This adapter lets you play your Nintendo Switch with your favorite old school controllers

The Nintendo Switch is an undeniably awesome gadget, pairing old-school gaming styles with modern-day graphics and functionality for a new generation of gamers.

The only complaint people seem to have is that its controllers are somewhat lacking, which is why more and more Switch-enthusiasts are picking up this Gbros. Wireless Adapter that lets you play with your go-to, original wired controllers instead.

Perfectly compatible with controllers for Gamecube, NES, SNES, and SFC, this adapter will bring a new level of familiarity to your games by allowing you to take advantage of your favorite controllers while you play your Switch.

Simply connect the adapter via Bluetooth and you’ll be able to play your favorite games at a distance of up to 33 feet.

This adapter supports both Switch and X-inputs with Windows, and you’ll be able to press and hold L+R+A+B+START in order to swap your button-mapping options between GameCube and Switch Pro.

Start playing Nintendo Switch with your favorite controllers. This Gbros. Wireless Adapter is available for 25% off at just $14.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Kickstart a high-paying career in IT with this CompTIA training bundle

More and more people are flocking to a wide variety of careers in IT, thanks mostly to the high pay, plentiful advancement opportunities, and an exciting atmosphere that offers new challenges every day.

The only problem is that this high demand means competition can be fierce if you're entering the job market for the first time, and you need to have the right certifications on your resume if you want to land the best jobs.

With brand new material that covers every element of the latest 2020 exams, the Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle will help you earn top-salaries as an IT pro, and it’s available for 97% off its usual price.

With 14 expert-led courses, this bundle will introduce you to both the basics and more advanced elements of everything from server infrastructure to cybersecurity and beyond.

These courses will give you the skills you need to ace the exams for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+, Linux+, Cloud+, and Project+ certifications—all through training that focuses on in-demand networking technologies, cyber security, and much more.

There’s also instruction that will help you pass the Security+, CySA+, and PenTest+ certifications, and there are plenty of practice exam questions to ensure that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to sit for the real thing.

You'll also receive extensive training in the field of network security and maintenance—skills that are in growing demand across countless industries in both the public and private sectors.

Launch or further an exciting and lucrative career in IT with help from the Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle. Read the rest

Leave the salt and sand behind with this portable beach shower and storage combo

Going to the beach is almost always an enjoyable experience, but trekking back through your house on the way to the shower can leave a trail of sand the quickly saps the day of its sunny fun. Thankfully this BeachBox: Portable Shower & Storage unit has you covered the next time you hit the beach.

As the world’s first portable shower that doubles as a storage box, this intrepid cleaning combo is packed with features like an insulated shower tank, a non-slip changing lid, and a modular storage design that’s easy to take with you on the go.

You’ll be able to keep your gear dry thanks to separated storage compartments and divider slides, and the tank can hold up to 1.5 gallons of insulated hot water at once.

It’s also easy to refill the BeachBox in seconds, and you’ll be able to use the shower wand in order to douse  your body with fresh water before you hit the road.

Wash the beach off before you get to your car or house with this BeachBox: Portable Shower & Storage unit for just $169.99—10% off retail.

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MyFonts offers the largest selection of professional fonts for any project

When it comes to immediately grabbing a reader’s attention in any medium, few things are more important than picking the perfect font—regardless of whether you’re advertising your brand online or in print.

The MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle offers over 50 handcrafted fonts from one of the world’s most revered typeface companies, and it’s available for over 74% off at $49.99.

How you write your content is undeniably important in a world of limited attention spans, and this collection of fonts that covers a wide range of typestyles will help you expand your existing collection with incredible sans serif, serif, script, and display options.

Each font has been handmade and selected by the world-renowned experts at Monotype, and it’s easy to quickly find and select the font you’re looking for based on your individual project and needs.

Gain unlimited access to a growing number of unique fonts for life with the MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle—available for just $49.99.

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Protect your eyes from screen fatigue with these blue light blocking glasses

We’re all guilty of constantly staring at a variety of screens throughout the day. The only problem is that the blue light that’s emitted by most electronics — and even energy-efficient lightbulbs — is notoriously bad for our eyes and, subsequently, our health. Here are three glasses that offer superior protection for your eyes both during the day and at night.

1. Swanwick® Crystal Night Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

MSRP: $89 | Sale Price: $75 (15% off)

Featuring the latest CR-39 lenses, these prescription-grade glasses deliver unparalleled protection against harmful blue light without affecting the clarity of your vision—all within a supremely stylish and modern design.

