• Get into your gaming zone with $56 off these Lenovo Bluetooth gaming earbuds

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    Times are tough right now, you guys, really tough. If you've just joined us on planet Earth, there's a pandemic still raging through the world, global warming is setting everything on fire, and Joe Rogan is still relevant. And, while things are all-around terrible by large, you still find comfort behind the controllers, which is a good thing. Pair your self-care with some awesome accessories when you score this Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset for all of your gaming needs.

    Alright gamer guys and gals, here's the deal with the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset. Not just your average buds you would use for a light job around the block, these gaming earphones are specifically to lock into your favorite games for hours on end.

    With HD low latency, you'll not only have the highest quality sound and noise reduction, but also the clearest connection to it all. Speaking of noise reduction, these buds have an enhanced canceling function to make sure the junk of the outside world stays there and doesn't rear its ugly head until you're done with your self-care COD. 

    Need to go wireless? This pair can do so up to 32 feet away thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology, which is a cut above the rest.

    Okay, but what about other headphone-centric features? Not only are you getting the best sound for up to six hours per charge, but the earbuds are also a great tool for hands-free calls. Now you can make and answer any phone calls you deem important during your rousing round of The Sims (let's be honest, no call is that important, but you'll make it anyway with these awesome buds).

    Get the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset for $44.95, or $56 off.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Eliminate dead Wi-Fi spots from your home with $34 off the Gryphon AX

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    Without Wi-Fi, how would you go about sending emails, streaming content on TV, or just about anything you do on your connected electronics. Chances are you already have Wi-Fi in your home, even if you don't exactly know what Wi-Fi actually stands for.

    But just about everybody has some complaint about their Wi-Fi, whether it's outages, certain areas of the house where it slows down or doesn't work at all, or speeds that change seemingly without reason. You want the best possible quality for your home, after all, because that's the quality you're gonna have to live with a vast majority of the time. That's where this top-rated Gryphon AX WiFi Router can help, and it's on sale for $245 right now.

    Gryphon is the optimal router for your home because it's secure, fast, and easy to monitor and control as the owner. It also has Mesh WiFi 6, which supports a whole network of different devices in your home. Plus, if you have a particularly large house, you can buy two or more Gryphons and connect them to each other for wall-to-wall coverage without any dead spots.

    The Gryphon has been featured on Bloomberg, PCMag, The Wall Street Journal, Tom's Guide, and more, and has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It also features a CrowdRanking algorithm that automatically blocks inappropriate websites when it is enabled, as well as a bedtime feature that lets you shut off the connection to certain devices for certain hours of the day, in case you are trying to send your kids to sleep. These built-in features let you circumvent the traditional method of downloading separate software online in order to accomplish the same purpose.

    This increase in efficiency is kind of the whole point of the Gryphon: You're getting much more value than other routers are able to offer. And right now, you can get the Gryphon AX WiFi Router for $245, or $34 off.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Charge 3 devices at the same time with this gorgeous desk tray

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    Since coming back to the office, things have looked a bit stale. We're glad you finally cleaned out those snacks from pre-quarantine, but the deco on your desk is so 2020 and way behind your super awesome WFH desk. Time to bring your work life into the future with this NYTSTND TRIO TRAY Wireless Charging Station that all your coworkers will ogle. 

    Alright, you cluttered mess, time to do some clean-up with this tray. Not just a place to store all of your small, yet important belongings, this tray also has charging capabilities for not one, but three different devices. Fitted with a five coil surface, you'll get super-fast 10W charging with ports for a 7.5W iPhone optimized and 5W standard Qi protocols for two devices.

    Got an Apple Watch? We know you do, you fancy devil. This charger is perfect for you because it also has a built-in Apple Watch charger to give your arm candy some juice. No need to take the case off of your electronics, this baby charges through phone cases up to 5mm thick. That means futzing and fighting with those damn silicone cases are a thing of the past.

    Alight, let's talk about the tray for a sec, shall we? Perfect for your wallet, keys, fobs, gum, or any other small items vital to your existence, the tray also features a super handsome design and a non-slip base so nothing falls like it's been through an earthquake. The material keeps everything from overheating, overpressure, overcurrent, and features foreign object detection (FOD) functions. Sure, you have your person at the office, maybe even a work spouse, but this is truly going to be your number one desk buddy.

    Get the NYTSTND TRIO TRAY Wireless Charging Station, which includes an AC power adapter and user manual, for $172.99 (Reg. $184).

    Prices subject to change.

  • Keep your back straight as an arrow for only $65

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    Good posture is something we could all benefit from. It keeps our spine aligned and our muscles and bones stronger for longer. Too often though, we tend to curve our back in ways that end up hurting us in the long run. After all, it's only a matter of time until we break posture into a slump in the middle of a particularly stressful workday. 

