sometimes you just need to give those feet a rest and plant that bottom down. But if sitting on the ground ultimately results in an emergency trip to the chiropractor, having a chair you can whip out of thin air would be the next best option. 

    Okay, so it wouldn't technically appear as if from nowhere, but this Cool Stool Backpack can provide you with an immediate place to sit and then some. Ideal for any outdoor excursion, like beach trips, outdoor concerts, hikes, and beyond, this versatile item can take care of all your needs, well beyond serving as a stool. In fact, this handy little thing can also keep your favorite beverages and snacks nice and chilled, as it also features a fully insulated cooler, extra pockets, and plenty of storage space.

    In addition to its multifunctional make, the Cool Stool Backpack is designed to be taken around on the go. That's why it's equipped with two backpack straps for easy, comfortable carrying from place to place. It's also built to withstand the elements, from sandy beaches to rough terrain, thanks to its clever construction and top-notch materials, like Oxford cloth, ensuring its durability. 

    Whether it's the backpack's ability to fold out to a chair at a moment's notice or the fact that it can keep all your beers cold on a hot summer day that excites you most, there's admittedly a lot to love about this thing. Plus, its fabric is super easy to wipe down and clean, which is great given that you'll be taking it around with you outside. So it's no wonder the Cool Stool Backpack is becoming a must-have for all things outdoors during the summer and all year round. 

    Get the Cool Stool Backpack at 66% off, making it just $39.99 down from $118. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • Your Tattoos Look Amazing. Keep Them That Way With Amazing Tattoo Aftercare.

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    The Mad Rabbit Full Skincare Set has everything you need to keep your ink looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.

    Whether you're about to get your first tattoo or thinking about getting your tenth, good aftercare is imperative if you want to keep them looking their best. After all, your tattoos will be with you for the rest of your life. And just like the rest of your body, it takes work to keep them looking their best. So if you want to keep your ink looking vibrant and healthy, you need to know about Mad Rabbit Tattoo Aftercare.

    Mad Rabbit Tattoo Aftercare

    Image via Unsplash 

    Founded in 2019 by two friends with a passion for ink, Mad Rabbit was created with the mission to eliminate unnatural and processed ingredients found in traditional tattoo aftercare products. The company offers simple products that give you the confidence to show off your tattoos. Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare contains ingredients that make your tattoos more vibrant, help them withstand aging, and let you live your life without worrying about what they will look like in the future. And because their products are formulated with clean ingredients, there's no need to worry about unnecessary toxins.

    Mad Rabbit Tattoo Skincare Set

    Image via Mad Rabbit

    Mad Rabbit's Daily Lotion, SPF 30, and Body Wash might just be the perfect daily routine for your tattoos, not to mention the rest of your skin. It starts with their refreshing coconut vanilla Body Wash, which leaves your skin smooth and soft. It can be used anytime, day or night, and works for all skin types. It gently cleanses and refreshes skin, keeping it moisturized. It also helps your skin maintain a bright and healthy look.

    Next, apply Mad Rabbit's universal, unscented Daily Lotion. It uses nourishing plant oils and plant-derived ceramides to lock in moisture all day long. It works great with all skin types – inked or not, and gently soothes the skin barrier. Daily use also provides anti-aging benefits and keeps your tattoos looking sharp over the long haul. Best of all, Mad Rabbit Daily Lotion won't leave your skin feeling greasy, unlike other lotions.

    Last but not least, apply Mad Rabbit's sheer, 100-percent mineral sunscreen to protect your tattoos from harmful UV rays and other environmental stressors. This unique formula is excellent for all skin types and leaves a sheer, lightweight finish when applied. It's packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing botanicals, so your skin is left feeling soothed, nourished and well protected.

    If you're looking for tattoo aftercare engineered and tested to work as hard as you do, click here to learn more about Mad Rabbit today.

  • Staying cool in the summer shouldn't be expensive, especially with this discounted air purifier

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    We can all agree that staying cool will be more important than ever this summer. Who wants to be uncomfortable for an entire season? And while we all may have different ways of trying to keep our core temperatures down, finding a great solution is hard. Sometimes fans may not be enough, air-conditioning may be too costly, and who can stomach a cold shower? 