2. Swanwick® Crystal Day Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

MSRP: $109 | Sale Price: $89 (18% off)

Ideal for looking at screens during the day, these glasses block out the most harmful types of blue light while still letting bits of healthy blue light (roughly 450-500nm) in to help keep your regular circadian rhythm in check.

3. Swanwick®Classic Night Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

MSRP: $69 | Sale Price: $49 (28% off)

With uniquely-tinted CR-39 lenses and a classic design, these glasses will help you optimize your sleep every night by eliminating harmful rays when you’re taking one last look at your devices before you go to sleep.

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Score of 2TB of cloud storage plus organization for just $49

From OneDrive to Slack, there are numerous ways to store files online. Because many platforms offer a certain amount of free storage, it makes sense to mix and match. However, spreading your files across multiple apps can make things very confusing.

Rethink Files offers a simple solution. By connecting to all your other cloud storage accounts, this platform offers access to every file in one slick interface. Better still, every user gets 2TB of secure cloud storage.

Even if you know where to look for any given file, skipping between different apps is a colossal waste of time. Working through a central hub makes for a much smoother workflow. Rethink Files works with a huge list of apps, including Google Drive, Dropbox OnDrive, Amazon S3, Slack, Box, Zoho, and many more.

The interface is reminiscent of Google Drive, with a clean design and colorful icons. The built-in search bar lets you find files quickly, and you can view rich previews of over 100 file types. 

For anyone with data stored in the cloud, Rethink Files is an invaluable productivity tool. A 10-year subscription is worth $3,117.60, but you can order now for $49 with the 2TB of storage included. Read the rest

This smart golf simulator lets you practice your swing at home

Winter can be a difficult time of year for golfers. Between the freezing temperatures and frequent snow showers, maintaining your handicap can seem almost impossible.

When the fairways are frozen solid, the PhiGolf simulator lets you practice at home. This device captures every nuance of your swing to provide virtual coaching. Better still, you can play simulations of the world’s best courses via the WGT Golf app.

Measuring just 29 inches long, the PhiGolf Swing Stick is easily short enough to swing indoors. In fact, it is small enough to pack in your luggage. However, this device has the grip and metal shaft of a real club. 

When you make a swing, sensors record the exact arc and trajectory. You can view this data via the PhiGolf smartphone app (iOS/Android) and hit balls on a virtual driving range. For a better view, you can cast from your smartphone to your TV.

The other app that works with this device is WGT, the popular golf game. With photorealistic graphics and 15 million players to challenge, this should keep any golfer busy through the winter months.

Overall, the PhiGolf simulator is a great tool for any frustrated golfer. You can order now for $199.20 when you use the 20% discount code GOLF20 at checkout. Read the rest

Get the most out of Photoshop with this $12 master class

Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo editing tools out there, to the point that it's the default program designers think of whenever they need work done. Small wonder, too: The flagship software in Adobe's creative suite is very powerful — if you know how to use it.

There is a lot to learn about Photoshop, but there's a quick way to get a deep dive into it: The Photoshop Master: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro course.

The course is tailor-made for those who've never touched a photo editing program before, but it does more than just get you competent. The introduction gets users' hands dirty with every tool in the interface. Then, once you're confident in the layout of your layers and functions, you'll retouch a sample portrait and learn how they work in practice.

The course gets rounded out with a series of expert tips on shortcuts and other professional workarounds, and it crams all this into a 4-hour package. Just the thing for an aspiring designer or photographer.

Lifetime access to Photoshop Master: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro is now a full 94% off the retail price.

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Get deep rest under these hypoallergenic bamboo sheets

Bamboo fiber is a relatively new thing in luxury fabrics, but it's no surprise it's this snuggly. After all, pandas eat bamboo, and they constantly look comfortable.

But seriously: To understand the benefits of real bamboo sheets, you have to spend a night on them. This 4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set is a prime example.

The rayon fabric is made from sustainably sourced bamboo, and all the best properties of that material come through. It naturally draws moisture away from the body while you sleep, making it dry and breathable. It also has the fringe benefit of making it easier to clean, since this kind of rayon doesn't absorb sweat stains the way other fabrics do.

The sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic and machine washable. They're also stronger than cotton, which means they'll last much longer than most sheet sets you might be used to.

You can get this set now for almost 75% off the list price, available in a variety of sizes and colors:

4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set // Navy

4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set // Taupe

4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set // Light Gray

4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set // White

4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set // Aqua

4-Piece Luxury 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set // Gray

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20 chef knives for for serious food prep

No chef's arsenal is complete without a good set of knives. In fact, it's the first big sign that you're ready to start cooking meals as opposed to just warming them up. Here are 20 knife sets that any chef would be proud to own, from visually stunning old-world metallurgy to sleek modern cutlery.

