Get these lightweight Bluetooth earbuds for over 70% off

Wireless headphones aren't a mind-bending thing anymore now that Apple made them the standard thing-to-be-outraged-over-in-the-new-iPhone fare, thereby killing the cool factor. But let's be reasonable here. Wires really are a pain when you're running, trying to get off the bus, or even just standing up from your desk. Wireless headphones make sense, they just don't always sound great. FRESHeBUDS is shifting the paradigm, however, with their Air Bluetooth 4.1 headphones.

Bluetooth 4.1 delivers crisper, clearer sound in the Airs, eliminating the spots and static that plague a lot of other wireless headphones. Their weather- and sweat-proof design are conducive to wearing in the rain or beneath the shameful amounts of sweat you expel on a run. You can even take calls on them when somebody gives you a reason to stop.

The FRESHeBUDS Air Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds are currently 72% off at just $24.95. Read the rest

Save more than 50% on the ultimate travel charger

You take your gadgets everywhere. You should able to power them up everywhere and do it easily. It doesn't seem like a lot to ask, but here you are with multiple cords littering the bottom of your commuter bag or laptop case.

That's why our new traveling companion is the GOSPACE SuperCharger, and it might never leave our duffel bag. No matter what we need the juice for, it can supply it quickly, with ports to spare.

This tiny box packs a 10,000 mAh battery and can use it to power up to four different devices at once via two USB ports, one quick-charging USB-C port and a Qi wireless charging pad. Thanks to that last one, you can charge up MacBooks, tablets, Nintendo Switches and more. And for world travelers, one essential perk: A set of interchangeable plugs, so you're covered for wall sockets in the EU, UK, or Australia just as easily as you are in the states.

Pick up the GOSPACE SuperCharger for $44.99, more than 50% off the original MSRP of $99. Read the rest

Get a complete master class in coding for under $30

To an outsider, the world of computer programming can seem like it's rotating around the Tower of Babel at times. There are so many different languages, each one tailored to a different set of functionalities. You can be fluent at Javascript, but still won't be able to make heads or tails of Python. The problem is, your boss likely won't care about the difference. They'll just want the job to get done.

That's why the best education for an aspiring coder is a broad one. And from what we've seen, the  Complete Learn to Code Master Class Bonus Bundle is the broadest.

We're talking 11 different courses covering the most essential computer languages in use today. Let's walk you through the platforms it teaches, and how you can use them:

Google Go, also known as Golang. A layered language that's best for developing programs for CPUs with multiple cores. Javascript, still one of the most widely-used web development tools out there. Python, a language that started life as a time-saving automation tool but has evolved into the foundation for most machine learning. C++, a general-purpose language that can build anything from video games to space probe guidance systems from the ground up. Java, a versatile language that can still run on just about any platform. PHP and MySQL, two essential pieces of background for anyone working in database development. C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0, two beginner-friendly building blocks for games and apps. Rust, a newcomer to the programming fold that boasts high program safety features. Read the rest

This language software uses music to make words stick

We've all had it stuck in our head: That catchy song, sometimes a favorite but mostly out of nowhere, endlessly looping just on the tip of our tongue. It can be annoying, but it was only a matter of time before somebody put the addictive properties of music to good use. And the name says it all with the Earworms Musical Brain Trainer, a series of lessons that uses a tuneful hook to teach foreign languages.

This software has already gotten raves from Wired magazine, who praised Earworms' innovative and painless approach. In a series of laid-back lessons, users are encouraged to just absorb snippets of speech in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, and German. Subtly layered under the phrases is a soundtrack that simultaneously relaxes you and sneaks the syntax into your aural cortex, where it can easily be recalled. The result is a quicker way to learn even the most difficult languages.

Available for a variety of languages, the Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 is on sale at $14.99, 50% off the MSRP. Read the rest

Beat the body pain with these trusted CBD gummies

Haven't tried CBD yet? We get it. CBD (or cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant that has loads of testimonials about its stress-busting properties, but whose products can you trust in a largely unregulated field?

