Get a Sam's Club membership for basically free with this gift card offer

Going to the grocery store used to just be a daily chore you had to fit into your schedule. But now, a trip to the grocery store can actually be dangerous, especially for the elderly or those with compromised immune systems.

Which is why Sam’s Club has started an actual concierge service, allowing members on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to drive up to a Sam’s location, get help from a staffer entering items through the Sam’s Club app, then waiting as another worker gathers their order and brings it to their car.

As the old commercial goes, membership has its privileges. Even if you don’t need that level of service, it’s nice to know that premium Sam’s Club members can expect that level of attention. And now, you can not only sign up for a one-year membership to the exclusive warehouse store club, you can basically do it for free.

If you want to become a new Sam’s Club member, you can sign up now for just $45, which gives you access to their overwhelming supply of grocery, household, electronics, furniture, and other critical goods in their nearly 600 warehouse club locations in 44 states.

Of course, we already said it was basically free. And it is. Within 10 days of signing up, you’ll receive a $25 eGiftcard via email. After the purchase of $20 or more at, you’ll get a second eGiftcard for $20, effectively paying for the cost of your entire membership.

If you’ve ever been through a Sam’s Club, you already know the volume discounts available on literally thousands of goods, which makes an effectively free membership a must, particularly for any large or growing families. Read the rest

This laundry egg has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and is now on sale for over 30% off

You don’t often find laundry duty on the list of everyone’s favorite household chores. Sure, it isn’t usually back-breaking work, but if you’ve got a family, especially a family with young children, it can feel like the never-ending churn and ever-present hum of the washer and dryer never ends.

Which isn’t far from wrong. Procter and Gamble found the average American family washes about 300 to 400 loads of laundry every year or about 6 to 7.5 loads per week. That means a whole lot of laundry detergent and fabric conditioner gets purchased every year to handle that mountain of dirty clothes, bedding, towels, and more.

Rather than bottle after bottle of chemicals, the makers of the Laundry Egg are pitching a different proposition — just buy one egg that will cover all your cleaning needs for 2 to 3 years. And so far, customers are responding, snapping up over 2 million Laundry Eggs in 48 countries worldwide.

The Laundry Egg is packed full of two types of natural mineral pellets that when set on top of your clothes at the start of the wash cycle work with the water in your washing machine to lift away dirt without fading colors or leaving chemical residue behind like traditional detergents. The pellets contain no harmful chemicals and have been officially lab tested and deemed “excellent” for sensitive skin.

Best of all, each Laundry Egg is good for up to 720 washes, which should be enough to save you a nice chunk of change on all those detergents and conditioners. Read the rest

The Tivoo-Max is part speaker, part alarm clock, part artist’s easel, and all fun

Some pieces of tech aren’t really expected to have personality. They were created for function, compact black squares that do their duty, do it well, and do it in relative obscurity.

Then there are creations like the Tivoo-Max Smart Alarm Clock and Speaker. It’s the equivalent of the theater kid in high school — loud, dramatic, and constantly bouncing around in front of your face like Tigger on a caffeine high.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that for all its brashness and playful energy, the Tivoo-Max is also a formidable addition to anyone’s tech array, ready to blast out a song, wake you up or dazzle you visually with equal enthusiasm.

While Tivoo-Max is more than capable on the audio side, its standout feature is its 46 square inch LED screen, which serves as a constantly evolving canvass to display your pixel artwork or downloadable graphics, icons, animations and more that reflect your personality.

Armed with 256 programmable squares and a palette of up to 16 million colors, you can either create your own cool pixel drawings or go to the accompanying Divoom Smart app and download the creations of others. With your favorite music as a backdrop, the Tivoo-Max then goes into sparkle mode, cascading your images across the LED screen as the tunes roll on.