    With the Stack Smart Posture Corrector for Men & Women, you don't have to remember to straighten your back all the time, and it's on sale today for just $64.99, down from $99.

    The Strack Smart Posture Corrector couldn't be easier to use — first, just attach the Strack to your upper back in between your shoulder blades using either the powerful magnet or the adhesive. Then, calibrate it using the My Strack mobile app. After that, the Strack will do the work for you by giving you a gentle vibration alert whenever it senses you have bad posture. The vibrations work in real-time and will help you maintain a straight back and shoulders throughout the day.

    The Strack is virtually invisible and lightweight. It's small and discreet enough to hide under any clothes, and ultra-light at only .49 oz, so you'll practically never feel it. It also comes with the My Strack App so you can track your good posture progress and get the most out of your training. Last, but certainly not least, this handy posture trainer will last you three to five days on a full charge. You'll hardly ever be without it and can wear it for days on end.

    Finally, there's a simple trick to solve or prevent numerous muscle or bone issues, and it's easier than ever with the Strack to remind yourself to straighten your back. This holiday season, get yourself or a loved one the gift of good posture with the Strack Smart Posture Corrector for Men & Women. Right now, you can pick up this life-changing little gadget for only $64.99, or 35% off.

    Prices subject to change. 

  • This $75 drone is the perfect way to see the world from a bird's eye view

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    Okay, now that everyone is back to work in full force instead of feigning work from home (admit it, those Zoom meetings were almost exclusively an opportunity to show off your pajamas), we've all forgotten what it's like to have fun. It was just a few short months ago we were all outside enjoying time with or families and dogs while we braved a pandemic. We can't being you back to those memories, but we can offer you fun in the form of a drone with this Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera from Genius Depot.

    Alright flying friends, let's get down to business with the Black Drone. The main thing to remember here is this GPS flyer has a control distance of up to 1,200 meters and uses dual 4K camera cameras. In short, this means you can snag high-def photos and stable videos of things like birds, trees, and whatever's living in your backyard that's digging up all of your rose bushes. 

    Beyond that, the altitude hold mode function provides stable flight and adjusts the arms to make sure your images aren't blurry and, if you happen to capture Bigfoot, you can actually sell the pictures. By using a three-axis mechanical gimbal and electronic image stabilization, you'll only get the best of the best bird's eye view. 

    Right, so let's get on to the most important part of any drone: the modes, specifically headless. Headless mode locks the direction of the remote controller as heading so it doesn't give you a wonky ride (or a headache, for that matter). Outside of that gesture control helps control the drone from the app  so that you never need to control blindly. When you're ready to put your drone to bed (which won't be often, seeing how cool it is) use the one key automatic return to help your drone find its way back.

    Get the Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera for $74.95 (Reg. $89).

    Prices subject to change.

  • These innovative earbuds translate other languages, and they're 33% off

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    Whether you need to focus on your work on the computer in front of you or could use something to chill out during your morning commute, a good pair of earbuds have become a necessary everyday accessory. And while not all models are created equal, there are certain wireless buds out there that offer you way more than killer sound, and after using them once, you won't know how you ever operated without them. 

    Ditch the pricey Apple AirPods and get the same, quality sound accessory with way more to offer at a price your wallet will definitely appreciate. Say hello to the Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones, a gadget that does way more than pump music and help you make hands-free calls.

    Opening a whole new world of communication to you, these Freesay earphones can translate over thirty different languages, like Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, and more, right into your ear with an incredible 97% accuracy. In just two seconds, these buds can translate an entire sentence in another language! Whether you're meeting someone new or are off visiting another country, being able to better understand those around you can really enrich your life like you never could've imagined. 

    In addition to its impressive language translation abilities, this top-rated Freesay sound accessory boasts Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, great for picking up calls, listening to music, and more. And with five hours of translating time and up to six hours of music-playing time, you don't have to spend tons of time ensuring the buds are charged. And their charging case even serves as a portable microphone and speaker. 

    From its accurate translations to its high-quality sound, the Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones are incredibly useful in your everyday life, serving as an invaluable accessory. 

    Snag 33% off the Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones, making them just $199.99

    Prices subject to change.

  • This 11-in-1 groomer kit will have you channeling your inner Ryan Reynolds in no time

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    Whether you have an important work meeting or are getting together with friends for drinks on a Saturday night, looking good on the outside ensures you feel even better on the inside. But when you can't trim your beard or pluck those forever-growing nose hairs before you go out the door, your confidence can take a serious hit. 

    Body grooming is no joke, and when you need to look your best, you have to have the right tools at your disposal, and the BODBARBER is exactly the grooming kit for the job. Equipped with an 11-in-1 grooming set like this, you'll be able to trim, cut, and shave any part of your body that could use some attention. And the best part? It costs way less than a single trip to the barber. 