Mini Chef Knives: Set of 3

Taking your recipes on the road? These Damascus steel blades are sharp, easy to wield even in tight quarters and come with their own sheath for traveling.

MSRP: $99.40

Sale Price: $74.99

Laguiole Steak Knife

The Laguiole is another full portable knife that's sure to impress any crowd. The hypnotic pattern is a side effect of the hand-forging process that also gives it up to a 58 rating on the hardness scale, with a precision edge to match.

MSRP: $57.40

Sale Price: $43.99

Rose Wood Chef Knives: Set of 4

Jay Knives brings you these heat-treated Damascus knives that feature a flat grind for a clean cut every time. The ironwood handle is a perfect complement for the patterned steel.

MSRP: $99.40

Sale Price: $74.55

Gotham™ Steel Pro Cut Japanese Style Super Sharp Knife: Set of 2

Looking for a more timely feel? The blade and handle on these stainless steel knives are forged from a single piece, with non-slip accents on the grip.

MSRP: $19.99

Sale Price: $15.99

Monroe Knives: Set of 5

Wood sheets and resin combine for the handles on this comprehensive set, and the knives are no slouch either. Read the rest

Enhance your on-the-go photography with these iPhone accessories

The latest iPhone cameras are undeniably impressive, but they’re still no match for a professional camera when it comes to taking clear, wide-angle shots. These six accessories will transform your iPhone into a pro-level camera in seconds, thanks to powerful and easy-to-attach lenses.

1. Lemuro 18MM iPhone Wide Lens

MSRP: $100 | Sale Price: $80 (20% off)

Take truly majestic photos with this pocket-sized attachment lens that boasts an 18mm focal length along with a 110-degree field of view. In layman's terms, it helps you shoot better landscapes, portraits, and more.

2. Lemuro 60MM Tele Portrait Lens for iPhone

MSRP: $104 | Sale Price: $84 (20% off)

Ideal for capturing flawless portrait shots, this lens features a 60mm focal length, 2x optical zoom, and cutting-edge optical technology that delivers unparalleled clarity, so your portraits will be worthy of posting to the 'gram.

3. Lemuro 8MM iPhone Fisheye Lens

MSRP: $99 | Sale Price: $80 (20% off)

You'll be happy to have this lens the next time you're standing before a stunning sunset or panorama. With an 8mm focal length and a 238-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, this fisheye attachment allows you to take shots that are 5x wider than what your iPhone can do on its own.

4. Lemuro 25MM iPhone Macro Lens

MSRP: $95 | Sale Price: $76 (20% off)

Transform your iPhone into a pocket-sized digital microscope with this incredibly powerful and portable lens that delivers a 22mm focal length and 10x magnification ratio in any environment.

5. Lemuro iPhone Photo Case

MSRP: $44 | Sale Price: $35 (20% off)

Designed for seamless compatibility with Lemuro lenses, this aluminum case will also protect your iPhone from drops and bumps, and it even supports wireless charging. Read the rest

Forget the gym membership. Stay fit in 2020 with this portable home gym

Few things in life are more universally dreaded than going to the gym, which is unfortunate since a new year usually means making new resolutions to get in shape.

Thankfully, this BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym has everything you need to burn fat and build muscle in the comfort of your own home.

With just a small collection of resistance bands and gear, you’ll be able to do hundreds to go-to gym exercises in virtually any environment. The BodyBoss 2.0 is designed to simulate thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment, so you can tone and sculpt all in the same space and without having to jump from machine to machine.

And since the entire fitness package weighs less than 11 pounds, it's easy to take it with you wherever you go.

Hit your New Years' fitness goals without dragging yourself to the gym with this BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym for just $155—45% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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Learn a new language in 2020 with these best-selling apps

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to travel more, you owe it to yourself to learn the language of the place you're visiting. If you're not sure where to start, give these resources a look. From mobile apps to online courses, these products can get you conversant in a new language before you set foot on foreign soil. Read on for details:

1. Language Zen–Spanish Language Learning Program: Lifetime Subscription

MSRP: $500 | Sale Price: $79 (84% off)

Learn Spanish twice as effectively with this personal language tutoring platform that adapts to your unique learning habits.

2. The Complete Learn French in 30 Days Bundle

MSRP: $2000 | Sale Price: $19 (99% off)

This 10-course bundle will help you learn French language and grammar the easy way, thanks to simple, bite-sized lessons that can be completed in as little as a few minutes.