Sunday Scaries are emerging as a pretty good bet.

The company was started by two avid users of CBD who were just as concerned about the lack of real information regarding the products they saw. They source their CBD directly from family-owned Colorado farms, infuse it into naturally-sweetened gummies and fortify them with vitamins B3 and B12 for an extra boost to the immune and nervous system. And to cap it all off, their products are fully organic. Take 2-3 gummies a day to beat back a variety of ills including anxiety, sleeplessness, and nausea. Be sure to check state laws before you buy, and as with any medicine, be sure to check with your doctor.

You can pick up a 20-gummy jar of Sunday Scaries for $29.99, a full 25% off the list price. Read the rest

This custom-fit sleep mask makes for a restful bedtime

Having trouble sleeping? A sleep mask can be the solution for many, but it's an imperfect one. Too tight of a fit, and it's uncomfortable. Too loose, and it can come undone or let in outside light.

The industrial designers behind the Manta Sleep Mask have clearly thought about this a lot, and they've given light sleepers a very happy medium.

The innovations in their Manta Sleep Mask are simple but crucial. First, the memory foam eyepieces are velcro-adjustable, allowing you to position them for a perfect fit on your face. That means no outside light whatsoever. What's more, the convex shape of the eyepieces ensures that there's no pressure on your eyes - something that can interfere with REM sleep. Comfortable elastic bands and micro-velcro adhesive ensures a perfect wrap around your head without getting stuck in your hair, and it even comes with blackout strips for those tiny lights on the various devices in your room.

All in all, it's a complete kit for the perfect night's sleep. The Manta Sleep Mask & Blackout Stickers are currently $29.99, a full 24% off the list price. Read the rest

Start your data analytics career with this Excel boot camp

Nearly everyone who has sat at a desk knows about Microsoft Excel. But if you're picturing a simple, boring spreadsheet in your head, that's only scratching the surface of its capabilities. Just for starters, Excel is an essential tool in the field of data analytics, allowing users to collate disparate mounds of data, visualize trends and chart a course for new business plans.

The capability to do all those things is the difference between a simple clerk and a highly paid data analyst. And no matter what your experience with Excel, the Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is the fastest way to get that knowledge - and the job that goes with it.

The six-course bundle kicks off with a primer on Excel's broader capabilities before diving into complex functions like pivot charts and macros. There are a couple of dedicated courses on data analysis, including the Power Query and Data Analytics Expressions (DAX) tools. All in all, it's more than 30 hours of lessons, examples, and resources, with a full certification waiting for you at the end.

Right now, the full Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is $34. Read the rest

This keychain has Tile tracking built-in so you'll never lose your keys

From your apartment door to your bike lock, it's not uncommon to carry a number of different keys on your keyring, but that doesn't make it any more bearable when you're fussing to find the right one or deal with the infamous pocket bulge. The KeySmart Pro's smart design cuts down on key clutter and comes loaded with Tile™ Smart Location, so you'll always have your keys handy.

Fashioned from stainless steel, the KeySmart can easily store up to 10 keys in its space-saving sleeve. In addition to locating your keys on a map, the KeySmart's Tile™ functionality also allows it to ring, so you can hear your sleeve even if it's buried between the couch cushions. What's more, the KeySmart even works in reverse, allowing you to ring your phone if you can't find it—even if it's on silent.

The KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location is available in the Boing Boing Store for $39.99 today. Read the rest

Save an extra 15% off these DNA kits in honor of DNA day

Happy DNA Day! April 25 is a day to recognize deoxyribonucleic acid - better known as the molecule that holds the code to our entire genetic makeup. What better way to celebrate than with a complete ancestry test that's about more than just satisfying idle curiosity about your family tree? The lab techs at Vitagene use DNA to tell you about your lineage, but they also use that data to tailor a complete wellness plan that's specific to your body.