    Toting an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, BODBARBER is changing the way men handle their grooming needs. That's because, unlike other grooming tools out there, this device features micro teeth technology, preventing your most sensitive areas from painful nicks and cuts. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use, and you can even bring it into the shower or bath with you. 

    The BODBARBER comes with everything you'd possibly need to groom from head to toe, including important attachments like a body groomer, a groin groomer, a design trimmer, an ear and nose groomer, and much more. It also comes with a handy brush to rid your skin of loose hair, shaver guards for super-accurate shaving, and grooming mats to keep your workspace nice and tidy. 

    Great for taking with you on the go, this 11-in-1 grooming tool boasts a long-lasting, fast-charging battery that doesn't require you to have to be attached to a cord as you use it. The BODBARBER also comes with a handy travel bag to keep all the kit's pieces organized and in good shape. 

    Get the BODBARBER 11-in-1 Body Groomer Kit with Leather Travel Case at 38% off, making it just $36.99

    Prices subject to change.

  • Say goodbye to back pain, muscle aches, and more with 42% off this massage gun

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    If you deal with back pain (and honestly, who doesn't nowadays?) or just muscle aches in general, you know how distracting they can be. Whether you're an athlete trying to recover after a tough practice or someone who just spends too much time slouched over, muscle pain is rough. That's why pain-relieving massagers were invented, like this TaoTronics Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager, and it's on sale now for $49.99.  You're getting 42% off the MSRP and relief from muscle pain, what's not to love?

    The TaoTronics Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager is designed to produce waves of relaxation and relief from muscle spasms, pains, aches, and more. With 6 ergonomic massage heads and 20 speeds, you'll be on your way to relaxation in no time. Even the knottiest muscles will be pounded into submission with this massager's 44lbs of force.

    Aches and pains will vanish as muscles rejuvenate and come back better than ever. If you've ever wanted to feel like this capybara does after a massage, you won't hesitate to grab the TaoTronics Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager and save $36!

    TaoTronics is known for producing great devices, and the Deep Tissue Massager is no different. Sporting a perfect 5 out of 5 average on Walmart.com after 500 reviews, TaoTronics has knocked it out of the park with this one. One review said "Powerful, for getting deep into the tissue; comfortable, due to the wide range of attachments for various parts of the body. Good purchase!"

    Pick up the TaoTronics Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for this holiday and get 42% off the normal price. You'll be curing migraines, sore muscles, deep-set back pain, and more in no time at all. Say goodbye to all sorts of pains for only $49.99. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • Brrrn Board: Six Foot Adjustable Slideboard here to make at home workouts fun again

    We hate to break it to you, but gyms are disgusting. Think about it for a hot minute: everyone's sweating, grunting, and throwing basic hygiene social cues out of the window in the name of some gains. Beyond that, we might be banned from gyms once again thanks to a certain global pandemic that shall not be named. So do us a favor and don't take too many drastic measures to cleanse yourself of other people's fifth and, instead, have a home workout routine handy. Should you find yourself either too grossed out or too quarantined to make it to the gym, try this Brrrn Board: Six Foot Adjustable Slideboard.

    Not just any ol' boring stair master, this 6' adjustable board is made for those of us who need a high-class way to get everything moving. By maximizing your performance and minimizing joint stress, this bad boy improves your balance, mobility, and endurance through lateral movement. This way, you're never doing the same thing twice and you're working every working part of your bag of nuts and bolts. Speaking of having a diverse workout regiment, this baby also includes hundreds of on-demand workouts in eight categories, so there is no shortage of sweat.

    Beyond its actual use, this board is also super stylish and fits (and vanishes) into any elite home. When you need it, you can ensure that this eco-friendly and recyclable board's true natural rubberwood meets the style profile of any swanky room. And when you don't, you can just slide it under your bed, sofa, table, or anywhere that might have a little free storage space.

    Find out what The New York Times, Men's Health, Fast Company, and Vogue are ranting and raving about. Get the Brrrn Board: Six Foot Adjustable Slideboard, which includes a pair of slide booties and ArmorAll board wipes, for $269.99 (Reg $299.99) with code SLIDE6.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get a VPN subscription and one year of Boost Mobile for just $110

    In terms of germs, the summer gave us a little more leeway than the winter to be relaxed and protected from catching a case of COVID. Now that new strains are upon us, we might have to go back into recluse mode for a while.

    If history has taught us anything, it's that another lockdown may not have a time frame, and we might be spending less time with family and more time with our pal, the internet. Make sure you've got the most up-to-date connection with both your loved ones and the world wide web with this 72% off this Boost Mobile and VPN Unlimited Bundle.