While the pixel explosion is the Tivoo-Max’s most overt feature, it’s still a powerful Bluetooth speaker with loads of functionality. Backed by 2.1 stereo drivers and an active subwoofer for thumping bass, this speaker’s output is formidable. Read the rest

If you ever wanted to take up painting as a hobby you need to check out these classes

If you can say anything for the current state of our world, it certainly isn’t boring. However, the constant churn of high-stakes activity happening around us every day is enough to make even a Buddhist monk feel a twinge of anxiety now and again.

We all need a way to release those tensions, depressurize from the mad, mad world, and sink into something relaxing and soothing. For many, that’s a hobby like painting — and for those who have always wanted the opportunity to engage their artistic side with a brush and canvass, The Ultimate Creative Arts Bundle: Learn to Paint and Draw collection can help make that happen.

This package includes six courses packed with basics, techniques, and more to hone your artistic skills, create portraits and spend 18 hours really delving into how to draw and paint like a true creator.

Since it’s always been to start at the beginning, the dual courses How to Paint from Beginner to Master and How to Draw from Beginner to Master get right down to the fundamentals of both disciplines. In Draw, students who can’t even draw a stick figure will learn some time-honored drawing tactics turning the process into a step-by-step approach. By the time they’re finished, learners have a system for drawing difficult things like hands, eyes or portraits, how to apply shading, when to use various pencil lead weights and more. 

Meanwhile in Paint, lessons outline a similar step by step method for learning the fine art of oil painting. Read the rest

Whisk Takers delivers everything you need to make brilliant baked desserts right to your door

Home-delivered fresh meal prep kits have been crazy successful the past few years, a surge kicked into overdrive by our recent stay-at-home habits. While services that conveniently hand you everything you need to make a delicious dish are handier than ever, it’s no surprise some more niche-focused offshoots have also sprung up to keep your porch covered in tasty treats.

The cutely-named Whisk Takers is one such new player in this field, serving up a subscription-based menu of sweet baking projects that can turn you or anyone else in your household into a dessert chef with ease.

You already know the process. Just sign up and very soon, a tidy package arrives at your door, filled with pre-measured ingredients and a step-by-step recipe card to craft your perfect baking masterpieces.

Their simple, no-fuss methods can have anyone baking from scratch with ease. And no one ever has to run to the store for something they forgot, make a mess measuring, or sort through tiny leftover bags of ingredients that sit in the pantry for months afterward.

With the 2-box kit ($48, 22 percent off), bakers of any ability level can put together two of Whisk Takers’ most popular creations. If you’re in the mood for cake, the Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes might feed that desire. These cupcakes are not only bursting with deep chocolate and addictive hazelnuts, but they also unleash that incredible smell of fresh-baked treats throughout your home...which is almost reason enough to dive in.

Or if you enjoy gooey sweet treats, you can also wipe up a batch of S'mores Brownies, a mind-melting marshmallow-y masterstroke teaming up a fudge brownie base with a marshmallow topping and a sprinkling of cute Teddy Grahams to complete the vision. Read the rest

Know anyone who spends way too long in the bathroom? The Toilet Timer can change that

Look, this isn’t a pleasant topic...but let’s talk about sitting on the porcelain throne for just a moment, shall we?

For some people, that time perched on the toilet can be an oasis in the busiest of days. For others, it’s an easy way to go run and hide. Whether at work or at home, it’s not unheard of for someone to post up in a stall and stay there for 15, 20, even 30 minutes or more. Not much actual bathroom business is usually getting done there, but others — from family members to bosses to others who need the facilities — probably wish those folks would hurry the hell up.

The Toilet Timer is a fun way to remind everyone that time waits for none of us, even when we’re on the pot.

The Toilet Timer is a unique sand timer that runs for five minutes. When all the sand has run through the digestive tract of the poised man sitting on the timer’s face, that’s your signal that your time indisposed needs to end.

