A stolen lobster truck crashed into another lobster truck, because Boston

A recent Boston Police report has revealed the probable plot to Ben Affleck's next crime movie:

A 29-year-old male from South Boston, had stolen a box truck loaded with at least $10,000 worth of lobsters from a local lobster company located in Charlestown. Employees of the company were in the process of loading the truck at the dock when the suspect jumped into the cabin of the truck and sped off. Several employees of the lobster company gave chase in a second box truck and caught up with the suspect on Medford Street near Main Street. The suspect refused to stop but instead deliberately crashed the stolen truck into the second box truck. The employees of the lobster company were able to detain the suspect until police arrived on scene.

To recap: someone left a truck running with $10,000 of lobster in it. And another guy just … got into the truck and drove away. So the employees hopped into another lobster truck and chased after him. The thief ultimately crashed into the truck that was chasing him, and the employees held him there until Boston's Finest showed up.

The company in question turned out to be Buy New England Lobsters. Boston Magazine spoke with Peter Lagorio, the company's sales and marketing manager, who said, “It’s probably the most Boston thing that’s ever happened.”

The fahkin Boston Fish Guys could not be reached fuh comment.

Foiled Lobster Truck Heist in Charlestown “Was a Very Boston Experience for Everyone Involved” [Spencer Buell / Boston Magazine]

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Police bumper that deploys a net to snag escapee's tires during car chase

The Grappler is a device that unfurls from a police car's front bumper during a car chase to snag the perp's tires and lock up their wheels. Of course, the fleeing suspect's car may be outfitted with its own James Bond-esque auto tech like a smoke screen or caltrop release mechanism.

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Watch this car chase involving a smoke screen and tire spikes!

Police in Marijampole, Lithuania released this dashcam video of a car chase where the suspect released a smokescreen and tossed caltrops (aka tire spikes) in an effort to escape. These action movie-esque efforts were to no avail though as the fuzz eventually pinned the perp's car against the road barrier. The police did not provide any background on the hot pursuit.

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