    You've heard of Boost Mobile, but you haven't pulled the trigger yet, and here's your calling (we knew we'd get a cellphone pun in somewhere). With no annual service contract, no number change, and no lag in speed, this subscription is all you need to keep in contact with friends and family if we end up being holed up in our homes again.

    To top it all off, there's also a mobile hotspot included in this deal, so, on the off chance you're somewhere without internet access for your other devices, you can just switch the hotspot on to be the web on the go. This plan will work with most phones, so no sweat if you love yours and would rather not shell out for a new one.

    Okay, so now we'll talk VPN. In case you're not up to speed (bold of us to get an internet pun in here too) a VPN is an extra layer of protection when you're surfing the web away from home or on a private connection. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has no bandwidth limits, access to a ton of streaming servers (US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN+, and HBO, to name a few), and features a kill switch for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

    Afraid you might be out of range for this VPN? No worries, with access to over 500 VPN servers with over 80 locations globally, including the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia, you'll be fully covered no matter where you are headed (if anywhere at this point, thanks COVID).

    Right now, you can get a year of Boost Mobile with unlimited talk and text as well as 2GB of data for just $110, and it comes with access to VPN Unlimited to boot!

    Prices subject to change.

  • Karaoke On Demand is perfect for those who want to scream a tune into the social distancing void

    Hey, remember when we used to have a blast with other people instead of giving a hoot about germs? Fun times, fun times. Alas, thanks to the bewildering stupidity of half the country and a new strain of COVID blowing through literally everyone, we're back home and left to our own devices. That's cool, we've done it once and we can do it again, but this time, with feeling. Grab this Karaoke On Demand VIP Subscription and use music to unleash any harbored resentment against the unintelligent.  

    What exactly is Karaoke On Demand? While other people are busy contracting COVID at karaoke bars after one too many gin and tonics, you can easily stream music and lyrics in the safety of your own home with your best fully vaccinated and tested buddies.

    Use your phones, tablets, computers, laptops, OTT, or Smart TV to pick from thousands of your favorite jams to rock out to, just like you would at one of those crowded functions we once took for granted but now steer very clear of. If you've got a favorite lip sync earworm, it's almost certain Karaoke On Demand has it in its repertoire (ours is Wannabe by The Spice Girls, thanks for asking).

    Okay, but what about connectivity requirements? Surely there are some restrictions on what Karaoke On Demand can plug into? We kid you not, dearest reader, there is virtually nothing Karaoke On Demand doesn't connect to. Use iOS, Android, Mac, or a PC to give it a go. Not into any of those processors? You can also use Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player, and other streaming media boxes in order to sing your little heart out. 

    Right now, you can save over $400 on a Karaoke On Demand VIP Subscription and grab it for just $149.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This Smart Nano Bot kit bring you one step closer to taking over the world

    While living with robots may not be what it looks like on TV (anyone else remember Small Wonder?), we use smart devices to help us with everyday tasks, constantly. But with smart lighting systems at home and drones we can control from our phones, it's no surprise you find yourself longing for a faithful robot servant you can ask to bring you your slippers each morning. 

    All jokes aside, the world of robotics is truly fascinating, and learning the inner workings of these high-tech machines can be incredibly fun and rewarding. And if you'd love to find out what it takes to build a robot of your own, this Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set and Toolkit is sure to appease your high-tech curiosity. And lucky for you, it's over 25% off its regular price. 

    Successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Geek Club's Smart Nano Bots equips you with a kit full of motors, sensors, and robotic pieces, allowing you to put together a fleet of seven roving robots, all on your own. Way more fun than some boring engineering or robotics course, this DIY kit lets you really get your hands dirty as you develop hardware and electrical engineering skills.

    The highly-rated Smart Nano Bots kit comes with everything you might need to construct your state-of-the-art robots, including a rotary tool, tweezers, a solder wire, and even protective goggles. Additionally, you'll have 70 parts and 250 components at your fingertips as you attempt to bring your seven robots to life. And when you're all finished, you'll have ultimate bragging rights and some super-cool models you can display wherever you like.

    Whether you're looking into a career in engineering or simply enjoy challenging your brain by putting together puzzles, building these Smart Nano Bots is a great way to keep busy and acquire some new skills. 

    The Smart Nano Bots PCB Construction Set + Toolkit is currently 27% off, making it just $129.95

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get a fully refurbished Lenovo N21 Chromebook now at almost 40% off

    The impulse to buy a new computer is strong – until you start checking out new computer prices, that is. That's especially true if you're looking for a device you'll be transporting around from place to place. It's always tough to swallow a $1,000 laptop purchase for a machine that could easily be lost or damaged during the course of your traveling.