And in case you think this is just a heartless engineering project created by antsy bosses, impatient spouses, or unsympathetic kids, there’s actually some gastroenterological science to back up this five-minute rule as well. In fact, doctors will tell patients they shouldn’t be spending more than five minutes in the bathroom to avoid fissures and hemorrhoidal bleeding.

That’s a horrifying thought, so instead, stay focused on the benefits of the Toilet Timer. Putting this Kickstarter-funded device in your bathroom is an oh-so-subtle reminder to that long pooper in your family that you’re on to their trick. Read the rest

Here are 24 deals on Apple devices and accessories that can save you a bundle of cash

Is the iPhone 12 coming? Yes. When? That’s still up for debate.

We’re all in a state of flux these days, including the world’s most iconoclastic tech company. But even though Apple’s latest and greatest phone may or may not drop this fall, one thing is certain — a sale on Apple tech and accessories is always noteworthy.

Right now, check out this collection of 24 great deals on Apple iPads, iMacs, Airpods, Apple Watches, and more, all with savings of up to $1,000. 


With four(!) different versions of Apple’s iconic tablet floating around, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting...beyond the sleek design, intuitive layout, and notoriously buttoned-up environment Apple is known for, that is.

But with Apple’s flagship iPad model, you get the baseline device that launched the line and still, 10 years later, is a rock-solid buy, especially at its entry-level price. 

Apple iPad 4 9.7" 16GB (Refurbished) Bundle - $134.99; originally $199 Apple iPad 4 9.7" 32GB (Refurbished) Bundle - $219.99; originally $499

With a nearly 10-inch Retina display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a dual-core processor, these iPads might have a few miles on the odometer, but they’ve still got plenty of life left. Certified Refurbished by Apple to look and work as good as new, all three models are great for browsing and streaming, communicating with friends, and even doing most work tasks with ease. With built-in speakers, front and rear cameras, you get the quality tablet features you expect for only a fraction of what you'd if you bought a brand new iPad. Read the rest

This multicolor light goes anywhere, fits anywhere, and it's hypnotically cool

Every once in awhile, we see a new product come along that’s so versatile and elegantly simple that it’s strange no one’s ever gone there before.

Portable lights themselves aren’t new, but there’s something about the MOGICS Coconut Light that’s so seamlessly well-designed and adaptable that it feels startlingly original.

The Coconut is basically just an orb of light. Yet the more than $105,000 this portable, foldable light source generated during its enthusiastic run on Kickstarter proves that its appeal goes far beyond its humble origins.

Made from durable, non-toxic, kid-safe silicon material, the Coconut Light is a minimalist perfect sphere of light that can adapt to almost any situation. The Coconut self-inflates and sports four different lighting modes, so whether it’s serving as a desk light, a table centerpiece, a camping accessory, or poolside ambiance, it effortlessly conforms to your environment.

The silicon sturdiness and clever engineering mean you don’t have to handle the Coconut Light with kid gloves. In fact, with its inflatable, balanced, durable construction, it’s practically like having a glowing rubber ball shining in the darkness.

The three-point design subtly creates a balance, so if the Coconut Light is set on a table, it doesn’t roll away. At the base, the invisible switch can toggle through normal, flash, breathing, and warning light modes.

In case you’re skeptical about carrying a rubber ball around with you, don’t worry -- the Coconut Light folds down to about a sixth of its original size. Then once you pop it out of its carrying case, the Coconut’s unique valve design expands it to its regular dimensions. Read the rest

These encrypted iStorage hard drives and flash drives are the ultimate peace of mind for your data

If data is worth saving to an external drive, shouldn’t it also be important enough to protect?