When you get a Vitagene DNA kit, take a simple cheek swab and return it in one of their included vials. After a thorough analysis, you'll get back the most detailed ancestry report you could hope for - not to mention the most practical. With the Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Personalized Health Plan, you'll understand your ancestry visually with a map that breaks down ethnic and regional percentages. You'll also get a complete health plan that tells you what food choices are the best for your body, and any gluten sensitivity you're likely to have. Vitagene will tell you the type and frequency of workouts that are best for you and suggest supplements to enhance your regimen.

For a small upgrade, the Vitagene Premium Health DNA Kit gives you all that info plus your genetic risk for certain skin conditions, and updates to your profile as new genetic research affects it.

Both kits are on sale, with the Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit 20% off at $79 and the Vitagene Premium Health DNA Kit priced 28% off at $99. Read the rest

These hi-fi earplugs cut the sound but keep sound quality

For musicians, clubgoers or anyone in the thick of a loud environment, earplugs aren't just an option. If you plan on keeping your hearing through sustained exposure to levels over 85 decibels (roughly the sound of a blender), they're a must.

The good news is, most earplugs will muffle the sound. The bad news is, that's exactly how it sounds: muffled. If you love music as much as you love your ears, Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are a high-tech alternative.

Thanks to specially designed tubes in the casing, Vibes can filter sound selectively, lowering the volume by 22 dB across frequencies while keeping (and in some cases enhancing) clarity. They're made to be discreet, with a nearly invisible profile and three interchangeable, washable tips to fit any ear size. And they've got staying power in any environment too, thanks to a detachable cord that clips onto each earplug.

Right now, you can pick up a pair of Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs with Attachable Cord for $19.99 - a full 25% off the list price. Read the rest

This precision 3-piece knife set is just $70

Seasoned chefs have a bit of a love-hate relationship with their cutlery. A really good set of knives has to prove its worth by being put through the wringer - and if they're really good, they'll still look great afterward. So it is with the Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set.

Sitting in their reverent, minimalist case, they really do look too good to actually be used. But pick one up, and you'll want to start cutting immediately. They're made from subtly patterned carbon-rich steel, triple-riveted with a full tang and nitrogen cooled. Science aside, they're essentially made with the same techniques used to forge Japanese samurai swords, with a 12-degree cutting edge and Rockwell hardness rating of more than 62. Each one is precision-balanced, stain and rust resistant.

Each set contains a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, 8.5-inch slicing knife, and 5-inch utility knife. The full Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set is now $69.99, a drop from the previous sale price of $199.99. Read the rest

Start making music in Logic Pro X with this producing course

With the intuitive software out there today, anyone can become a music producer. You've probably heard that from any number of laptop impresarios, but you still have to know how to use the tools - and Logic Pro X is one of the best platforms out there right now. In order to get the most out of it, you'll need either a seasoned mentor or a comprehensive course like the Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle.

This roundup of eight courses is more than just a walkthrough on the software, though. There are lessons that give a firm foundation in the music theory you'll need to craft those songs, covering chords, scales, composition, and lyrics. From there, it dives into the tech essentials. You'll learn how to record vocals in your own home studio, handle third-party plug-ins and mix audio. There's even a dedicated course on podcasting. Wherever you want to take your production career, you'll get the fundamentals here.

You can pick up the full Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle on sale for $29. Read the rest

Redact, rework or sign PDFs effortlessly with this Mac app

Believe it or not, PDF files have been the go-to format for contracts and forms of any type since 1993. And sure, they're easily shareable - but that's about it. When you need to edit or sign a document - and you will - that's when frustration can set in. Luckily, there are workarounds, and PDF Expert for Mac is one of the best out there.

This all-in-one piece of software hacks through all the stubborn aspects of any PDF, allowing you to edit any text, images or links in the document - and that's just for starters. It also allows you to easily fill out forms, redact sensitive pieces of info or annotate portions of a file. You can even merge multiple pages into a single file, then password-protect them or share them remotely across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you get even a couple of documents per year, it can save a ton of headaches.