    That's a discussion that inevitably leads many to consider a travel-friendly and less expensive Chromebook to handle their basic on-the-go computing. And if you can get a like-new refurbished Chromebook at big savings off the retail price? Well, a pricey expense just turned into a major deal, and there are definitely big savings to be had with a model like a restored Lenovo 11.6" N21 Chromebook

    The N21 is a perfect fit for users who value reliability and toughness as well as simple operation. Sporting an Intel N2840 Dual-Core 2.16GHz processor, this Chromebook zips along surprisingly fast, with a boot time as fast as 3 seconds. 

    Pre-loaded with a handful of useful Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps, the N21 Chromebook also features integrated browser security, and automatic updates to make sure your technology is always 100 percent up to date.

    Unlike most Chromebooks with a locked-down camera, this model has a cam with full 180-degree rotation, allowing users to turn the handy device into a true camera, snapping still images and even video while on the go. 

    Including reinforced ports and hinges, anti-peel keys, and a sealed touchpad to help ensure it survives everything the world throws at it, the N21 Chromebook also features an 11.6" LED display, 16GB of storage, WiFi connectivity, a full range of ports, including HDMI and USB 3.0/2.0, and a hefty battery that keeps you up and active for up to 9.5 hours without a recharge.

    To ensure it lives up to expectations, this Chromebook has been fully restored by one of the world's leading Microsoft authorized refurbishers, passing a 40-step quality control checklist and certified to arrive in near-mint condition to work like new with minimal to no case blemishes.

    Regularly $249, the Lenovo 11.6" N21 Chromebook is now on sale at almost 40 percent off, down to just $149.95.

    Prices subject to change

  • Crush your opponents and save more than $350 with this gaming PC

    There's some serious power behind gaming now — people are even creating "gamer paradise" AirBnbs. But if you're a purist, you know that the PC is the best way to enjoy your games. Gaming PCs have the power, speed, and customizability to give you exactly what you want, unlike some cookie-cutter console design (and don't forget the mods!).

    The catch? Building a top-tier PC can be incredibly expensive right now, especially with graphics cards and RAM shortages, which is why you should consider deals that are renewed and refurbished. For example, right now there's an excellent sale on the Periphio Green Gaming PC Computer: only $539.52 for an excellent PC ready to boot up right out the box. That's 40% off the usual price, a savings of more than $350!

    Ready to handle the most popular games right away, you'll be dominating League of Legends and Minecraft with this Periphio pre-built. Sporting an Intel Core i5 6500 and 1GB of DDR4 RAM, it's a blazing fast PC that will keep you lag-free in intense matches and quests. A hard drive that has 1TB of size and an additional solid-state drive with 240GB so you won't be waiting around for your PC to boot up.

    As a bonus, the rig comes with an RGB light-up case so you can show off your new tech to all your jealous friends! The only piece of the puzzle you need is a graphics card for even higher-end games, but the integrated graphics are more than enough for titles like League and Dota 2. If you have an older GPU lying around and just need a PC refresh, Periphio has you covered.

    You'll be saving more than $350 when you get 40% off with this sale. You can have the Periphio Green Gaming PC Computer for only $539.52, which is a steal for how expensive parts are now! Grab yours today and start gaming with friends!

    Prices subject to change.

  • Keep up with your New Year's fitness goals with over $100 off this elliptical machine

    Fitness isn't just an activity, it's a lifestyle. Plus, if you want to be your happiest and healthiest self possible, it's easier than ever to start taking care of yourself. That means not having to struggle your way to the dreaded gym at the crack of dawn. There are plenty of ways to bring the gym to you. For instance, this Indoor Elliptical Trainer can be your answer to getting the cardio you need without ever leaving your front door, and it's over $100 off right now at just $229.99

    This elliptical machine comes with a heart rate monitor and LCD display, making it ideal for daily fitness to keep your blood moving and your heart pumping the way it should. Its solid iron construction is built to withstand thousands of workout hours and can support up to 220 lbs. with no sweat, even when you're working up one. The large pedals and soft, padded armrests will also make for a pleasant user experience, so you aren't pressing your limbs up against hard plastic and metal during an intense session.

    This machine comes with 8 adjustable resistance levels, so you can tailor your workouts to be easy or difficult depending on your fitness needs. The crystal-clear digital LCD display will show you detailed information about your workout including time, speed, distance, odometer, calories, and even your heart rate using the pulse grips on the handles. Additionally, the magnetic flywheel design offers a smooth and quiet operation, so you won't have any noisy machinery distracting you from your grind. Last but not least, it comes equipped with a smartphone holder so you can watch your favorite movies or shows while you work out.

    Ditch driving to the gym and ditch the excuses. When you're making your New Year's resolutions, getting in shape should be on the top of this list, and now you can really stick to it while saving time and money. Pick up the Indoor Elliptical Trainer w/ Heart Rate Monitor & LCD Display now for only $229.99, or 34% off.