Since setting up shop in the UK over a decade ago, iStorage has become one of the top makers of encrypted, easy to use and affordable portable data storage devices. And while not everyone needs multi-level security in place before someone accesses their files, iStorage products make steel-trap protection a standard feature in all of their flash drives, hard drives and even cloud services options.

datAshur PRO 256-bit Encrypted USB 3.0, 8GB Flash Drive - $70.95; originally $79 datAshur PRO² 256-bit Encrypted USB 3.2, 16GB Flash Drive - $79.95; originally $89

Flash drives usually live up to their name, used for quick data transportation and transfers. But that pocket-sized convenience has its security downsides as well, including vulnerability to malware, tampering, hacking or just outright theft. With the datAshur PRO and PRO², you get an assortment of protection measures to make sure no one compromises or steals your data ever. 

In addition to built-in full disk AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, both models also feature keypad protection. Set a unique PIN of up to 15 digits — and without that PIN, no one gets to your information. The stick auto-locks the moment you unplug and with the brute force hack defense mechanism, all data permanently deletes with 10 incorrect login attempts. Better to be gone than fall into the wrong hands!

The PRO is available in sizes from 8GB to 128GB, while the PRO² with faster read and write speeds is available from 16GB to 512GB. Read the rest

Created by artists for artists, Pencil Kings is a no-nonsense approach to learning to draw

If you want to be a doctor, your path is relatively clear. You go to school, study the ways of the human body, understand the medical steps needed to fix it, graduate, then start practicing your craft. 

But if you want to be an artist, your course forward isn’t quite so well defined. Art is so subjective that it’s difficult to know what processes you must follow to develop your talent. Different voices can differ wildly on whether art school is essential or if you have to specialize in a certain genre. And most importantly, you’ll likely ask the same question over and over: Am I good enough?

The training in the Pencil Kings Ultimate Character Drawing and Design Course Bundle can go a long way toward answering that very question.

Created by Canadian artist Mitch Bowler, Pencil Kings is an art education system developed by artists for artists. Rather than getting bogged down in dead ends and self-doubt, this program is devised to methodically train anyone with some talent and ambition to become a working artist.

Bowler assembled a talented roster of instructors to teach Pencil Kings courses, artists with experience working at studios in the highest echelon of the business like Marvel, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Sony, EA, Activision and more.

Over 11 basic to advanced courses, Pencil Kings students learn pragmatic art techniques in a simple, tangible, and applicable manner as their confidence and skill levels grow by the day.

Unlike programs that take a scattershot approach to art training, Pencil Kings courses focus on a particular skillset, layout steps from one to 100 and beyond, then lead you through accomplishing each step. Read the rest

The Beachsafe makes sure your valuables stay safe and your phone never overheats

It’s one of those eternal questions — what do you do with your valuables when you go to the beach or take a swim in a public pool? You can’t take your phone in the water with you. Your wallet, sunglasses, keys and other assorted EDC items probably shouldn’t be getting wet either.

Of course, leaving your phone and wallet lying on a beach towel is a recipe for disaster — or at least, it’s a very easy payday for an enterprising thief. You could always try to hide them under a blanket or wrap them up in your clothes, but overall, there aren’t a lot of good solutions.

That’s the thinking that brought the Beachsafe Valuable Storage and Phone Cooling Kit to life.

Made from durable, water-resistant ABS plastic, the Beachsafe has a spacious compartment inside, fully equipped to hold all those items you want to be protected from theft or the elements. With enough room to store all those valuables, all you have to do once you fill it up is snap it closed. Armed with a high-quality, commercial-grade, four-digit reprogrammable lock, nobody but you will have access to your stuff. 

And just to make sure no one walks off with your Beachsafe, it’s also packing a stainless steel securing cable that can be locked to a bike rack, fence, beach chair, or other stationary objects to assure your loaded Beachsafe is still there when you get back.

While that would normally offer enough value, the Beachsafe has the extra versatility of two USB ports and a built-in battery pack, so you can plug in up to two phones at once and stay fully charged, even when they’re chilling in the Beachsafe. Read the rest

History Hit TV lets you explore history through video, documentaries, podcasts and more

If you routinely lament the loss of truly educational television...well, join the club. There are only so many hours of Real Housewives and Forensic Files you can watch before your brain turns to mush and you’re convinced the final days of mankind must be counting down.