    So, where are we to turn when we decide the heat is too much to take? Luckily, right now, you can purchase a Hydroice 8-in-1 Turbo Cooling Air Purifier at a major discount to help stave off the sweats this summer.

    The Hydroice purifier is a two-for-one device. It cleans out harmful impurities, dust particles, dirt, and other pollutants you can't see, and the high-quality filters are made from silk and carbon. Plus, the cooling component is incredibly effective, cooling up to 600 square feet in minutes, leaving you feeling comfortable even when it's a scorcher outside. It works by pulling hot air from the surrounding environment and then expelling cool air out, and there are three speeds that allow adjusting the cooling for that "just right" Goldilocks zone

    Additionally, the purifier features a built-in aroma diffuser, so you can choose an aroma oil for a more relaxing experience. The humidifier is compact and powerful, aiding you in achieving healthy, glowing skin. What do we love about it? The seven-color LED. It helps you to get the perfect mood lighting! But we are also crazy about the new noise-block design that keeps the noise level under 49dB even as it works hard to keep you refreshed.

    Right now, you can purchase Hydroice 8-in-1 Turbo Cooling Air Purifier for just $43.99, which is marked down 11% from its MSRP of $49.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This foldable charger is ideal for Apple fans who have bigger things to worry about

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    You've got a handful of important emails that should've been answered yesterday, an end-of-summer trip to plan, and a half-empty coffee mug that desperately needs a warm-up. Needless to say, worrying about your various Apple products being gassed up and ready to go is at the bottom of your to-do list, even if these gadgets are imperative to how smoothly your day runs.

    If you're super busy these days (or simply appreciate the beauty of convenience), this 2-in-1 Folding Wireless Magnetic Suction Charger can be a real game-changer. Typically, gadgets of this caliber come with a hefty price tag, but this handy foldable charger is just $69.99, down from over $100. That's a small price to pay for convenience!

    This tiny gizmo is compatible with a slew of your favorite Apple products, including MagSafe-enabled iPhones, Apple Watches, and the wireless charging case for AirPods (and by extension, any other Qi-certified device). Plus, not only can it charge up to two compatible devices simultaneously, but it folds into a tiny, compact size, perfect for putting in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer without giving it a second thought. Keeping this lifesaver in your everyday carry kit means you can maintain full batteries when you need them most

    When it comes to taking care of these vastly popular and valuable gadgets, ensuring their safety is critical. Thus, this two-in-one was designed to charge your devices stably and efficiently to prevent overcharging or overheating damage. (You wouldn't want your trusty iPhone to explode in your face mid-call, after all.) And to ensure it works to its full potential, it's recommended you pair the gadget with a 20W USB-C power adapter (NOT included).

    Keep those batteries at full capacity with the 2-in-1 Folding Wireless Magnetic Suction Charger, now 38% off at just $69.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • With Speechnow, text-to-speech is a peach for your business

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    We can all agree that speech is a unique thing. It's compelling, engaging, and it captures our attention wonderfully. There's just something about hearing someone talk that can do so much more than words on a page alone can accomplish. And when it comes to marketing yourself, your brand, or your product? Having a voice to promote yourself will make a world of difference.

    Generating text to speech can be a difficult task, and it can also be unnecessarily costly. Fortunately, right now, you can minimize that cost with a great deal on an AI text-to-speech tool.

    Speechnow offers an excellent opportunity to convert traffic, leads, clicks, and sales. It enables brands to deliver and enhances the end-user experience while keeping costs down as much as possible. Speechnow offers life-like choices, with over 800 languages and voices to choose from. It's also incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is add text, choose your voice and language, and then create and export your file as an MP3, WAV, OGG, or WEBM format. 

    The reasons to consider using text to speech are manifold. According to ReadSpeaker.com, text to speech "gives access to your content to a greater population, such as those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision and those learning a language. It also opens doors to anyone else looking for easier ways to access digital content." Furthermore, text-to-speech is vital because, according to ReadSpeaker, 15-20 percent of the population has a language-learning disability. Just think of how many more people will be able to enjoy your content or see your product if you can reach them through speech to text!

    Right now, you can purchase Speechnow True to Life AI Text to Speech Subscription for just $29.99, that's hugely marked down from its MSRP of $3,299!

    Prices subject to change.