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Bring romanticism into your home with this beautiful and spooky ceramic skull

    You walk into the apartment of an 18th-century detective. What do you see? Of course, there's going to be a comfortable chair, where somebody can sit when they're doing their deductions. There's also probably a fireplace and a lot of strange artifacts and papers scattered about the room. Whatever problem you've come to get solved, you know that this is the right place.

    This kind of romanticist fantasy has largely lost its place in the modern world. Mystery and danger have been replaced with massive television screens that take up half of the wall and remotes that get lost underneath layers of couch cushions. If you want to strike a symbolic blow against the enemies of romanticism, there's a way you can easily do it: Get a human skull. No, not a real one, but this Ceramic Fireplace Aged Skull by TheCozyHearth does the trick, and it's just $51.99 right now

    With your own Ceramic Fireplace Aged Skull, you can spice up your fireplace, or any other place, that you think could use a touch of mortality. What's cool about this skull is that — no matter how hot your fire burns — you'll never have to worry about it melting down. These skulls are made of high-temperature refractory, which is the same substance that NASA uses to test rocket engines. They make a perfect addition to a firepit, especially as you get more. 

    It's Gothic in the best way, and honestly, you'll be doing the world a favor by bringing back some darkness into the world, walking the walk by adding an element of spookiness into your own home. Right now, you can grab a Ceramic Fireplace Aged Skull from TheCozyHearth for just $51.99, or 11% off. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • This ruggedly handsome timepiece is over half-off ahead of Christmas

    You can be rocking a just-pressed pair of slacks, expensive shoes, and a fresh fade, but without the right luxury accessories, it's easy for your look to fall flat. But with classic pieces, like a sleek winter coat or a luxury watch, you can make a lasting impression, whether you're visiting friends at a holiday party or speaking to a room full of employees at a weekly meeting. 

    When it comes to luxury accessories, you can't go wrong with a fantastic timepiece, like this Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Blue Quartz men's watch. From its strikingly bold face to its comfortable yet sleek rubber strap, this accessory can go with a wide range of looks, both casual and formal, making it a staple in any man's wardrobe.

    Sourced by ShopWorn, an online marketplace that carries authentic, unworn luxury items from authorized retailers, the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive watch is of incredibly high quality, and it shows. After all, it has everything you'd want in a luxury timepiece, including Swiss Quartz movement, a uni-directional rotating bezel and black dial that tracks time down to the second, and hands and hour markers that eliminate for easy viewing. 

    While it does add a bit of sophisticated flair to just about any look, the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Men's Watch certainly isn't lacking in comfortability, as it features a flexible rubber band that's built to last. It even features a water-resistant build, ideal for wearing on particularly wet days or by the pool during the summer months. 

    Meticulously tested and inspected, with a 100% authenticity guarantee, you can bet the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Blue Quartz Men's Watch will make a statement wherever you go. And with a name like Luminox, a leading brand in men's luxury accessories, this timepiece gives off of nothing but class.

    Snag the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Blue Quartz Men's Watch at 54% off, making it just $319 bucks.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Too late for holiday shopping? Here are 20 gift ideas that don't require shipping

    The Holiday Season is nearly over, and those of us who haven't rounded out our gift lists might be starting to sweat a little. It's hard enough to find the perfect gift, but what if it doesn't arrive in time? Fear not, this bundle of 20 awesome gift ideas that don't have to be shipped has your back. 

    Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Unlimited Devices) — $34.99; originally $499

    Never forget login credentials again and have the peace of mind of using complicated, random passwords all with one service. Password Boss stores and auto-fills passwords for all your online accounts and is accessible through one, consistent master password. 

    Degoo Premium 10TB Backup Plan — $99.99; originally $3,600 

    With a 10TB cloud storage plan from Degoo, you can say goodbye to having to delete old files to make room for new ones. A one-time payment delivers ultra-secure 256-bit protection and simple access to your files for life. 

    picjumbo Stock Photos: Lifetime Subscription — $39; originally $599 

    Picjumbo is the ultimate database for copyright-free images you can readily use to up your online marketing game. Picjumbo features thousands of images in more than 100 categories and will send you 50 new images a month to keep your content fresh.

    Mashvisor: Lifetime Subscription — $39.99; originally $1,499 

    If you're looking to invest in real estate, Mashvisor will be your best friend. This integrated analytics platform is a one-stop-shop for real estate research, capable of turning months of investigating into 15-minute chunks of information as good as gold. 

    Rezi Resume Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription — $29; originally $540 

    Never miss out on another interview again with Rezi. This AI-powered software helps users to generate ATS (applicant tracking software) optimized resumes to ensure that you won't go unnoticed the next time you apply for a job. 

    BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription — $39.99; originally $1,200 

    With the ubiquity of the home workout in our post-pandemic life, it has never been more important to stay on top of our fitness goals ourselves. BetterMe helps you to track everything from diet to water intake, and receive personalized exercises tailored to your goals. 

    Hushed Private Phone Line: Lifetime Subscription — $19.99; originally $150 

    If you use your personal phone to contact strangers for work or in your personal (dating) life, you probably appreciate communication anonymity. With Hushed you can contact anyone via call or text with a pseudo number directly through their app allowing you to keep in contact without jeopardizing your personal number. 

    Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) — $199; originally $499 

    Get lifetime access to all 14 languages offered by the acclaimed language learning software, Babbel. Babbel was designed by a team of linguistic experts to teach languages in an intuitive way. 10-15 minute bite-sized lessons fit conveniently into any schedule. 

    12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription — $39; originally $399 

    Do you wish you could read more, but just don't have the time? 12min is out to change that with bit-sized e-books delivered to your device every month all designed to be read in 12 minutes or less. 

    iBrave Cloud Web Hosting: Lifetime Subscription — $99.99; originally $2,997 

    iBrave Hosting is out to change the web hosting industry. Web hosting costs can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, but with iBrave, you can get reliable load-balanced hosting for an unbeatable price. iBrave's secure system utilizes a global Content Delivery Network so there can never be a single point of failure. 

    Setapp: 1-Year Subscription — $69; originally $107 

    Setapp is a next-generation productivity optimization workhorse. With Setapp you get a library of more than 200 productivity and organizationally oriented apps that will help to stay on task and boost workflow. 

    Tello Economy Prepaid 12-Month Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text +1GB LTE Data + Free SIM — $85; originally $120 

    Stay connected without breaking the bank with this incredible deal from Tello. Nationwide coverage and unlimited calls and texts to over 60 countries at the same rate as domestic plus a free gig of LTE data monthly all at a locked-in, 12-month, prepaid rate. 

    XSplit VCam Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Mac & Windows) — $29; originally $60 

    XSplit VCam is the ultimate tool for any vlogger, streamer, or work-from-homer. Seamlessly and intuitively blur or swap your background without the need of an expensive green screen or high-end lighting equipment. 

    iMazing iOS Manager — $14.99; originally $34 

    iMazing is the Swiss army knife of the iOS that truly allows you to manage your data the way you want to. This software allows you to easily manage your backups, extract and print your text messages, drag and drop songs to your iPhone for a more intuitive Apple experience. 

    MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service: 1-Year Subscription — $35.99; originally $59 

    If you like your documentaries, then you will love MagellanTV. This platform features thousands of documentaries and series covering everything from war, to history, nature, crime, and much more all on a great app for learning. 

    PDF Expert Award-Winning Mac Software — $29.99; originally $79 

    PDF expert is the ultimate PDF editor and creator for Mac. The intuitive software automatically scans and matches font, typeface, and opacity to streamline the PDF editing experience. 

    The Complete Limited Edition Mac Bundle — $29.99; originally $1,040 

    Turn any Mac into a productivity powerhouse with this incredible app bundle. The bundle features a dozen award-winning apps to do everything from creating graphics, staying on task, brainstorm, safeguarding your personal data, and much more. 

    The Black Friday Mega Lifetime Bundle: Stack Skills + VPN Unlimited + Infosec4TC + Stone River — $125; originally $14,493

    Take advantage of a lifetime of learning with this e-bundle all while keeping your browsing safe and secure. Between Infosec4TC, Stone River, and StackSkills you will have access to thousands of lessons covering a wide breadth of topics, while VPN Unlimited enriches and secures your internet surfing experience. 

    The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone — $179; originally $1,794 

    Yet another opportunity to embark on a lifetime of learning with two great subscriptions. This bundle includes StackSkills, which boasts a catalog of thousands of e-courses covering everything from coding to design, as well as lifetime access to all of Rosetta Stone's language lessons. 

    PlayStation Plus: 5-Yr Stackable Code Bundle — $219; originally $299 

    PlayStation Plus is the ultimate tool for the serious gamer. This code bundle delivers 5 epic years of PlayStation Plus for you to enjoy, or to split up and enjoy with friends. Since the codes are stackable you can use all of them or gift them out. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • 15 card games, puzzles, and more that will keep you busy all winter long

    Unless you live among year-round snakes, alligators, and warm weather Karens, chances are you reside somewhere that has harsh winter weather conditions full of snow and sadness (or maybe you just chose to wish away the weather, whatever works buddy). No matter where you live, this winter is bound to be a long one, don't get stuck with the same Netflix show 400 times over and grab one of these card games here on sale. 

    Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version – $19.99; originally $29

    Like charades if it were given six shots of vodka, this game is perfect for your next adult soirée. Just do us a favor and make sure the kids are tucked away for everyone's sake. 

    FLUSTER: The Social Card Game – $24.99; originally $35

    Got a secret? Can you keep it? If you've got a cringe-fueled scenario to bring to the table, you've got the upper hand in this game.  

    Power Hour Tower – Adult Party Game – $32.99; originally $34

    Like its wholesome little brother Jenga, this game has the same premise of pulling blocks in hopes the tower it's building won't tumble. The twist? Each block is played differently for a night of fun.

    Farting Frenchies: A Card Game – $19.99; originally $24

    Let's be honest, Fido farting in your bed doesn't sound like a wild time, but this game does. Perfect for the whole family, Farting Frenchies ensures hours of laughs.

    Crystal Chess Set – $159.99; originally $300

    Looking to class up the joint? This crystal chess set should do the trick.

    300-Piece Pokemon Cards Pack – $45.95; originally $69

    With 300 of your favorite classic and modern Pokemon, this collection encompasses a millennial's hopes and dreams all in one. Of course, other generations can get in on the fun as well.

    Llama Drama Card Game – $9.99; originally $24

    Not to be confused with mama drama, this game is fun for the whole family and doesn't cause friction between members (except for Uncle Tim, he's the worst). Unload your llamas and be the ultimate champion in your family. 

    Puzzledly 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – $24.99; originally $25

    We've all done a puzzle or two since March 2020, but now those have lost pieces and their luster. Grab another floral 1,000 pieces for you and your whole family.

    Puzzledly 500-Piece Puzzles – $19.99; originally $20

    Another great puzzle, this one only has 500 pieces but maybe a bit harder. Put it together in full and you'll get a myriad of wonderful colors all in one puzzle.

    Puzzledly 1,000-Piece Collection: 5 Jigsaw Puzzles – $88.99; originally $125

    A gift for the ultimate puzzler, this set comes with five awesome puzzles to do solo or with a group of friends. Who knows, you may even recruit a few newbies and turn them into puzzle addicts like yourself. 

    The One Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF – $24.99; originally $30

    Looking to score some quick cash? Put this puzzle together and you could be the recipient of a million in cold hard cash. At the very least, you'll win 25 cents, so everyone's a winner!

    Bad People Party Card Game – $21.99; originally $24

    This very aptly named game is perfect for people who pride themselves on being absolute nightmares. Someone has to be the dictator in this game if that's any indication of what's to come when you pick up the cards.

    Liar Liar Party Card Game – $16.99; originally $19

    Pants on fire? If not, this game is sure to burn your buns when you try and figure out which of your friends are pathological liars and which are sweet angel babies. 

    Pick Your Poison Party Card Game (NSFW) – $19.99; originally $24

    Just as its title makes it sound, this game is purely luck of the draw. Only the unfortunate find themselves at the wrong end of the judge.

    The Voting Game: Party Card Game About Your Friends – $19.99; originally $24

    How much do you know about these "best friends" of yours? This game will test friendships and help people become a little more aquatinted with one another.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Bring theater-quality audio into your home with $100 off these Samsung wireless rear speakers

    Soundbars have become the home audio answer for those who want crisp, clear sound, but don't want to clutter up their room with a flotilla of ginormous speakers. While soundbars do a surprisingly thorough job of reproducing music and audio from your favorite TV shows and movies with notable heft and power, there's only so much a tiny strip can do to replicate a complete theater-quality sound performance.

    Like how even with a handful of small speakers packed into a bar, it can't really duplicate the full lush surround sound effect from a well-positioned multi-speaker array. However, this Samsung SWA9500 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit with Dolby Atmos is a happy medium between the single unit approach and speakers everywhere. 

    This compact duo is designed to work in perfect tandem with all Dolby Atmos-enabled Samsung soundbars. They can be discreetly nestled beside or behind your couch or recliners to offer dynamic rear sound that fully envelopes listeners just like they were sitting in a premium movie house. Each can even be wall-mounted for a seamless look in any home theater setup.

    While the soundbar speakers drive vocals and dialogue, these speakers employ Dolby Atmos technology to create an almost bubble-like effect around viewers. With sound and music positioned in an almost three-dimensional space, listeners experience a truly immersive soundscape that happens all around them.

    Best of all, both units are completely wireless, connecting via WiFi to the soundbar to deliver cinematic surround sound for more dynamic entertainment without cluttering up the room with wires and other connectors. No separate modules – just turn on the soundbar and ride the audio waves enriching your viewing and listening enjoyment.

    This Samsung SWA9500 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit with Dolby Atmos is regularly priced at $299, but with the current deal, shoppers can save over $100 and get this pair to build out their current home listening for only $199.97.

    Prices subject to change