Don’t lose faith just yet, however. There are actually some interesting and enlightening viewing options out there more invested in expanding your mind than watching it disintegrate at the Jersey Shore.

History Hit TV is a standalone streaming video service housing hundreds of history documentaries, interviews and short films, all dedicated to bringing viewers the most extraordinary, dramatic, tragic, and fascinating stories of our planet’s shared past.

 Since no one wants to read anymore, History Hit TV is reinventing how history is told for the digital viewer, through video, podcasts and more.

If you’re interested in the Ancient and Classical World, you can dive into shows and discussions about the history of the world’s oceans, the Roman empire, the ancient Greeks, Arthurian legend, and more. If your tastes veer more contemporary, you can get up-to-the-minute offerings about the coronavirus pandemic, current elections or even something as fun as the complete history of video games.

And of course, there are also centuries worth of compelling content in-between. In addition to documentaries and shows, there’s also a huge library of podcasts you can devour anytime, anywhere. In fact, it’s the home to hundreds of episodes of the no. 1 most listened to history podcast on iTunes, the popular Dan Snow’s History Hit. Read the rest

If you’re been monitoring a monitor upgrade, these 10 options might make you pull the trigger

Maybe after four months, you’re finally getting tired of staring at that less-than-brilliant home computer monitor. Or maybe you really need to create your own dual-monitor configuration in your home office like the one back on your desk at work. Or maybe that 15-inch screen just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you need to step up.

Right now, five of the biggest names in computer monitors are offering up deals on 10 of their top models, each at savings of up to nearly $700. Hopefully, that’s enough incentive to finally pull the trigger on a brilliant new display. Trust us, your eyes will thank you.


You’ve really got to search to find a quality monitor for under $100, so AOC is dropping the price on their AOC 19.5" Monitor (Certified Refurbished; $79.99; originally $98) to under $80 just to get your attention. Of course, the crisp detailed images and bright vivid colors in HD 1600x900 resolution don’t hurt either. Plus, the screen offers both VGA and HDMI connections so you can watch HD video from virtually any device you own.

For more majestic viewing, the AOC 27" Monitor (Certified Refurbished; $134.99; originally $169) has virtually no outer edge for a more expanded screen view that displays even bigger than it appears. With 16.7 million colors to present brighter brights and deeper blacks, this monitor also features a built-in IPS (in-plane switching) panel that boosts your image and even increases the available viewing angles for any user.

While the edgeless display is great, you might also want to consider a curved screen experience, one that actually angles light to your eye differently while your eye moves less, which almost feels like surround viewing. Read the rest

Bondic is the glue of the future, a liquid plastic that hardens when you zap it

Unlike the unquestioned effectiveness of a solid strip of duct tape, you never quite know what you’re going to get when you try to repair something with glue, do you? Whether it's the material itself that you’re gluing or how much glue you apply or how long you let it sit before testing, there’s always a reasonable chance that your fix-it just...well, isn’t going to work out.

Then once you factor in splintering, missing pieces, or just uneven points to rejoin two pieces, it turns the entire gluing process into a real crapshoot.

The world has been screaming for a 21st-century evolution of glue for years. Now, it’s finally arrived in the form of Bondic, a truly groundbreaking new method for replacing glue with actual liquid plastic.

In fact, Bondic might actually have more in common with welding than it does with gluing. In its initial almost honey-like solvent free non-toxic formula form, Bondic is extremely pliable, allowing you to use it to either bind two pieces together or even to virtually resculpt a broken or missing piece. 

Whether your pieces are plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather, or another substance, Bondic can fix what normally might have to be thrown away.