Lifetime access to PDF Expert for Mac is available now for $54.99, more than 30% off the list price. Read the rest

Celebrate 4/20 in style with deals on these smoking accessories

It's 4/20! Smoke 'em if you got 'em - and if you haven't got 'em, check out this roundup of deep discounts on pipes and other accessories. They're all on sale, but you can take an extra discount off the final price courtesy of the Boing Boing store by using the online code 420SAVE.

Freeze Pipe

There's nothing like a nice, strong pull on your favorite pipe - until you get the inevitable throat burn. The Freeze Pipe alleviates that with a freezable glycerin coil that cools the smoke on the way in, delivering a smoothness comparable to much bigger water bongs. Originally priced at $120, the Freeze Pipe is now half off at $59.95.

Twisty Glass Blunt

Legions of smokers swear by the Twisty Glass, thanks to the smooth pull of its spiral design and easy setup. Just pack in your tobacco, twist the screw and light up. No rolling, no carb, no fuss. When you're finished, twist it back out again for easy cleanup. You can pick up the Twisty Glass Blunt now for $34.99 - 30% off the MSRP.

The Weed Deck

Think you know your herb? If there were a test for Cannabis 101, this casino-quality deck would be your flashcards. Each one contains trivia and history on everybody's favorite plant, with helpful illustrations throughout. You can get the Weed Deck for $13.50, a 15% discount.

Geeky Grinders

Prepare your favorite herbs with a touch of nerd flair with these miniature grinders, each one inspired by a different geek talisman. Read the rest

This smart sonic toothbrush packs 40,000 strokes per minute

Ever wonder if you're cleaning your teeth well enough? If your last dentist visit has you getting a little more thorough about oral care, it might be time to save yourself some guesswork. A lot of electric toothbrushes promise deep cleaning, but there's a Platinum Sonic Toothbrush that has power plus the simple but effective innovation of a timer to make sure you're brushing for the right amount of time, every time.

And that's the least of the bells and whistles. It charges by USB, which makes it perfect for travel. Plus, the case has a UV sanitizer which kills up to 99% of bacteria on the brush head while it's charging. Turn the power on, and the Platinum Sonic vibrates at 40,000 brush strokes per minute, which not only loosens fine particles from the teeth but is great for the gums. And best of all, there's an Auto Timer that makes sure you're brushing for the ADA-recommended two minutes. It's like having a dentist on the room with you, minus the guilt.

The Platinum Sonic Toothbrush & USB Sanitizing Case are currently $49.99, a full 80% off the MSRP. Read the rest

Get free HDTV the old school way with this indoor antenna

The digital age is well and truly upon us, but let's not forget there's a load of free TV content floating literally over our heads. No, we're not talking about the internet. Signals from major broadcast networks are still gratis for anyone who can pick them up with an antenna. And before you envision those ugly metal "rabbit ears" above your TV set, get a load of the ANTOP Paper Thin 30-Mile AT-105 Indoor HDTV Antenna.

As advertised, it picks up signals within approximately 30 miles of the broadcast area, unaffected by windy or rainy days. That's shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more, relayed with support for HD and Ultra 4K content. At a mere .02 inches thick, it comes with a kit for mounting discreetly indoors and is fully compatible with existing digital TVs and converter boxes.

Right now, the ANTOP Paper Thin 30-Mile AT-105 Indoor HDTV Antenna is more than 50% off at $16.99. Read the rest

Turn your LEGO® characters into pilots with this DIY drone kit

Who said LEGO® had to be ground bound? With The Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly 'n Drive Drone, you can turn LEGO® and other building-block creations into fully-functional flying machines. It's available now in the Boing Boing Store for $39.99.

This kit comes with everything you need for remote-controlled long distance flight, including a 6-axis gyroscope, a 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter, and extra rotors for when you inevitably crash. Its plastic frame is covered in studs that are compatible with most brick-building toys, so you can get creative with your quadcopter’s design. Once assembled, you can precisely pilot your flyer through all kinds of tight spaces with the bundled digital proportional controller.

Children of all ages will have fun learning about the physics of flight with this hands-on project. Pick up the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly 'n Drive Drone here for $39.99. Read the rest

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