  • These earbuds easily block all outside noise — and they're under $25

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    Nobody likes their music or podcasts interrupted by somebody else's chatter or other outside noises. When you put on your headphones, you want to feel like you're escaping into another world. Sadly, many headphones just aren't that great at blocking out other noises. That's where Flux 7 TWS Earbuds come in handy. These earphones with advanced noise-reduction technology easily keep out unwanted noise.

    In fact, the Flux 7 TWS Earbuds were explicitly designed for fitness lovers. So not only do they effectively reduce the loud clatter that comes with any gym, but they also boast an incredible charge time. You get five hours of wireless music and calls with each charge, thanks to the onboard 2,000mAh polymer lithium battery. So they'll easily last even the longest of workouts — and will still be effective as you make your calls while heading home.

    But if you're searching for a pair of workout earbuds, you'll need some sweat protection. Fortunately, the Flux 7s are waterproof, so they can handle a bit of moisture when hitting your PRs. You can even run in the rain if you'd really like, too! Simply put, tee Flux 7 TWS Earbuds can withstand whatever you throw at them.

    These earbuds also come with other fun features: There is a voice assistant you can rouse in just two seconds to help you enjoy your music. Meanwhile, the auto-pairing feature automatically connects them with your phone or music player the moment you pull them from their charger. 

    Best of all is the price. While the Flux 7 TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case & Power Bank normally cost $99.99, you can currently purchase them for $24.99 or 75% off. Considering most quality earbuds are easily triple that price, it's an astonishing bargain. Why break the bank when you can get something with better noise reduction and a longer charge time for so much cheaper?

    Prices subject to change.

  • Create marketing logos that'll make your business shine with Robolly

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    Trust us. It feels like everyone could use a little good publicity these days (or at least some PR recon). While you may be an ace entrepreneur when it comes to maintaining your brand, you could use some custom marketing assets to get your business off the ground. So give this Robolly Graphic Automation subscription a shot and get those creative juices flowing.

    If you need any more reasons to get your marketing in the right direction, let Robolly give it to you. Not just a fantastic tool to help ideas come to life, it's also a cloud service that allows you to create all your graphics, marketing, and personalizing without outsourcing someone to do the work you can do yourself. As a result, you can make some really fancy marketing materials in mere minutes, which is extremely valuable if you're always coming up with bright ideas you just need to share.

    Let's break down how it all works so Robolly can genuinely sell you. Rated a perfect five stars on Capterra, Product Hunt, SaaSworthy, and Trustpilot, Robolly does all the legwork you need to do in one fell swoop. First, simply design a template or choose from more than 100 pre-made templates in the easy-to-use editor. Then, enter whatever you want to advertise, including inspirational quote texts, images, and slogans, and get almost instant results in multiple sizes that Robolly provides for all your marketing and advertising needs.

    Not one to be behind the times, Robolly is also incredible for creating social media content. Conjure new Instagram visuals, YouTube thumbnails, personalized PDF certificates, and other things you may want to put in a digital forum to make yourself more marketable. 

    Get the Robolly Graphic Automation Subscription for $29 (Reg. $1,200).

    Prices subject to change.

  • This mini vape is the perfect discrete companion for your pocket

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    Using an electronic vaporizer is the way of the future when it comes to smoking, and the future is now. For years, vapes have been eroding the market share for conventional smoking products. They're convenient, less smelly, and, depending on what you're vaping, more efficient than smoking straight-up herb. So if you're looking for a great all-around vaporizer to add to your gear, look no further than the Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer. 

    The Hippie Nano Plus is a powerful, versatile, and highly convenient vaporizer in a small package. It's also designed with portability and discretion at heart without sacrificing performance. Not only is this vape small, but so is its price tag. You can purchase one now for only $14.99, on sale from $34. 

    The Hippie Nano Plus is perhaps the ultimate in discrete, portable vaporizers. It easily slips into your pocket and is so tiny that it disappears entirely in your palm. It also has a preheat feature for quick drags on the sly. Furthermore, the battery is long-lasting and charges quickly. Lastly, the Nano Plus is compatible with any disposable cartridge with a 510 thread. 

    Users love the Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer for its sleek, compact design, high portability, versatility, and approachable price, earning it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers. One verified user raves, "Awesome little vaporizer. Used several different cartridges with it and had no problem with any of them coming loose from it. Lasts a long time when you fully charge it and I like being able to adjust it. Well worth the money." 