Once you’ve got your pieces together, then the true magic of Bondic is on full display. With a blast from the incorporated LED UV light, the once liquidy Bondic instantly hardens, creating a permanent bond that locks your pieces in place forever. Read the rest

These fan and personal air conditioner deals are your best bet at staying cool this summer

Now that we’re past July 4th, we’re truly turning smack into the sharpened teeth of the summer heatwave season. As temperatures and humidity spike, it just makes all the rest of the nation’s current problems that just tiniest bit more irritating, doesn’t it?

Hey, we’re all in this together. So if we can help chill you out just a little with one of these 11 deals on fans or personal air conditioners, featuring savings of up to nearly $100 off, we’ll score that as a win.

Bladeless Personal Fan - $19.99; originally $59.99

With three speeds and a sleek, portable design, this super convenient mini fan can be a full-sized lifesaver. Portable enough to fit in a pocket or backpack, the unique bladeless design churns the air, while the rechargeable built-in battery can even sync up and recharge your phone while you cool down.

Beat The Heat Double Cool Cordless Mini Collar Fan - $29.99; originally $39.95

This fan gets right to the heart of where you need the cooling most — right on your face. Slip this mini collar around your neck, cycle through three adjustable speeds, and let the seven-leaf fan design put a pleasant breeze right on you. You can even add a few drops of your favorite scent so you can enjoy a nice fragrance at the same time.

Cooling Neckband Fan - $79.95; originally $89.99

Here’s another cooler that slips right around your neck. Using semiconductor cooling technology, it creates a temperature difference and instant cooling in just two seconds, dropping your personal space temp by up to 9 degrees. Read the rest

If you’re passionate about democracy, this Vote mask should be right up your alley

While we obviously don’t ever want to lose sight of exactly why we’re all wearing face coverings now in the first place, it’s also impossible to ignore that masks have already started to evolve in the public consciousness.

The mask started as simply a means of combating infection. Then, it became an avenue of free expression, even causing no less a source than White House COVID-19 expert Dr. Deborah Birx to promote mask-wearing as a fashion statement

Now, it’s also jumping into the fray to promote another civic duty during these troubled times: voting. 

No matter which side of the political schism you find yourself on, this Vote mask is a full-throated endorsement reminding everyone to take their rights as an American incredibly seriously.

Created by noted graphic designer Molly May McMahan, this mask makes its point abundantly clear in a bold, direct fashion. With Vote emblazoned across your face a dozen times, could anyone you meet in the outside world miss how you feel about participation in American democracy?

While this mask obviously draws attention for its message, don’t forget the 100 percent cotton, double-layered, comfortably fitting mask serves a vital protection function throughout your day as well. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend cloth masks that cover your nose and mouth as an effective means of not only protecting yourself from infection, but spreading potentially viral material to others.

Best of all, that protection also puts money where your mouth is...literally. From the purchase of every Vote mask, $2 will be donated to When We All Vote, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization working to increase voter registration in America. Read the rest

Top 3 Reasons to Build a Website with Wix

With all the website builders on the market, it can feel overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. The most important things to look for are usability, flexibility and a professional look and feel. That’s why over 180 million people use Wix to create the website of their dreams.

Here are the top 3 reasons to build your website with Wix.

Wix caters to everyone, from beginners to professionals

Whether you’re creating your very first or your 100th website, Wix has a solution for you. If you’re a beginner, one option is to let Wix do the work for you with its advanced design intelligence (ADI) tool. Simply answer a few questions about the type of website you want to create and ADI will create it for you. The other option is to use Wix’s editor that lets you choose from hundreds of templates that you can customize yourself. If you have lots of experience creating websites, Corvid by Wix gives you the freedom to code and build your own advanced web applications.

Wix offers professional features for any kind of website

Wix has over 500 templates for a wide range of industries including eCommerce, health, beauty, fitness, hospitality, food, design, creative arts, and more. You can customize any template to fit the look and feel of your brand. In addition, Wix has an App Market with hundreds of Wix and third-party apps to meet your needs and enhance your business.

Wix helps you get site traffic

Building your website is only part of the process. Read the rest

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