3. The Fast-Track French Language Learning Bundle

MSRP: $796 | Sale Price: $20 (97% off)

Fancy a trip to the City of Lights? With 13 hours of content spread over four in-depth courses, this bundle will teach you how to speak and read one of the world’s most beloved languages.

4. HelloTalk VIP: Lifetime Subscription

MSRP: $230 | Sale Price: $29 (87% off)

This best-selling platform lets you learn a new language by speaking directly with native speakers from around the world.

5. Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription

MSRP: $399 | Sale Price: $159 (60% off)

Learn up to 14 new languages with a lifetime subscription to Babbel, which comes with access to over 10,000 hours of high-quality educational content. Read the rest

3 racks perfect for transporting bikes, skis, & more on the road

Anyone who loves biking, skiing, or snowboarding in the great outdoors knows just how difficult it can be to safely transport your gear—especially during extended trips. These three accessories make it easier than ever to securely attach your gear to your car. So if you're planning to embark on a outdoor adventure soon, you'd be wise to check out these options:

1. STAG Ski, Bike & Base Unit Bundle

MSRP: $549 | Sale Price: $494 (10% off)

This streamlined rack allows you to attach and carry two bikes along with your ski gear (up to four snowboards or five pairs of skis), thanks to a premium vacuum roof system that offers unparalleled grip strength for all of your equipment.

2. STAG Ski & Base Unit Bundle

MSRP: $379 | Sale Price: $341 (10% off)

If you tend to travel a bit lighter when you hit your favorite adventure spots, this simplified rack system has you covered—thanks to premium vacuum cup technology that allows you to securely carry either four snowboards or five pairs of skis.

3. STAG Bike & Base Unit Bundle

MSRP: $379 | Sale Price: $341 (10% off)

Ideal for cycling enthusiasts, this premium roof rack can carry up to two bikes with either a 15mm thru axle or a 9mm skewer, and it’s easy to attach the rack to glass, metal, or fiberglass surfaces. Read the rest

Break into the field of AI and Machine Learning with the help of this training

It seems like AI is everywhere these days, from the voice recognition software in our personal assistants to the ads that pop up seemingly at just the right time. But believe it or not, the field is still in its infancy.

That means there's no better time to get in on the ground floor. The Essential AI & Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle is a one-course package that can give you a broad overview of AI's many uses in the modern marketplace and how to implement them.

The best place to dive into this four-course master class is with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Foundation Course. This walkthrough gives you all the terms and concepts that underpin the entire science of AI.

Later courses let you get your hands dirty with some coding, as in the data visualization class that focuses on the role of Python in the interpretive side of data analytics. There are also separate courses on computer vision (the programming that lets machines "see" their surroundings) and natural language processing (the science of getting computers to understand speech).

The entire package is now available for Boing Boing readers at 93% off the MSRP. Read the rest

Learn full stack web development with this $13 Javascript course

If you're looking to build a career in web development, it starts with Javascript. This programming language was there at the golden age of the internet, and it's still the basis for millions of web pages and apps worldwide.

Suffice to say, if you're a coder who doesn't know JS yet, you're not a coder. But short of an internship with a master in the language, the Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course is the quickest way to get familiar with it.

The online course encompasses 87 lectures, but they're far from static recitations of terms. The core of the curriculum will have you designing a calculator app, chat app and a weblog - all from scratch.

Along the way, you'll use essential JavaScript tools like ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux and many more. Even if you don't use this course to land a high-paying web developer job (and they are out there), you'll be fully able to make your own apps and pull back the curtain on your favorite websites.

All told, you get more than 20 hours of content in the Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course, which is now available for 93% off the MSRP. Read the rest

This website builder app lets anyone create a website with zero code

We've all got a perfect website in our minds. In the past, the problem has been the barrier of language - specifically, the computer languages used to create those glittering, animation-filled pages you flock to.

Now, Mac users have an alternative. Blocs 3 is a website builder that can provide an easy visual interface for anyone to design a site without sacrificing clean code underneath it all.

Anyone can pick up this software and have their first page in minutes. It boils down and translates the code you need into pre-determined sections that can be modified in any number of ways. Add your own text and images, adjust the background and effects, plug in your links and go. These sections can be "stacked" like the namesake blocks of the program, making it easy for you to understand and work with the hierarchy of your site.

The end result will have CMS integration, server-side PHP functionality and all the user interactions you need for a business or personal site.

You can pick up Blocs 3 for Mac now at 60% off the MSRP. Read the rest

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