    The Hippie Nano Plus packs quite a punch in a small package. So whether you're a casual vaper looking for a device to use at home or a seasoned pro looking for a sleek ultra-portable vape for the road, the Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer is an excellent tool for the job. Buy it now for $14.99 or over half off.

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Do you always forget to toggle your Mac's security settings? Pareto does it for you.

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    Nowadays, getting total security on your devices is much more than setting unique, robust passwords. If your laptop or phone is ever stolen out from under your nose, hackers can easily get into your photos, files, work-related data, and much more. Luckily, staying protected is easy; you just need to have the right app installed on your devices.

    Using Pareto Security is like having your own personal security team managing your protections for you. Rated 4.6 stars on Product Hunt, this app regularly checks and updates your Mac's security settings to see where there might be any vulnerabilities.

    For example, you might have protections like firewalls and FileVault encryption installed on your Mac by your employer. However, if none of these are activated, it's like you're absolutely naked, security-wise. Nicholas Calderone, the co-founder of MacSources.com, shared, "Pareto Security has helped me find hidden security features that I would have never thought to look for in macOS."

    Pareto routinely monitors and ensures 23 security checks. Anything you AirDrop will always be private and protected, Gatekeeper will remain activated, AirPlay receiver will be shut off, and much more. And because Pareto runs automatically in the background, it shouldn't slow down your system, so you'll hardly ever notice its resource impact. If you want Pareto temporarily turned off for whatever reason, you can easily hit "snooze" to disable it for as long as you want.

    One-time license holders will receive automatic updates whenever the Pareto team releases them. Plus, you can install Pareto on an unlimited number of devices, so you can protect your Mac desktop at home and MacBook while on the go.

    With Pareto in your Mac's security arsenal, you'll never have to worry about your key and personal data ever being stolen by hackers or thieves. Usually, a Pareto Security Personal: One-Time License retails for $17, but new users can save 29% and bolster their macOS security for $12.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Juice up four devices at once with this sleek charging station and lamp combo

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    We love having a plethora of gadgets — but that doesn't mean we love having just as many charging cables and outlets in use from them. It gets confusing figuring out what goes where, and it certainly doesn't look elegant to have a tangle of cords all over the place.

    That's why the 5-in-1 MagSafe Wireless & Wired Charging Station is a game-changer, and you can purchase two for just $104.99 or 34% off. This MagSafe-compatible charging station is sleek and stylish, with the capacity to charge all your tech goods at the same time. With three wireless charging spots and one USB-A port, you can charge four devices at once: AirPods, iPhones, Apple Watches, Qi-compatible Android Phones, and Bluetooth earbuds.

    If you're thinking, "Wouldn't that make this a 4-in-1 charging station?" Well, yes – except it has one other helpful function. It's also a table lamp with three different brightness settings. With its compact and modern appearance, it's the perfect addition to any bedside table. It looks great, and it won't take up much space.

    Check out what users are sharing about this nightstand charger combo. One reviewer raved, "This charger has really cleaned up my nightstand and I love its appearance, functionality and nightlight." Another verified customer wrote, shared in their five-star review, "An excellent charging stand with an additional convenience: it is a night light. It is a great convenience to have it on my night stand: no more wires, no need for a lamp, everything I need is in the stand."

    Best of all might be the cost of this station. Chargers are expensive, as anyone who's had to hunt down an iPhone charging cord knows. That's what makes the price on this charging station — which acts as four cords — so great: Right now, the 5-in-1 MagSafe Wireless & Wired Charging Station (2-Pack) is $104.99, 34% off its usual price of $159.98, for a two-pack!

    Prices subject to change.

  • Bolster your online security with one year's access to this hard-hitting VPN for $30

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    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few decades, you've probably heard a lot about internet security. That's because the modern thief doesn't need to break into your home to take your most valuable possession: information. That's why one of the most critical tools in your electronic tool kit is a way to protect yourself from would-be cybercriminals. That's why a hard-hitting VPN should be on your shopping list.

    The Clear VPN is a highly effective means of safeguarding your personal information while using the internet that blends advanced security with an interface that's easy to navigate. This highly rated service is currently on sale with a One Year Premium Subscription available for only $30, marked down from $155.

    With an average user rating of 4.7 out of 5, Clear VPN is seamless to set up and use, but its encryption is anything but. This tool utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, the same used by governments and militaries, to secure your connection. That makes it virtually uncrackable without the key. What sets Clear apart, however, is its simplicity. The interface is intuitively designed, it's widely compatible with multiple operating systems, and it automatically measures your network status to connect you to its fastest servers.

    Customers seem to enjoy using it too! One verified user raves, "Fantastic convenient and easy-to-use VPN client for macOS! It's not a secret that VPN is not an easy-to-understand technology. Different keys, certificates, connections, and passwords make this technology difficult to use for an average person. But ClearVPN surprised me. The great, convenient, and easy-to-use product I like to use."

    Not only is the Clear VPN a competitive and effective means of bolstering your internet, but the company behind it is deeply involved in the Ukrainian relief effort. Clear VPN currently offers its services for free to all Ukrainians. 

    Stop living in the Stone Age of internet surfing and start enjoying your web browsing with the confidence of the complete protection afforded by a ClearVPN Premium Plan: 1-Year Subscription

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Win some extra cash to take the edge off your inflation blues
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    Just 10 or so years ago, spending money on iced coffees and avocado toast seemed like a little splurge. But these days, buying the essentials, like meat, eggs, and gas for your car, is seriously breaking the bank. Of course, that's the not-so-awesome work of inflation, causing prices of everyday items to rise, leaving you scrambling to find ways to make a little extra cash. 

    Before you decide what your third side hustle should be, perhaps there's a better, more entertaining way to earn money, like by putting together The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. Believe it or not, finishing one of these 500-piece bad boys not only wins you bragging rights, but it also puts cash in your pocket — as much as a million bucks! And if you grab one before July 27, it's discounted to just $24.99, the lowest it's ever been. 

    The way the puzzle works is simple. Take your time putting it together, just like any other puzzle you've pieced together, and take a photo of the resulting QR code. From there, you'll find out what you've won! And just like your local kid-friendly little league games, The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle ensures "everyone's a winner," meaning every puzzle reveals winnings between $1 and a million big ones. And who knows, you could be one of the lucky players to get your hands on one of the two boxes containing the $1 million jackpot.

    Think The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle sounds too good to be true? That's understandable in today's climate, but the proof is in the pudding. A handful of customers deemed the puzzle a "great quality product." It even holds a score of 4.5 out of 5 in our store, which is nothing to scoff at. So how lucky are you feeling now?

    Take the edge of today's inflated prices with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, now just $24.99 with free shipping until 7/27.

    Prices subject to change.

  • The Essential 2022 Movavi Multimedia Software Bundle is what an editor's dreams are made of

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    There's no such thing as a boring human, just one that hasn't found a hobby they like (if not one that's rewarding). There are countless interests to choose from, so you can throw a dart and land on something fascinating, which might even make you big bucks! For example, if you're looking to get into digital editing as either a side gig or a full-time profession, you're going to need the tools to get there. The Essential 2022 Movavi Multimedia Software Bundle should give you the boost you need to get started.

    Okay, Movavi maniacs, let's get down to business. This Essential 2022 Movavi Multimedia Software Bundle is great for those of us who are old pros that need a fine-tune or newbies looking to harness new skills. With four programs at your disposal, you'll have all access to version 22 of Movavi Video Converter Premium, Video Editor Plus (4.8/5 stars on G2), Picverse (4.6/5 stars on Trustpilot), Screen Recorder, and everything that comes with the Movavi-verse and beyond.

    And, if we're being honest, there are no real restrictions on what you can or can't access from this bundle. You'll be able to accomplish anything Movavi-related, including creating backgrounds for your videos with Chroma Key, removing or changing photo backgrounds, and optimizing the colors and contrast in a photo in seconds with AI. These tools also let you record screen and audio simultaneously or separately, add important drawings to your tutorials and make videos more engaging, and much more.

    The best part? You don't have to pay a subscription fee for these programs. That means that, even if your interests flip flop, you still have the keys to return to Movavi whenever you feel the mood strikes you. It's like that one friend you see every so often, but it feels like nothing has changed when you reunite. (Though we suggest getting real human friends to cultivate this feeling before robots fully take over.)

    Get the Essential 2022 Movavi Multimedia Software Bundle for $79 (Reg. $219).

    Prices subject to change.